How To Co-Create Your Reality: Imagine The Event

Why did we have to banish our imaginations?

Whether actual or implied, we've been getting messages to get our heads out of the clouds since we were kids. We had to get real. It wasn't cool to use your imagination, to play imaginary games, to play at all. 

At a certain point, "growing up" was what you wanted to do. And it consisted of giving up a very vital gift from God: the imagination. 

Soon, the world we could see with our outer senses was more important, as was fitting in, getting good grades, and later, making money. Our inner world ceased to be of the utmost importance, and the opinions of others became paramount above all else.

Now, here we are, we'd give anything to have the fresh imagination of our childhoods, and we want desperately to let go of our need to please. 

As for creating our realities, whether it be a goal in your career, a relationship, a family, an award, a project, a healthier body, a work of art...we can't figure out how to use the imagination to think about and feel having that which we want so badly. 

Feeling the feeling of having the desire now is the main part of attracting that desire or goal to you. Yet we cannot feel the feeling and gratitude of having that desire until we use our imaginations to imagine having it.

I am an event daydreamer. I think about the vacation next year, Christmas morning, the beach trip next summer. I've noticed that my imagination works better if it isn't a random day I'm imagining, but rather, an event like a party or a holiday or a dinner.

So think of a goal, a dream, something you truly want. The stronger you want it, the more vivid your imagination will be for sake of the goal. 

There are really 3 different sizes of dreams, according to time:

1. Immediate Goals: 

These desires are not small-time desires, they are just desires that you can achieve within a small time. Like within a week, a month or a year. A lot of people have these kinds of desires. A career move. A sales number. A fitness goal. An item they really want. A social aspiration. 

These can also be relationship goals but of course, relationship goals span throughout all sizes according to the time it takes. 

 Look at your calendar for any events (weddings, vacations, holidays, etc.) that are at the end of the time span of the time it takes to make this short-term desire happen, whether it be in a week, a month, six months or a year, or even a couple of years. See yourself at this event, see your smile and glow. How proud you feel, how abundant and thankful you are. If you prefer a solitary event, see yourself do everything with such exuberant happiness, see yourself give yourself that attention and time, that joy of being on top of a mountain. Look at your calendar for any events (weddings, vacations, holidays, etc.) that are at the end of the time span of the time it takes to make this short-term desire happen and imagine as many details as possible. Feel the pride of having conquered your little mountain, having made your change. See what you will wear, say, how you will be, who you will be with. 

If you want an immediate goal, and I don't know anyone who doesn't have at least a little one, and there's nothing good you want to imagine in your calendar then you might have to set up an event. A birthday dinner for yourself, a luncheon with friends, or simply a planned hike somewhere beautiful. Or a morning at church, an afternoon at the spa. 

how to co-create your reality- imagine the event.png

Whatever it is, mark your calendar, or set a date, make a plan and decide what you are going to wear, where you will go (if setting up the event), decide that you'll be in a joyful mood, decide that you will celebrate no matter what. Decide you will be grateful no matter what.

Maybe it's an event that completely exists around your goal. Like an award show or an exhibit or a wedding or a baby shower. Run with this! Imagine every detail, the gratitude of your heart, the joy of your soul. 

Then picture yourself there, imagine yourself alone or with friends, whoever will be there. Imagine what you look like and try to be there with the people, or with yourself, at the place, on the date. Imagine yourself knowing what you did or holding what you have or the freedom of being generous with your money. Imagine you are secretly or openly celebrating the success. Feeling the success of achievement. The happiness and gratitude of having done it, having it, being it. 

2. Neither Near Nor Far Goals:

These might be spiritual goals. Goals of how you want to be maybe. These are present-moment desires. To be more patient. To be more compassionate. To be kinder. To be more present and awake. What does it look like? 

These are constant desires in your life: a close family, a loving relationship, a support system, etcetera. These desires are more abstract, harder to hold, but very easy to feel. And that's the beauty of these kinds of desires. They are so easy to feel when you are imagining yourself at your future event. And these harder to grasp ideals you aim for show in your movements, your smile, your posture. 

As for imagining an event, it could be a repeat event like a monthly volunteer program, or a weekly spiritual retreat, or mornings of your birthdays, or an anniversary, or a yearly family vacation.  These future events can be anywhere from today to tomorrow to 50 years from now.

3. Life Goals: 

This category of desires encompasses the first two types so it is harder to nail down at an event. You'll have to list these out, number them and decide when you would be able to feel and see progress or attainment. Take each one and list an event in the time it might take. You will probably most certainly have to make up events in your head: birthdays, vacations, retreats, anniversaries, special dates. 

But you can also imagine events that have to do with your desires: birth of your child, a wedding, even your own memorial or funeral (which might be dark, but it's going to happen anyway, might as well imagine it for yourself how you would like it). 

If you want to start an organization or a business, see yourself cutting the ribbon, doing the work, making other people better off. 

If you want to have a family, see yourself old and happy, having fun with children and grandchildren. See all of it. The weather, the food, the clothes, the place. Everything.

But most of all, FEEL. Feel the love, the gratitude, the freedom, the abundance, the pride, the awareness, the pure joy of it. 


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