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The perfect 20-minute yoga flow for neck & shoulders.png

You’ll need wall space and some props, but this class is so relieving for the neck and shoulders - I do it often.

the latest on the teach blog:

How to take your next step as a yoga teacher.png

Whatever stage you’re in as a yoga instructor, this should help you get clear about what you want, if you want more.


the latest on the meditate blog:

dirga pranayama for tension, pain & Inflammation_.png

Dirga pranayama is also called three-part breath. Practice this meditation to watch how it relieves tension and pain in your centerline.


the latest on the awaken blog:

invoke your creativity_ 7 steps to a creative life.png

You’re a creative, whether you know it or not. These 7 steps will lead you to find your inherent creativity.

The latest on the nourish blog:

the 4 worst sweeteners + the 4 worst {from a certified nutritionist}.png

We can now get down to the truth while navigating carefully the whacky world of sweeteners.