2 Things in Life You'll Always Have to Face and Embrace

No it’s not death and taxes. Because when death comes, there’s really nothing you can do about that.

It’s not taxes because you don’t HAVE to face your taxes.

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But at some point, there are 2 specific energies that will always try to hold you back. I know these dudes really well. You do too, though you might not have a had a name for them until know.

The first thing that’s important for you to realize is that EVERYTHING is energy. You might already know this.

But I want to really let this seep into your view of the world. What this means that everything, even those things that you can’t see, are vibrating and are constantly in action. Nothing is ever still, even though it may look that way.

So all energy is constantly in vibration and direction, and that energy vibration is always happening at a certain frequency. The reason you can see your device in front of you is because it’s vibrating at a certain frequency to seem solid. The reason you can’t see emotions and thoughts is because they are vibrating past a frequency to be visible.

This is more physics than spirituality. But in my thinking, spirituality is physics. They are one and the same. Science affirms all my teachings about energy and life.

A little information to prepare you for these 2 energies:

  • Before we jump in and I introduce you to these guys, I’d like to let you know that they are, in fact, not out to get you. Both of these energies have loving functions. And at the baseline of the truth of what they are, they are simply the absence of something else, as you’ll later see.

  • The problem is that these 2 energies both result in a low vibration, which obviously means they don’t feel good. But it also means that because they are at a low frequency, they attract low vibe people, situations, places, events, circumstances, and things.

  • Remember: everything is energy, even those things you can’t see like the energies that stir and form events and circumstances. This is because of Newton’s 3rd law of motion: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    And your energy is always in action, and it vibrates out to attract a matching energy, which flows back in to you., and then makes you stuck.

    The first negative energy is fear:

    • Fear comes from the survival instinct based on the desire to continue life. A function of the left side our brains is that we identify with our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our offspring and loved ones, and more. This means there is a sense of “me” attached to these entities. This identification makes the experience of life possible.

    • Our souls naturally desire the experience of life for its own growth, learning, experience and therefore expansion (this world is a school), and this is why fear was created in the absence of a contrast energy.

    • Fear is only trying to PROTECT US. It’s the energy vibration past the point of 0 on the negative side of a specific energy spectrum - the contrast experience of a more positive vibration.

    Everything is happening FOR you—even fear. The problem is with the lower vibe of fear is that we get stuck in it because we don’t know how to move the actual energy of fear out of our own energy fields. It gets stuck, and then makes you stuck.

The second negative energy is pain:

  • This energy was also created for survival - in order for our souls to continue this experience on this planet.

  • Again, pain was created as an absence of another energy, as lack on the negative end of a certain spectrum of one energy. These are negative vibrations of a powerful energy (negative because it feels bad, meaning it’s lower frequency).

  • Pain (in whatever form - physical, mental, emotional, spiritually), calls attention to several something that needs our light and attention:

  • Physically, it could call attention to a problem with our bodies or exterior obstacles.

  • Mentally, it could call attention to thoughts that are causing us harm.

  • Emotionally, it could call attention to the misalignment of outside or inside circumstances. Inside circumstances usually stem from mental pain of negative thoughts.

  • Spiritually, we could be living outside of who we really are and misaligned from the light of our souls. Meaning disconnection from Spirit, itself. We are being called to attention inward.

These 2 negative energies work together. Fear leads to pain. Pain leads fear. You fear more pain. And the results of fear-based actions, thoughts, and words always lead to pain.


What creates feelings of stagnation and a downward spiral is the fact that these energies work together as a team.

LOA cycle (1).png

On top of how these 2 cycle, we have to deal with universal laws of physics. And according to Newton’s 3rd law, we get more of the same.

What’s more, resisting these negative energies and pushing against them only causes them to strengthen. Resistance causes more fear and more pain.

Resistance is actually a frequency of the vibration of fear. It’s like quicksand: you just go deeper, unless you have a line to pull you out.

Important to remember these are not “bad” energies. They’re actually just a contract experience, a call toward something greater. They are just on the lack or negative side of the energy spectrum we happen to be on in any given moment.

The goal is to face these and walk all the way through them, past the point of 0 and into the positive side of any spectrum of energy.

This is called accessing and embodying the higher, positive-flowing, up and forward moving, vibrations of Energy or Spirit.

The quickest and best way to clean the stuck energies of fear and pain, and rise into the positive vibrations is a system I formulated and put into a 28-day program called the Inside Out Life-Lift:

We can’t wait to see you in there! Get ready for a wonderful ride. You will love it. Please ask questions you might have: email liza@soulrises.com.

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