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the latest on the teach blog:

7 kinda true & funny overgeneralizations about yoga teachers.png

Humorous article speculating on what makes a yoga teacher a yoga teacher. 

the latest on the awaken blog:

7 healing crystals you should know & how to use them.png

I'm obsessed with crystals. I think they're wonderful and miraculous gifts from the universe. Read to see what I mean!


The latest on the nourish blog:

What's the deal with Dairy_ Is it good or bad_.png

The grocery store. Let's face it: for most of us, this is where healthy eating begins and ends. + option to download the Ultimate Healthy Grocery List!

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You are loved_ 9-minute meditation image.png

Even when it doesn't look like it, we are constantly receiving love. Try this short meditation to get into the feeling of that. 

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14-minute afternoon energizing yoga video image.png

Try this to overcome the afternoon slump!