This is where your Soul Rises:


I'm Liza--a yoga teacher, nutritionist, and writer--and I'm passionate about going deeper, rising higher. I'm interested in helping the world feel better, lifting myself and thousands of other people. That's me over there, laughing at this next line:

Do you ever feel like you could be more, do more? Be more beautiful? More successful? Be a better you in general?

Well, I've got news for you.

That's a load of horse sh++. 

You are enough. Hell, you are more than enough. You're actually one in a million, a product of the greatest and best, according to sperm counts. Plus you were created out of love, literally a piece of Heaven. Yes, you are. I can hear you over there smirking within your mind, but it's true. Whether you believe it or not. 

Or you could be over there smiling, saying "Yes, it's true. I'm definitely one in a million." And then you might add, "But still..."

And I know about this "But still" and I am there with you. There's some progress to be made somewhere. "But still, I do feel like something could get better."

Yes, and this thing that you need, that everyone needs, is not to improve yourself, but to wake up and get in touch with yourself. Your spirit. Your soul.


Look around this world. It's definitely needed by most everyone: contact with the inner life, the soul. When you get in touch with it, then you would know how wonderful, how awesome and important you are. Then you would also know the great value of everyone else, and respect/love happens, then service, and BOOM--life is beautiful. Because you were always beautiful to begin with. 

All it takes (ppssh, I make it sound like it's easy but it's a daily challenging discipline) is to get in touch, align yourself with your soul and rise up: to raise the vibration frequency of your energy, your soul. Every day. 

I'm happy you're here because there are tools to help this process of raising our vibrations. These tools were given to help us navigate the ups and downs of life too. I am up and down a lot, so much so that I had to get really good at these tools, and I would LOVE to help you learn how to use them as an experienced yoga teacher and certified nutrition consultant. 

A few of the tools needed to create the deepest, most beautiful, most soulful life are yoga (and teaching if you were called to that), meditation, mindfulness/consciousness and holistic nutrition. These are the things I'm obsessed with (also books, music and travel but those things really don't gel with the site, I tried though). 

I'm excited you're here! I hope I can serve you in some way (because that's a tool for raising my vibration so let me help, dang it). Stay and look around! Read some blogs. Comment and stuff. Get some free stuff too. Saying the word stuff a lot.