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the latest on the awaken blog:

journey through your bodies_ the anandamaya kosha.png

We’re journeying through the bodies. Yes, you have 5 of them. Read about the Anandamaya Kosha, and join us for an evening practice for this body on August 8 at 8 pm, CST - live in our Facebook group, Soul Raisers. Click that link, ask to join, and we’ll accept as soon as we see.

the latest on the practice blog:

cool and soothe_ 10-minute restorative yoga practice.png

Many of us are getting hot. Whether in mind, body, or emotionally, it might be time for a cool-down. Try this 10-minute restorative yoga practice that adds a secret pranayama ingredient to reduce any kind of flame-up.

the latest on the teach blog:

Should you open your own yoga studio_ One teacher's path.png

This woman is teaching the yoga and running the business in a place where yoga is not super popular - meet Melissa. She’s a beautiful soul, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to her. Hope her wisdom serves you!


the latest on the meditate blog:

8-minute mid-week meditation_ calm and invigorate.png

Whether it’s been the week from hell (I feel you) or whether you’re on vacation, this mid-week meditation will calm you and energize at the same time. Is that even possible? Listen to find out!


The latest on the nourish blog:

top 7 simple, fast foods to add to any meal for instant nutrtion (1).png

A fast-paced life? Busy as hell? How can we try to add health to every meal and snack? These 9 foods are easy, simple and fast to add a huge amount of nutrition to anything you eat.