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Episode 1: 5 Best Exercises to Choose Love over Fear

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the latest on the practice blog:

bhastrika pranayama_.png

This pranayama is perfectly named. It has a tendency to calm and at the same time, strengthen the nervous system.

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How to be a strong yoga teacher.png

These 3 essential tips can not only help you with teaching yoga, but with living life. Be a strong yoga teacher and/or a strong person.


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Tune Up_ 10-Minute meditation for the highly sensitive.png

Sensitivity is superpower. But it also has its challenges. This meditation helps to deal with the challenges of sensitivity while also tuning up the energy field and powering this wonderful quality.


the latest on the awaken blog:

this personality trait May Be Your superpower (1).png

If you have this superpower, the world is yours…to love. Learn all about this wonderful personality trait and why you may be repressing it. And how to strengthen this awesome quality.

The latest on the nourish blog:

ayurveda 101 & conquering the vata season_ Interview with erin mulligan.png

This science is so important for helping you to understand yourself and your life. Learn about ayurveda in this interview with Erin Mulligan and how it can change your life!