7 Healing Crystals You Should Know & How to Use Them

Crystals are healing, transforming, uplifting, co-creating life forces. They are not just rocks, just as not all plants are flowers. They are an evolved form of rocks. They vibrate at a higher frequency. 

My first experience with the higher frequency of gems was when I was first engaged, wearing my diamond ring. I'll never forget the moment I was working at my office, and my diamond started vibrating right there on my finger. 

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It was like it was talking to me. I mentioned it to one of coworkers, and we started discussing crystals, vibrations, etc., and I was hooked. I've never been able to get over it. That was over 7 years ago so the love affair is real. 

Crystals are highly interactive with their environments. They absorb, store and emit energy and information. Because of their stable makeup, they can store all kinds of information and emit it out into the world: This makes them essential to electronics and technology--phones, TV, computers, etc. All the stuff. 

So if there's a little bit of a preconception in someone's mind that this crystal thing is new-agey or woo-woo, consider our technologies that we cannot live without. Let's take the crystals out of our precious phones and see what happens. These babies are powerful. 

Gems have been around since the birth of the earth. They are, in fact, high-vibration pieces of the earth. Because they store information, think of all the stuff they know since the dawn of our planet, since the dawn of the Milky Way! All the things these crystals have seen!

Okay I'll calm down now.

How do they affect us? For millennia, wise people have been using crystals shamanistically (or to look sparkly or adorn a crown) to heal or protect humans or objects. This is because these stones must energetically interact with the world around them, and so they interact with the electromagnetic fields of humans too.

They react to the input of someone's energy and information (like a mantra or intention). Likewise, they emit a certain vibration frequency that could alter the energy field (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of the person or other energy form in their immediate environment. 

This obviously leads to energetic change. Healing, uplifting, cleansing, empowering, inspiring, energizing, magnifying, balancing, restoring. Depending on the crystal with its specific benefits and your own intention, a crystal could be your catalyst. 

Information about cleaning and reenergizing your stones:

Because they absorb and hold information and energy, gems will need to be cleansed and reenergized often. For cleansing, I recommend moving the stone through sage smoke OR depending on the crystal (some crystals dissolve in water), you could soak them in sea salt water for 24 hours. 

To reenergize, place the stone under a full moon for at least 24 hours (days leading up to and after the full moon). The light from the moon is brightest then and will energize the stone more effectively. By the same token, you could leave it in the sun for a day. But lunar energy is especially nourishing for gems. 

You could also bury them in dirt if you can find 100% pure and clean dirt. This will clean and reenergize. 

I just want to add something really quickly here. If you’re thinking you need to get one of these crystals or explore the world of collectible crystals then I would be remiss not to send you to a good place, from one of my own trusted crystal sources: Click here to shop Sage Goddess Collectible Crystals. There’s something so special about her stones, and she is really passionate about crystal healing. I love these stones. This is the best source I know.

7 Healing Crystals You Should Know About & What to Do with Them:

1. Citrine:

This is the radiant crystal of personal power, awareness, abundance, money, career, leadership, creativity and expression. In general, this is the happiness stone. 

It enhances focus, inspires ideas, and allows one to have the confidence to set boundaries, stand in your personal power or ask for what you need. It is the crystal of abundance and personal will. This crystal will help you to make things happen. 

It is the patron crystal of optimism, consciousness and business.

How to use it: Before an important day at work or before asking for something you need--anything that requires personal power (presentation, project, launch, asking for a raise, job interview), do an uplifting yoga practice with this crystal at the front of your mat. During savasana, place the crystal on your solar plexus underneath your chest and visualize everything going exactly as you planned it. 

For everyday use: Communicate your money, career, creativity and power intentions to the (cleansed) stone. Try meditating about what you want in terms of creativity and abundance with the citrine over an energy center like your heart or third eye. Visualize what you want while holding the citrine, rubbing it and even talking to it, if you wish. 

Or hold this stone when setting a boundary, or having a difficult conversation with a difficult person. 

I've also heard that you should keep citrine with some clean money somewhere (clean too) if prosperity is one of the things you want in your life. I don't recommend leaving it in your wallet or purse because there are probably too many energies outside of your home that will interfere with the crystal's vibrations (we all know there's a lot going on in our purses and whatnots). 

Check out this citrine collection over at Sage Goddess.

2. Aquamarine:

This stone encourages the expression of truth and the creation of tranquility. It will help to remove tensions and fears around speaking your truth. 

This is part of the call of the gemstone to respect yourself and create inner peace within. You can't have inner peace if there is no speaking of personal truth. This leads to a deep and cooling tranquility, like the ocean. A sense of calm beneath the surface. 

How to use it: Nice to have for a sense of calm while traveling overseas. It is also helpful to meditate with it (after it has been cleansed and energized) to instill in it your intention of personal truth and peace.

From there, you can drop into a nice hot bath, and let it marinate with you as you meditate on your inner peace goal. 

3. Rose Quartz:

For those of us who have let the heart grow a little hard and cold (it happens), this gem opens and warms the heart, whether for a relationship or friendship. Any kind of heart to heart connection can be uplifted with this stone. Every relationship needs compassion, and this stone helps with that. 

The rose quartz nourishes the heart, so it is a comforting stone. It eases fear and helps to increase the expansive sense of love. Especially unconditional love. 

This sense of love also extends back inward in self-love. So it is also a wonderful rock to raise self-esteem and self-confidence

So whether you're working on a relationship with yourself, or working on a relationship with your partner, or trying to make friends in a new place, this could be the one for you. 

How to use it: Make a love potion! Leave the purified rose quartz in purified water in the sunlight for a full day. Then drink and share the water with loved ones. You could also make a rose spray with the water with a little bit of rose oil. Spray onto the chest of yourself and your loved ones especially. 

It would also be a wonderful stone to wear around your neck, dangling directly in front  of the heart. (It's a beautiful pink color). 

4. Amethyst: 

I feel like this is the queen of all crystals. The big, bad warrior crystal. You just can't have a crystal list without it. We're talking power and peace with this one. 

This is that big purple one you have seen or are going to see. It's one of the main ones people visualize when they think of crystals. 

It is a protective crystal, in that it can rid the room of bad or negative energy. In this sense, it is calming--a gem of peaceful spirituality. 

But it also develops intuition and consciousness by focusing on the inner seeing of the third eye. It is a potent crystal for meditation because of this. When we are able to see that we have stepped out of a place of alignment, have gotten lost in our thoughts, the amethyst is likely to bring us back to the seat of awareness much quicker. 

How to use it: Before bed, place a little piece of amethyst on your third eye, spend 5-10 minutes concentrating on seeing your thoughts from a place of awareness and letting them dissolve into nothing. Get ready for a good night's sleep!

if you are having trouble seeing the solution to any problem, meditate with the amethyst for a clearing of your intuition! Take a look at these amethyst options if this stone sounds necessary.

5. Smoky Quartz:

This one is great for bringing energy into the body. It is physically enlivening. So it's great for relieving any kind of fatigue. Even if there is some part of your body that's feeling fatigue that you don't know about.

It has a focusing effect. Zeroing in on what in the body needs to be energized.

It is a grounding crystal that is active within the first chakra, which is our energy center that governs our connection with the earth and our survival instincts. It can catalyze our connection to mother earth, anchoring us when we are flighty or airy. 

It can also be great for arousing sexual fire and fertility. This enhancement of sexual energy and fertility is for both men and women. 

How to use it: Smoky quartz is awesome for offsetting radiation from electronics and offsetting other environmental hazards as well. It can absorb negative energy from actual pollution and electromagnetic pollution too.

Place throughout your home and office next to electronics. If you live in a polluted area, place the stones on your windowsill. What’s perfect for this is a smoky quartz generator, which means it has a specific shape like a tower for electromagnetic efficiency.

Wear or carry when going through a hard time financially as this stone will sharpen your survival instincts. 

6. Peridot:

This stone is a wonderful catalyst when you are learning something new. Students should invest in one and hold it while studying. This stone can aid in the gaining of new knowledge. It helps anyone learning new information to avoid distractions, to concentrate on the task at hand. 

It is highly rejuvenating and stabilizing for the endocrine system. A wonderful hormone balancer. A stone for alignment and balance. 

It is also a heart chakra stone in that it is perfect for releasing emotional tension and energy stuck in the heart. As it pertains to the heart, it is a key stone for friendship. 

It can help to dispel anything that no longer needed in the body. That stagnant, negative energy we are all trying to get rid of. 

How to use it: Whenever endeavoring in a new position, job or class, take a cleansed peridot stone with you as a talisman. Keep it in your new office or desk for a couple weeks when just starting out.

Likewise, when trying to rid the body of a grievance or old emotional pattern, meditate with a peridot, saying "I release you" to the negative emotion, situation, person or whatever. 

7. Carnelian:

This one's for the ladies!! (I’m shouting that like a corny DJ). It could help with reproductive issues, PMS, menstrual cramps, stimulate and balance the hormones and endocrine system. It might be able to help normalize a woman's cycle and treat infertility. It is the ovulation stone. 

In a sense, this gem is great for bringing a woman comfort while in pain. This means cycle pain and also emotional pain for whatever reason. In this way, it is stabilizing and grounding, especially for females. 

It is actually a crystal for joy, vitality and togetherness, and has been said to draw a man to a woman. 

It is the lucky, happy stone, so to speak. And it speaks to the physical pleasures of family.

How to use it: Place the carnelian on sacral chakra right above the pubic bone and meditate on what you want from and for your cycle. Let it cool or warm you, according to what you need. Concentrate on the breath, seeing the pictures that are being made in your mind.  

Place it next to your bed, cleanse it often. 

If you want to get a sense of the carnelian gem, take a look at these offerings..just gorgeous.


Comment below about any experience with crystals! Or rocks. Whatever you want to say!

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