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Episode 1: 5 Best Exercises to Choose Love over Fear

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the latest on the practice blog:

yin yoga & pranayama for stressful times.png

20-minute yin yoga, mixed and amplified by nadi shodhana pranayama - for the really stressful times. Let’s slow down and breathe.

the latest on the teach blog:

How to take your next step as a yoga teacher.png

Whatever stage you’re in as a yoga instructor, this should help you get clear about what you want, if you want more.


the latest on the meditate blog:

11-minute meditation for acceptance_ let go of resistance and negativity.png

Judgment is the way we keep from loving each other and the world around us. Use this short meditation to transcend it.


the latest on the awaken blog:

drop the resistance, pick up the peace_ a guide to acceptance {5 guideposts}.png

Resistance and negativity will never help. Ever. This is a 5-step guide on how to come to a place acceptance in order to take right action.

The latest on the nourish blog:

what you need to know aboutthe legalizationof cannabis.png

Is it good? Is it bad? Or like most things, is it both? Read about the history, benefits and problems of cannabis.