4 Powerful Daily Practices to Rise into an Energetic Spiral Upward

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You should know there are two things that are constantly trying to hold you back. These two things could possibly have kept you stuck at one point in your life or could be holding you down right now.

Those two things are trying to protect you, but in effect, they often weigh you down. The reason for this is that these two things are parasites: fear and pain.

Read more about these guys here. Then come back. That link is like part 1 of this post. But if you want to skip reading that one, that’s cool. The two things are fear and pain.

They get stuck in you, and then they make you stuck.

Parasite problems:

• The moment the fear or pain rushes into your own energy field, if you don’t feel it intentionally and then let it go, it will attach itself and become a part of your own energy field. When enough fear and pain has been accumulated, they become energy fields of their own, which is often called the pain body and the ego. These are entities that act as parasites of your being.

• They end up sucking your energy and life force. And of course, these entities work together. Sometimes (for some people, a lot of the time), they take control of the person’s mind in order to grow themselves (causing more fear and pain for yourself, causing more fear and pain for others).

• These are just energies that were trying to help you. They grew into interconnected energy fields that are keeping most people in this world stuck, stagnant, sad, angry and at the extreme end, violent.

So not only do these energies get stuck within you - they also keep you stuck through their actions through you and what they’re attracting because of their frequencies and the results of your actions.

4 Powerful Daily Practices to Rise into an Upward Spiral:

1. The Dirty Cloth Exercise:

This the present-moment, quick-fix way to move negative energies out.

Note: if you have any conditions that make you dizzy like blood sugar issues or CVD, please refrain from holding your breath (1 or 2 seconds is your max).

• This means it has to be done in the moment you FEEL a painful or fearful energy within you. It can also be done any time to clear your energy field, of course. It’s a wonderful exercise, but it works best when used to clear out the energies as soon as they happen, in the moment of onset. In this way, it’s quick-fix for keeping the fear and/or pain from attaching itself to you.

▪ When that fear, pain, or probably both rush into you, you are like a dirty cloth.

▪ When you take a deep breath in, you breathe into the floor of your pelvis, and keeping breathing in that fresh air, as it fills up your torso. In this way, you’ll have to take a super-long inhale. Even taking one more sip at the top of the inhale.

▪ The point of this is that you’ll want to imagine that you’re filling up the dirty cloth of you with as much clean, fresh, new water as possible. (The breath is the clean, new energy working itself into your energetic threading).

▪ Let the breath (or fresh water) swim around in you for as long as you can hold it, as if the dirty cloth were soaking in a tub of clean water.

▪ When you’re ready, open your mouth to exhale all the fear/pain out with the breath, as if you were ringing out a cloth, and the dirt comes out with the water.

▪ As you exhale, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, squeeze your abdominals, even your chest and throat to forcefully remove the energy with the breath. This is the wringing out of the cloth.

▪ If you are able to actually twist yourself like in a yogic move, this makes the exhale even more powerfully cleansing. You can actually wring yourself out by contracting your muscles to twist your spine as deeply as possible.

▪ Do this as many times as you need to do.

2. Make your outer world one of higher vibration:

The most effective route to raising your vibration and elevating out of negative energies that keep you stuck is to do the work from the inside.

But if you’re not sure about that route quite yet, make your exterior world one of higher vibration.

▪ Eat foods of higher vibration (sustainably-sourced, cleaner foods). Foods that come directly ground (plants) receive direct energy from the sun and are higher vibration because of this. The more colorful your food, the better. Try to eat foods that have not been treated or sprayed, because that lowers the vibration of the food.

▪ I did a personal experiment of all the plants and where they put me in terms of vibration. These are the highest vibe (of course every single body is different but I also asked my clients what made them feel the best):

  • Cacao

  • Cucumber

  • Sweet potato

  • Zucchini and squash

  • All berries and stone fruits

  • Red cabbage

  • Avocados

  • Red onions and garlic

  • Organic bell peppers (especially red for whatever reason)

  • Any kind of dark, leafy greens

  • Pumpkin seeds

  • Organic green apples

  • Bananas

  • Oats

  • Quinoa

  • Walnuts

And of course, people. What are the people around you saying? What are they doing? And most importantly, is there any conflict between those two things? How do they act? Do they love? Do they smile? Do they create? Does it all come from a genuine place?

Now look at the objects you surround yourself with:

Check to see if anything comes from a low vibration place or company. If you know a company is corrupt, don’t buy their products. Maybe you inherited something from a mean aunt. Check your sources. If you feel within, you’ll know when an object or product is low-vibe. Everything has a vibration and how and where they were made determines the frequency.

Do a clean-out of non-necessary items: everything that is beautiful, or that you love, or that was given to you out of love stays.

One thing that I found that is good for vibration elevation is crystals.

Crystals are healing, transforming, uplifting, co-creating life forces. They are not just rocks, just as not all plants are flowers. They are an evolved form of rock. They vibrate at a higher frequency. Gems have been around since the birth of the earth. They are, in fact, high-vibration pieces of the earth.

Crystals are highly interactive with their environments. They absorb, store and emit energy and information. Because of their stable makeup, they can store all kinds of information and emit it out into the world. This makes them essential to electronics and technology--phones, TV, computers, etc. All the stuff.

So if there's a little bit of a preconception in someone's mind that this crystal thing is new-agey or woo-woo, consider our technologies that we cannot live without. Let's take the crystals out of our precious phones and see what happens. These babies are powerful.

They react to the input of someone's energy and information (like a mantra or intention). Likewise, they emit a certain vibration frequency that could alter the energy field (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of the person or other energy form in their immediate environment.

The BEST way to rise out of anything is to find the right program that incorporates all the wonderful teachings and tools that really and truly work:

The Inside Out Life-Lift is a 28-day program that is truly transformative to help shift perspective and to begin and maintain an energetic upward spiral. It’s a system that is integrated from one day to the other and uses numerous techniques to reach a desired heightened vibration, which brings a higher, more beautiful exterior world:

3. The Memory Meditation:

Now that we know of a way to cleanse fear and pain when it happens (The Dirty Cloth Exercise). can we do that with old fear and pain? Can we get out old dirt stains?

Yes. I want you top pick a memory that was painful/fearful for you now.

If you’ve been through trauma that needs to be addressed in the physical presence of a licensed therapist, please choose a memory of lesser fear and/or pain.

Have a piece of paper, laptop, or journal near you. Something to record with (you can always delete/tear up/burn after).

Close your eyes and soften your whole entire body. Relax into whatever you’re sitting on. Close your eyes and direct your attention into the images of your mind.

Bring into your mind that chosen memory, even if it’s blurry. Even if you don’t want to (I promise you have the strength to handle it). Try to remember how you were then, how any other people were then, where you were, what everything looked like. If you can remember any sounds or smells the might help to transport you.

Replay the memory in your head. Feel anything that comes up during your replay: where it is in your body, how it feels (sharp, heavy, cutting, painful, chaotic, out of control, angry, lonely, guilty, etc.)

If you feel the need to cry, scream, stomp, or punch a pillow or do something physical like that, please do so.

This is pain you’ve rejected. If possible, wrap your attention around it like a mother embraces a hurting child. This is acceptance.

Let it come up, bring all your attention to it. Embrace it with that mothering quality. You’re ready to listen and give your attention now.

Keep feeling as long as you need to. If you feel you can, quickly write down any thoughts or emotional/physical sensations you feel around this. If other people are involved, you can write something to them. Take your time.

After you write everything out, close your eyes and soften again. “This was an experience in which everyone involved was afraid and in pain. Including me. Including _____. I/We was/were scared, hurting children, not yet taught the tools to deal with pain and fear.”

Go through your replay again. How is it different now? Remember to keep embracing with the light of your attention, like a mother embraces a rejected child. Then add the Dirty Cloth Exercise to this, breathing in a long, deep breath, holding in if you can, and then a long, open-mouthed exhale, intending to let it go.

Write down anything you’re feeling now.

4. The Tibetan Rights:

Known for thousands of years as the fountain of youth because our chakras get clogged, stuck, misaligned, and slow as we get older, doing these rights allows for the free flow of energy through the body, as it aligns and gets them spinning again.

This is what I do to get my chakras aligned, spinning well when I don’t have time for a full yoga class (obviously I recommend YOGA for energy refinement). Again, please don’t practice this if you get dizzy easily or have any kind of issue that leads to fainting or dizziness. Do this for a calm state, reduce and release stress/fear, and enhance your energy. You will need a yoga mat for this:

1. Eyes to the ground. Arms outstretched, in line with the shoulders. Spin around in a clock-wise direction slowly for 21 circles. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart until all dizziness is gone. and then lie on your back.

2. Place hands flat along your hips. Lift your legs straight over your hips. Inhale to lift legs up and the head rises too to look toward the knees. On the exhale, let your head relax to the floor and lower legs to the floor. Do this 21 times.

Then come to your knees.

3. Place your knees hip-distance and bring your hands under your butt. Hands remain on your legs. No straining. Exhale to let your head fall back as you open your chest and arch backward. Inhale to round the back, bringing your chin into your chest, contracting the abdomen. 21 reps.

Come to sit.

4. Sit with legs out in front of you. Place your hands beside your hips, fingers pointing toward your feet. On the inhale, raise you hips and let your head fall back. This forms a tabletop. Hands and heels stay where they are as you move your hips back down to the floor and straighten your legs before you again on the exhale. Complete your exhale by slightly rounding the back and bringing your chin to your chest. 21 reps.

Sit in an easy position for a few breaths.

5. Come into upward-facing dog by bringing your shoulders over your wrists and lower hips to the floor, your feet out behind you (toes tucked). Exhale your exhale as lift your chest and gently drop your head back. Then, on the inhale, you move back into down-dog (lifting hips high and bringing gaze to the knees, pressing into knuckles into ground at shoulder-width) with chin tucked in slightly. 21 rounds.

Sit for a moment just to feel yourself from within (you can also do this in child’s pose).

Do any or all of these daily practices to cleanse your energy field of fear and pain. Don’t let that stuff get stuck in you. If it sticks, it will hold you back and may bring you down.

Comment below if you have any comments or questions!

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