3 Reasons Why Making Money is Spiritual

I'll be upfront: I have issues around making money. I remember one of the moments that the faulty belief crept into my young mind. I remember exactly how it felt when this person accidentally said this one sentence. I remember the fall.

The result was that from then on, I felt that I had nothing to offer that could make money. I had nothing of value that people would pay money for. It hurts to even think about it.

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On top of that, the society in which I lived (and still live) sent very traditional messages about gender roles, wherein women stay at home and men go out and get the money for the family. 

Not that a mother's role has no value (most valuable and important role in the world actually), but there seemed to be a message that because I was a girl, I was never going to make money or at least a substantial amount of money. 

Talk about robbing a woman of her worth and confidence. My high school assigned a senior project, in which described our lives as mother-wives or nuns! That's some crazy stuff right there. 

Then I had some new beliefs that came into play right about the time I got out of college. The Great Recession hit. The housing market collapsed and greedy banks were to blame. Then they got a bailout. The delusion set in: Money ruins people's lives. 

The young me saw all this happen and thought: Money is bad. Look at what it makes people do. But I needed money. That was clear. So I managed to find a job in an office that drained my soul of its life energy. My light was fading, and I was miserable. The office politics were scary: look at how money makes people act. 

At the same time, I was getting pretty "spiritual," and the message from the spiritual community at the time seemed to say that money is bad, that it was greedy to want money or even that desire is bad. Being spiritual seemed not to jive with making money, with being a moneymaker.

And I thought: Money is soul-sucking and depleting. It was official - I hated money, and I couldn't make it anyway so screw it. 

It might seem simple to you, but I had no idea it was ridiculous of me to think that money and people who have or want money are bad.

These beliefs were sneaky - it wasn't just my outwardly thinking that or saying that. These beliefs about money came in the form of judgment, criticism, repression of work and gifts--almost too small to be noticed. 

I didn't hear any of those thoughts until I woke up enough to be aware of them and realize how wrong they were.

So I had some neural pathways formed in my brain, and by now, they are pretty worn down pathways that still exert their momentum and power. 

In essence, I'm dealing with the shadow in terms of money. I have denied some rich and beautiful part of myself (the confident boss lady who gets things done), and so that part is sabotaging some part of my life. Because of some faulty belief that pushed that part into the shadow. 

Until I started to desire to make money, I didn't take a look at that shadow part of me, rejected because of some really messed subconscious money beliefs. 

But making money is not bad, if you're doing your work, your right work which does no harm to others. After working and making some, I can tell you that it's actually a spiritual endeavor. 

3 Reasons Why Making Money is Spiritual:

1. It's all about energy: 

I can't remember where I heard it, but I love it that money is an acronym: My Own Net Energy Yield. 

It's energy! And what is spirituality other than the refinement and beautification of one's individual energy field. Money is simply the symbol of energy exchange. You give to the world in some form of energy, and then life gives that energy right back you.

You can't deny the laws of the universe. Newton's 3rd Law of Motion says that for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That's all there is to it. 

I don't know why the energy is in little forms of paper, and I don't know why it's set up the way that it is, but it is. This is the economic reality we live in right now. These scraps of paper and plastic are our symbols of energy that we received in exchange for other energies provided. 

Money is just another energy resource that has been misused and abused for the sake of strengthening the ego, the false sense of identity. It is the desperation or fear of not having enough (or being enough) that is causing dysfunction around money, that makes people do awful things for it. 

In this sense, it could be a part of the human awakening. It can show us how the ego operates. 

My attitude about money during the housing crisis after college was like someone blaming the desserts themselves for weight gain. Not all people misuse and abuse it. It's not fair to make money into the bad guy--it's just a symbol. 

It all comes down to not making money into more than it is. It's just energy in exchange for other energy. 

2. Money as an instrument:

Well, it's not just energy. 

It's also power and freedom. Yes, it's true that money is power. We've seen sadly a lot of corporations are actually running the country right now, basically buying Congress people and making laws for their profit. We're seeing lots of other corruptions and abuses too. 

That is negative power, and it won't last. It is based in fear so it has a weak foundation, and that kind of power topples quickly in the universe. 

Real power is infusing the world with support so as to move the world with kindness, intelligence and love. 

For instance, one of my big, fat dreams is to start a school for girls in the impoverished place where I live. Hundreds and thousands of girls getting a top-notch education, going to college or doing whatever they want to do, being whatever they want to be. Our public school system is in serious trouble, and I would smile for eternity if I could help in this way, help to lift them out of the cycle of negligent education and poverty. 

Because to me, real power is education. And you just can't do it without money, as things are right now. Money is needed for any energy exchange, and it would take a lot of money to build a school, buy supplies, pay teachers. 

So what is real power to you? Protecting the environment? Housing families? Providing nourishing food and clean water? Rescuing animals? Where would you put your money? Who would you empower?

True power is moving the world forward somehow, and it's beautiful.

Money is also freedom. Your time is free. Your mind is free. Your energy is free. Go where you want. Learn new things and work on your spirit. Get lost in a project. Give what you want. Be where you want. 

To think of it this way, it's expansive. The freedom to do whatever you want as long as it does no harm. Get lost in your own spirituality and make the world a better place by refining your soul. Money can take you to this level, can afford you the time and space and energy to do this. From surviving to thriving. 

3. The love required to get it:

Any outward flow of energy is love. It is the pouring forth of your gifts. Your service. Your work.

Because money is an energy exchange, it requires you to give first. If we didn't need money, we might never get our butts out of bed. Because work is what life is all about. It's all about what you give. 

Money pushes us to figure out what we want to do for it and how to get it because we need it. We have to move out of the comfort zone, push our minds and hearts. We become better people because of this. Stronger. If wary of the ego, it can be beautifully enriching to make money. 

We need money, no use in denying this. We must accept this, and figure out how to do this in the way that makes us the happiest, that does no harm to the world. We are required to dig deep to find out what we love, what we enjoy, where we are skilled.

We have gifts we were all born with, and those must come out. Energy can't stay in the body--it has to keep moving. Stagnant energy is not good. It will kill us, and money motivates us to move that energy out and give it to the world. 

Really, it's your own abundance that flows out of you. You cause the money. You are the money. Because when you flow out, the money flows in. 

It all comes down to love: projects, works of art, businesses, ideas, inventions, documents, meetings, teams and work colleagues, movement, talking, service, support, etc. The forward flow of energy to the world, and money is the energy we need and that we receive from doing that. 

Gratitude is another form of love, the free-flowing outward energy. Acknowledging the gifts in your life is a fast way to bring abundance in.

If you've ever been in a partnership, you know there might be not be a higher form of love than appreciation. It's a special type of seeing and experience that brings more goodness into your life (because of the equal and opposite reaction, according to the laws of physics). 

You feel full inside because you know that you have so much, and that feeling brings more of the same back to you.

Gratitude is loving your life, and loving all that surrounds you and supports you. It is a high form of love. 

Try this free gratitude challenge, to get back into or start your gratitude practice:

In the end, money is the payment for your love, for your outward-flowing energy. It can be a beautiful thing to think about: everything is for love. 

And everything is energy. 

Comment below about your money stuff! I love to talk about this sort of thing. Thanks for reading!

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