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how to theme your yoga class_ 3 essential ways to bring it all together + examples.png

Theming your class is the best way to bring everything together and to make your students feel alive and nourished.

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What are your personal chakra mantras_ A journal exercise.png

Try this journaling exercise to take a true inventory of your life and how it corresponds to each chakra. We design our own mantras with loving intentions to balance each chakra. 


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8 Powerful mushrooms+ how to get the most out of their magic.png

The magic of shrooms and how to get them in your diet, healing and energizing your body and mind!

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journey through the chakras_ 17-Minute Mantra meditation image.png

Chakras and their perfect mantras! Try this meditation to align your important energy centers. 

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Quick yoga practice to align & Journey Through the Chakras + Mantras {Video} pin.png

The perfect pose for each chakra plus your mantras. Feel energized, balanced and rejuvenated after this 17-minute yoga video practice.