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the latest on the awaken blog:

4 powerful daily practices to rise into an upward spiral.png

You’ve got to check out these daily practices that would be so powerful for your daily inspiration and energy elevation. Don’t miss these! The last one is so right.

the latest on the practice blog:

cool and soothe_ 10-minute restorative yoga practice.png

Many of us are getting hot. Whether in mind, body, or emotionally, it might be time for a cool-down. Try this 10-minute restorative yoga practice that adds a secret pranayama ingredient to reduce any kind of flame-up.

the latest on the teach blog:

Should you open your own yoga studio_ One teacher's path.png

This woman is teaching the yoga and running the business in a place where yoga is not super popular - meet Melissa. She’s a beautiful soul, and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to her. Hope her wisdom serves you!


the latest on the meditate blog:

8-minute mid-week meditation_ calm and invigorate.png

Whether it’s been the week from hell (I feel you) or whether you’re on vacation, this mid-week meditation will calm you and energize at the same time. Is that even possible? Listen to find out!


The latest on the nourish blog:

top 7 simple, fast foods to add to any meal for instant nutrtion (1).png

A fast-paced life? Busy as hell? How can we try to add health to every meal and snack? These 9 foods are easy, simple and fast to add a huge amount of nutrition to anything you eat.