9 Ultimate Ways to Uplift Yourself Now

It took me forever to get it through my thick skull (and still is settling in) that amazing things don't happen in some over-the-rainbow future. They happen now.

It occurred to me that I spent so much time saying "one day" that I didn't realize that I was wasting this one day, the only day promised. And the YOLO cliches run rampant, Seize the Day mottos are everywhere. Carpe Diem makes me gag. They are really part of the problem. Everyone knows this is true. So people are inwardly rolling their eyes because it's been overstated. 

It doesn't change the fact that it's true. 

I am laying the foundation for my future right now through my beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. 

At the core of all of this is one thing: the vibration of my essence. 


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Everything comes from your vibration, the frequency with which the energy of your soul vibrates. That's the chicken. But the egg is that your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions (everything you give out to the world) create your vibration. So the cycle repeats positively or negatively. 

So we have to get in there, be strong and disciplined enough to do it now and do the thing that lifts the soul, that raises the frequency at which our energies vibrate (it helps me to put things in scientific terms).

Because remember, everything is energy. Things that appear solid appear solid because of their vibrations. Things are invisible because of their vibrations (like thoughts). This is why most people need to be social. This is why

But at all times, you are attracting things close to or equal to your vibration. When you are feeling positive, your thoughts are positive. When you are feeling down, you are going to get those heavy, weighty thoughts and feelings. When you say bad things, bad things happen most of the time (depending on the momentum of your energy). 

So now we have to focus on busting away from thoughts and behaviors that bring us down and focus on thinking and doing things that lift us up. We have to heighten our vibe now. Not in some strange future at the end of the yellow-brick road (Wizard of Oz obviously on my mind).

Let's stop the cycle. Let's cut straight to the things that lift us up. Grab the chicken by the neck and tell her to stop clucking about what she hates. Let's teach the chicken how to lay golden eggs. Let's teach the chicken how to fly. 

9 Ways to Uplift Yourself Now

1. Music:

Let's dance. It's so simple. I don't know why I don't do it more. Just find a song you like. And music has never ever been more available, ever. It's a no-brainer. 

What do you like to listen to? What is your favorite song? Make a playlist of songs that boost your confidence, lift you up. Set aside some time to do this. Cut to that playlist as soon as you feel down. 

And don't let those songs start to get on your nerves. Revive your upbeat playlist all the time. Keep searching for new music that you love. Watch how quickly this works for you. If you are a music person. 

If you're not....

2. Yoga:

Bet you didn't know I was going to say this! KIDDING. You know I'm obsessed with yoga. I've made it my work and passion for the last decade of my life. If you've ever done it, aaaahhhhh, you know what I'm talking about. Yoga makes you feel good.

Why though? Why the hell does yoga make me feel like I'm calmly swimming in a beautiful, crystal clear, warm spring on a beautiful spring day with birds singing in the trees above me and sunshine dappling through the trees onto luscious green grass? 

It is said that energy that is not completely dealt with or spent, lives on in the body. Energy never dies. It just takes another form (water to ice to snow to water to fog) A lot of it goes to the hips (hip-openers), some of it goes and sits in your joints (asanas that open and strengthen joints), but most of it settles into your fascia. Trying to get out of there, but didn't quite make it out. You bit your tongue, you almost cried but didn't, you were about to acknowledge some loneliness or sadness but instead turned on the TV, you were about to rest and destress but decided to get one more thing done (that is how tension knots happen by the way). 

So we got to get that energy out. You know why? It will only attract more energy like it. If it actually lives in your fascia, it's going to attract everything vibrating on its level (which you probably don't want). So rolling around on a mat and opening and closing and stretching and moving is going to get that stuff out. 

Breathing is so important here. It is a part of the release of the energy. Focus on the exhales. Focus on letting it all go. 

3. Massage:

Speaking of fascia, yoga is not the only way to smooth that business away. Go ahead and set up an appointment. Or just massage yourself every night. Or perhaps in the shower as you let yourself breathe and let go of the day past you. Or prepare for the day ahead of you. 

I know it doesn't feel as good when you do it to yourself. Dang it, I know it all too well. But certainly we can try to smooth it out ourselves. The plus to massaging yourself: you don't think as much. You can focus on your breathing better when you're not thinking. 

Or talk some kind soul into massaging you: "Excuse me, sir. I couldn't help but notice what strong hands you have, and there's this tension knot in my shoulder where some repressed negative energy has gotten stuck in my fascia..." I love freaking people out, don't you?

4. Gratitude:

Right now, you, yes you, have a thousand things to be grateful for. A THOUSAND. A MILLION. A BILLION. Okay, I'll calm down. But really, your body alone is a million reasons to give thanks (think off all the stuff your body does). Every person you know or have met (though you may not be feeling strong enough to give thanks for the ones that hurt you right now). Definitely every person you love.

And nature? Nature supplies the other million things to be grateful for. Where would you be without oxygen? Water? Trees? The earth? Gravity? I'll tell you where you would be...well, let's focus on the good stuff (but without gravity, I have no idea where you would be). 

So wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you can be grateful now. I recommend starting this practice right away because it's life-changing (carpe diem, right?). 

5. Dark Chocolate:

But you didn't see this one coming from this health nut. No. It's coming and it's coming on strong. Dark chocolate is my favorite thing in the world. The word we need to focus on here is dark. Milk chocolate will make you feel like poop. Too much sugar.

My next thing about this is the percentage needs to be as high as you can handle: no less than 80%. I myself cling to a solid 88%. 

Here's the next thing: watch what time of day you use this vibe-raising tactic. Dark chocolate has a good amount of caffeine. You'll be pissed if you're up at midnight. Then you won't be feeling good at all. You won't be feeling the next day either. I say don't eat dark chocolate after noon. Everyone is different though, but for the super nervy and caffeine-sensitive, noon is your limit. 

Speaking of limits, if you're like me, you will have to restrain yourself with this. The other 4 don't require restraint, but if you have a whole bar of dark chocolate, you will most likely be feeling very crazy and weird after (I feel weird and crazy all the time, but when I do happen to accidentally eat a whole bar, it's not good), and it will not be a good crazy and weird. It will be a bad one. This dark chocolate tactic is for enjoyment. A slow, present savoring. Feel the luxurious texture of it on your tongue. Taste the bitter sweetness. Use all your senses here. 

Dark chocolate produces endorphins (opiod peptides made in the brain and nervous system). Ectasy in a dark brown bar is what I call dark chocolate. So good I have a bite every morning. It also has awesome antioxidants that can reduce the effects of free radicals in the body. Youth + deliciousness = yes. 

6. Exercise: 

Speaking of endorphins, exercise. Do it. Just do it. Nike was right. 

I walk a lot because I love it. If you like to run, get down on it. If you like machines, get down on them (sorry this is not going in the right direction). If you like to swim, get into those laps (still not sounding right). Know what's right for you. Everyone has something she prefers, and that is the secret to enjoying exercise. If you feel like you have to run and it is a chore, don't do it. Find something else. 

I love to walk. I run for long distances only when I'm running for my life (but, as you can imagine, that's not that often and I'm thankful for that). I sprint sometimes for 20 seconds when I feel like it. I like that. I can sprint, but jogging is not my thing. I'm a walker/sprinter. And I respect that about myself. Learn to respect yourself and what you like. Don't force yourself to do stuff you hate. Everyone has an exercise that they love. Find yours. It does not feel like a chore. It feels good. You look forward to it.

Most likely you've found your type of exercise so I'll move on...

7. Bathe:

I hinted at this earlier when I told you to massage yourself in the shower. You need to take a bath. Especially if you just exercised. 

But not only when you've exercised. At this point, you're like, "Okay, I know how to bathe and exercise, thank you very much." But really, notice how much lighter you feel when you take a hot bath or shower. Just notice it next time. It's definitely connected to cleanliness and feeling better because you're clean, but I think the contact with the water has something to do with it too. Something so calming. Something about the heat and steam lifting the weight off your shoulders. Something about the stuff holding you down (maybe nestled up in your fascia) being freed. Maybe the muscles relax. Maybe there is a release. Maybe it's the water on your neck and shoulders and head.

I personally believe bathing is what keeps a lot of people from having nervous breakdowns in this hectic and stressful day and age. Sleep and shower are what is calming the masses of people who are strung out all the time right now. For me, bathing has been the only thing that has saved me on some very heavy days. Don't feel bad if you feel like you're taking too long of a shower. Just stay in there until you feel better. Be grateful for the water, soak up every moment. Get yourself in there, start feeling better and then get out when you're ready. 

8. Meditation:

Close your eyes or not. Get still. Sit and let the waves of your mind calm. I know it's not so easy to do it: to watch your thoughts, to stay with the breath, to visualize, to chant a mantra, to be here and now. It's not easy. I know it's not. It's difficult to make yourself do this. Especially with all the stuff that demands your attention. If you have kids, this is especially hard because when you get a second alone, all you want to do is catch up. Catch up on work, catch up on reading, catch up on sleeping or cleaning. 

But your mind and soul need it, especially if you have kids. Especially if you're busy. Especially if you find it so hard to sit still, close your eyes and observe. 

And it gets easier. It does. It takes discipline to do it. But it gets easier to meditate every time. And every time, you go higher and higher. It's true what they say. Meditation helps a great deal. It does. Check this for yourself. 

9. Create something/give something: 

You've got to be working on something. You've got to put your fire somewhere. If you don't feel the fire, then you've got to find something to light it.

Even if it's volunteering. If you're volunteering, you are creating. You are giving. Only you are creating something for others, for the world. And that is just so damn beautiful. I'm sorry, but it is. Service is creativity in another way too: when you serve, when you give, you are creating, altering, molding the altruistic part of your soul. You are creating a gorgeous, moving, important life. Well, you're already important, but now you get to embrace your importance.

The quickest way to feel better (though not always the easiest) when you really, really need a lift is to give something away, to serve.

Or you could be consumed with a project, with work. Creating something. The act of creation is expression. It is the opposite of depression. When I'm working on a project, I can feel a buzzing, a happiness, and I love it. It buoys me. 

We were made to create. We are spirit, and spirit creates and loves and vibrates. Let that be your mode as much as possible. In every moment, what are you creating?

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What are your way to uplift yourself? What works and what doesn't? Any memories or moments of clarity about what uplifts you? Comment below please.

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