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25-minute yin yoga to let go with breath work.png

Yin yoga - but a little shorter than a regular yin class. Long holds with deep breath work make it easier to let go of what needs to go. 

the latest on the teach blog:

how to theme your yoga class_ 3 essential ways to bring it all together + examples.png

Theming your class is the best way to bring everything together and to make your students feel alive and nourished.


the latest on the meditate blog:

11-Minute Meditation to Let Go.png

Using mantra and breath work to let go of what you don't need, what no longer serves you. "Freedom for me. Freedom for you."



the latest on the awaken blog:

you have 5 bodies_ the sheaths and how to access them.png

Let me take you through the 5 bodies, and we can access each one to reach a blissful core.  

The latest on the nourish blog:

what the hell is a canola_ ultimate guide to 16 cooking oils.png

What the hell IS a canola? That and more answered in this extremely informative article about the health of the 16 most popular cooking oils out there.