Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls Part 2: Road to Hana Part 4

The all-knowing, omniscient guidebook told us to stop again, that we could hike up a hunter's trail and encounter some cool waterfalls at the end. Again, we stopped and looked around for the entrance to such a trail, but this one was not as hard to find as the other. There was a big sign that said "Hunter's Trail" so we knew this time that we were on the right track. W got to the sight first, and I said, "What is it dear husband? Is there anything to see?"

W looking at something that made him put his hands on his hips like so.

Something to see.

Yes, there it was. The guidebook underestimated this one in our opinion. It was breath-taking. Where are we? Oh my goodness--look at that water. W's first question: can we swim in it? Of course. I'm thinking, "How did I end up with this fish man?" Then I see he has his towel just in case. 

Side view of walls of this waterfall and valley. What did I do to deserve this?

That's me just pondering this wonderful place. Look at all that green--every shade. My favorite color is everywhere. It's enough to make this day one of my favorite days ever in my life. But what am I looking at?

High up. My thoughts at this point ranged from, "I hope no one ever jumps off this" to ... well, no thought at all. Just awe. 

I have a thing for bridges (my hobbies and interests range). This one over this big waterfall made me stop and snap. 

One more of the bridge! Notice that sky and the valley. As we walked on, this was our view of the bridge from the other side, where we found another surprise around the corner...

Another freaking waterfall. This one was shorter but had an accessible pool with a little rock beach. This smaller one led into the bigger one you saw a second ago. What do you know--W has gotten in before I can turn around. I estimate scientifically with a shriek that the water is 40 degrees, more or less. And then I am convinced and peer pressured by some elder ladies standing there to get in with him. 

"Hurry up and take the picture!" I screamed at the lady taking the picture. Yes, I am very respectful and decent, yelling at older ladies I don't know. "I'm turning into one of those people in the Atlantic Ocean with the ice on their faces at the end of Titanic!" See how I cling to W as if the water is going to jump up and assault me. But the waterfall was gorgeous with the scenery behind it. 

After the pic, I thank the lady (I didn't really yell at her, technically). She proceeds to tell me she just swam across the pool and jumped off a ledge at the other end before we showed up. Wow, lady, way to make a 25-year-old feel inadequate and sissified. Thank you. Feeling really good about myself now. 

Splashing around. He stayed in. Showoff. 

Nevermind. 5 seconds later, he says uncle. W said, "Whew! That is real cold. I can't even stay in there." The older lady showed us both up. Oh well. I don't do frigid water. I don't care how pretty it is. 

But I can put my feet in. Look how clear the water. Don't look at the chipped toenail polish though. I didn't know if it was sanitary, but I didn't care. I drank this water. It was so clear and cold. I wanted to drink it, and I did. I figured this was the way the ancients drank water, from clear pools like this? And since I am obsessed with native and ancient peoples, I do what they do. It tasted good, refreshing, rejuvenating. 

Later, I learned it might have given me diarrhea. Oops. Oh well. Glad it didn't. I'm living on the edge. 

No offense to TLC, (Oh goodness--now I'm referring to a hip hop girl band from the 90s--what has it all come to? And I have referred to Titanic in the same post--am I still stuck in the 90s? Was Titanic in the 90s anyway?) but I recommend chasing waterfalls. I know they were talking about doing drugs and serious STDs, but if we are talking about other things like dreams and goals, please don't stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to. Chase those waterfalls! Go higher! You can always get deeper, you can always improve and reach higher. We love our Bee Lake where home is, but chasing higher waterfalls was a joy. 

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