Woman Travels: Vancouver & Whistler

I had a journey this past summer that involved everything from wonderful food, a big fat glowing moon hanging over a pretty village, shooting stars, meeting new friends, seeing old friends, sitting on beaches and standing on top of a mountain looking at glaciers. 

My plan was to meet my friend Harper in Vancouver, get up to Whistler for the Wanderlust Festival (yoga, meditation, mindful living, health). Before Harper got there, I walked around downtown Vancouver, Gastown and around Stanley Park. 

I ate at Cafe Medina which was such good Mediterranean food, I have vowed to go back some day so I can try other things on the menu. 

But anyway, first thing I ran into was a used book store in Downtown Vancouver where I got lost for hours.

Then into Gastown where I found an artist (some day I will buy a large piece from him) and a sweater. Then I walked straight through downtown to the Sea Wall to walk around Stanley Park.

I cut through Stanley Park at the last minute (gorgeous trails) to end up on the other side of the park at a beach. Those trees, I swear. I actually hugged this one below. And that, my friends, is a ritual i have when I see a tree that takes my breath away. A man was jogging behind me, and it was probably one of the top 10 most embarrassing moments I've ever had. Thank goodness there's a 99% chance I'll never see him again.

The next day was jam-packed. We made all kinds of friends, walked to the Chinatown to the Chinese garden, walked over to get a ferry to Granville Island and proceeded to go crazy in the market there. 

Photo by Jake Laub

Photo by Jake Laub

After this, we went back to the chalet to change and shower. We went to meet my friends from my Bali teacher training. Another fun night is all I will say about that. I had fallen in love with Whistler. Walking back that night, I stared at the clear sky with the pregnant moon and the falling stars. I wrapped my shawl around me tightly, listened to the sounds of the rushing creek around me and felt so loved. 

Saturday, our last official day, we went to the festival. I went to a social justice "speakeasy" with Sean Corne, who co-founded Off The Mat. Then I went to a wonderful mantra meditation. Then Shiva Rea brought me into balance with her unified flow. 

Ice cream after, then we rested at Lost Lake on the way back to our chalet to get our things, and then the breath-taking ride back into Vancouver.

That's me, thanking God for my life and experiences. Yes, yes, yes. 


All of a sudden, a highway, a break in the trees, and then a lovely little beach! (I forgot the name of it). 

At that point, I ate at a gorgeous little boathouse restaurant while watching the sun go down. Then Harper called, her plane had landed and I was off to meet her for a drink.

We walked to Kits from there, hung out on the beach for a second and then ate at a restaurant no one can remember the name of. But it was delicious. We walked back to Granville Island, took the ferry to the West End part of town and went back to sit on the Sea Wall and rest our poor little feet. 

That night was so much fun. That's all I can say. It's a blurry memory line of food, drinks, cab rides, bars and dancing. 

The next day we were on a bus on the pretty new Sea to Sky Highway. I'll never forget this ride. We stared at the gorgeous blue Pacific brimming with lush mountain islands, and then later snowy mountains and cold streams and forests. 

We were staying at the Bear Tracks Inn (4 stars because this little joint was so accomodating and sweet). After we put our stuff down, we roamed the main village in Whistler. Gorgeous little town that seems a lot like Aspen. I ate at Sushi Village, and this, my friends, was the best meal of the trip. I was dying to have something Asian and we finally got it. After this, we went straight to the gondola to hike the tops of Blackcomb and Whistler mountains. 

But we met some people who were photographers and models of a photo shoot for Wanderlust on our gondola. They invited us to come to the very top of Whistler mountain to partake. So we ended up in an awesome photo shoot on the top of a mountain. So you should always...

...speak to strangers. This was such a fun day. I can't begin to tell you. Harper and I balanced on a boulder staring at summit of a glacier and a hidden glacier lake. The only thing we could say was just breathe, take it in. Don't miss this moment. It was incredible. Always speak to strangers. 

We ended up being in the promotional video for Wanderlust Festival, which you can find on their Facebook page. 

Photo by Jake Laub.

Photo by Jake Laub.