Free 7-Day Beginner Yogi Series: Foundations of Your Practice

Here's what you need to know about this free, week-long series:


  • If you're a beginner or returner to yoga, this is a must-do.


  • You will receive a free email every day with 3 essential things: a link to a beginner yoga video covering a specific foundation of your yoga practice, a short meditation on one of the 7 chakras, and more information regarding the chakras - energy centers that are aligned and balanced through practicing yoga.


  • These videos provide a high amount of yoga instruction.


  • Yoga changed my life in body, heart, and mind. I'm grateful to guide you into your own practice. Life only gets better with yoga. Thank you for letting me be your teacher.


  • Lots of love and energy (and sweat) went into this free course. Hope you enjoy it.


See you on the mat!


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