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The go-to Yoga Flow_ Energize & Collect Yourself.png

This is the perfect quick yoga flow that has it all: core work, hip openers, planks, dogs, twists, and balancing.

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How to be a strong yoga teacher.png

These 3 essential tips can not only help you with teaching yoga, but with living life. Be a strong yoga teacher and/or a strong person.


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heal your self_ 13-minute meditation.png

13 minutes to bring yourself, with one mudra and several mantras, back into integration and wholeness into a holy place of healing.


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How to Heal Yourself_ 3 real types of healing {5+ ancient practices}.png

Healing is an integration, is coming back into the true knowledge of wholeness - body, mind, heart completely connected to the Spirit within.

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what you need to know aboutthe legalizationof cannabis.png

Is it good? Is it bad? Or like most things, is it both? Read about the history, benefits and problems of cannabis.