Brighten Your Aura: 5 Actions to Take Now

It’s been caught by cameras, discussed by scientists and spiritual seekers and holistic healers and mediums for millenia. It’s certainly not possible to see the aura with the naked eye.

There’s no tangible, physical evidence of anyone’s aura. It’s not something you can capture and hold and study.

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But I have no problem with the unseen, with the unverified. Most everything in life begins with the unseen, or rather, what can’t be seen by our human brains. Sometimes the human brain can see what’s unseen, but it usually takes a near-death experience or psychedelic drugs, which I never ever recommend. But these moments of brain alteration shed the “veil” which allows humans to have experiences out in the world.

The aura is part of your subtle body. It’s your magnetic field that starts from the core of you and extends to surround you, especially your head, like a halo.

You’ve felt it. On some level, you have felt the effects of someone else’s magnetic field before, and probably, many times before. I’ll put it this way: have you ever walked into a room and immediately wanted to leave? Felt the bad mojo in there?

Or have you ever talked to someone and thought that you wanted to stay around that person, that you were magnetically stuck to that person. This would have felt like there was a force pulling you like a magnet toward them.

And it is possible at all times to feel your own and recognize what your aura is detracting or attracting. The interplay of the auras of humans, animals, objects, and even places is what makes things happen. What needs what? Who is attracted to whom? Where do things belong?

The push and pull of your magnetic field or your aura is what accounts for so many coincidences and synchronicities of your life. And no, I’m not saying there isn’t a divine order to things. I’m simply saying that this is an electric world, and this is, in my thinking, the way the divine order works things.

There is always free will is what I’m saying, and you can refine any part of your energy field any time you want! Even when you feel like crap. Even when you feel like giving up. Even when you're lost or ashamed or heartbroken.

You are so beautiful and magnetic at your core. How will you work that to create what you want in your outer world?

We can refine our energy field, elevate the level of vibration and brighten the aura of our being any time we want.

5 Actions to Brighten the Aura at Any Time, Anywhere:

1. Breathe:

Breath work is a sure way to brighten the magnetic field.

Any number of various pranayama techniques will invigorate your chakras and charge your aura or field. With enough time spent breathing, you can make your aura extend outward and surround your body beautifully. And pranayama can revitalize and redirect your energy where it’s needed.

I do even recommend that if you’re not suffering from any chronic heart issues or pregnancy to practice a rigorous pranayama at least twice a day, working up to doing it for longer and longer periods to see how it works for you.

If you are pregnant of have any conditions at all, there is one pranayama technique that works for all: Ujjayi or Victorious Breath.

  • Breathe out of your mouth with a HA sound like you’re trying to fog up a window

  • Now close your mouth and try to make the HA sound with your mouth closed, breathing out the nose. You’ll notice there’s a slight closing of the throat, and you’ll breathe out of the nose. This makes the breath nice and thin, and this can help you to extend your exhales.

  • In and out through the nose, making the HA sound with the mouth closed.

  • Counting during inhales and exhales is optional but it does increase the mindfulness of this exercise.

I’ll recommend a couple of other techniques for anyone who wants to try something else: 4-7-8 Breathing.

  • Make a whooshing sound to exhale all air out of the mouth.

  • Then we’ll breathe in for 4 through nostrils with the mouth closed.

  • Hold the breath in for a count of 7, then exhaling out of the mouth, a whooshing sound again for a count of 8.

  • If it seems too long of an exhale, purse your lips to make it a little easier. This helps the exhale to last..

  • This one is especially great for those who are dealing with a lot of stress, and that is why they are so dim or depleted.

Or you could try one of my favorites which is Bee Breath or Brahmari Breath:

  • The Brahmari Pranayama practice or Bee Breath or Humming Breath is for the clearing and raising of the mind and is a grounding breath practice.

  • First you have to get settled and relax the body. Then we have to zero in and focus on the easy come and go of the breath.

  • When we put our hands over our ears, it exacerbates the effects of the humming, the vibrations within the head. It also blocks out all other things that might take us away from the vibration, from the focus and grounding of this practice. This is also why we close our eyes.

  • Breathe in deeply - a big inhale that fills up the entire belly.

  • Make the humming sound “mmmmm” throughout your exhale with your lips lightly closed. The exhale is long and natural until you are compelled to take an inhale. No forcing or complete emptying, just long breathing with the humming on the exhale.

  • Feel the vibration of the clearing and grounding of your mind.

2. Say thank you:

I just want to say that I know it can be really, really hard to be positive when you feel like you want to punch something or slink away to hide under a rock.

But the lightness or darkness of your aura depend on how positive you can be. Positivity is just a forward-flow of energy. Letting things go, “bad” and “good.” Giving it up, freeing it from your being. Saying what you need to say, crying it out, expressing the goodness you are, loving someone, uplifting someone when it’s needed.

Positivity is simply a sense of expansion instead of contraction, and this expansion frees whatever is caught in your energy field, whatever you might be clinging to.

And yes, it means staying in the light. Being aware of what you’re saying to yourself. It means choosing the brighter things to say.

Right now, I’m dealing with travel delays. It makes me stressed, and I’ll be so exhausted when this whole thing is over, but you know what? I’m thankful. I’m thankful for this laptop giving me the opportunity say things to you I’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s a good chance to do some work that I love.

I’m thankful for the privilege of being able to fly in an airplane at all. I’m thankful for airplanes in general. I’m thankful that there’s food and water here in this airport, and that I’m able to buy some food if I get hungry. I’m thankful for the experiences of the trip I’ve just been on, and I’m thankful to be going back (eventually) to people and a home that I love.

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    Then there’s the radical aspect of saying thank you for whatever so-called bad thing is going on. And now I’m thankful for this delay. Thank you for this massive, 6-hour delay and however it’s meant to enrich my life and bring me higher.

    This, by the way, way of saying thank you for the things that seem crappy takes you to a whole new level of positivity, and so now we’re talking about really bring a yes to your present moment. That’s the definition of choosing to refine your own energy and aura. This is choosing to shine.

    When there are depths to rise out of…gratitude. Get yourself a tiny, little book and a pen, and keep it with you. Look around you and say as much as you can what you love, what you are so grateful for. I cling to this.

    You know what? I’ve been running over and over in my mind what I’m grateful for all around me and even away from me.

    …And my plane just came in.

    3. Eat a plant (and not in the way you might usually do it):

    And I know that most foods, if not animal, are plant. But I’m talking about the most raw plant that you can find, the least processed plant food that’s not poisonous.

    Yes, I know that chips are made from a plant, but again, the less the ingredients and processing, the better. And also, the more colorful the plant, the better.

    Since plants take energy directly from the sun, and the sun is the closest thing or matter to the brilliance of consciousness, with only helium and photons and small amounts of other elements, we are ingesting the brilliance of consciousness when we eat plants.

    We can partake in feeling the energy and the cycle of life when we eat colorful vegetables and chew mindfully and gratefully for the plant we’re eating (it’s also wonderful to do this with animal foods, and with water and anything you eat or drink really).

    Imagine the whole process. The force and brilliance at the core of the sun, animating it. Then the sun nourishes the plant you’re eating, makes it any brilliant color and activates all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Then the plant, in its most raw form, animates and nourishes you.

    You chew, feeling and tasting the food, for as long as you can, and even your swallow is a present swallow. Everything is slow and steady. Like moving in slow motion.

    I don’t recommend eating anything until you’re feeling hungry. Reach for the right thing and recognize the Life within the thing you eat. Make a connection with your food. Also try to eat something that’s recently come out of the nourishment of the ground. (This is why this one is best in the early spring, summer or fall).

    Then shine. As colorful as the plant you ate.

    4. Meditate and mind your mind:

    Your thoughts and beliefs and how they affect your emotions are directly connected to your aura, your magnetic field. Thinking some beautiful, shining thoughts can really brighten your energy.

    Try this: Close your eyes and ask yourself what you’re thinking about. What will your next thought be?

    What did you see? What did you hear?

    Nothing? Well, now close your eyes and imagine a little ball of brilliant, white light at the core of your mind. You may also imagine this ball of light in your heart and in your pelvic floor.

    Imagine this light (or these lights) gets brighter and bigger with every breath you take until it reaches the barriers of your body. Try also to feel this vibrating, white light within you, making you feel alive, almost like there is a sparkling, shimmering feeling inside.

    Then visualize your lights growing past the barrier of your skin, shimmering and glowing into the air around you, like a protective bubble all around you. This light is so bright and powerful that it brings wonderful experiences and people to you. And it detracts anything that is not beautiful or uplifting.

    Once you’re done with this meditation, just keep the light vibrating within you and filling you up. Let this light shine on your thoughts so that you can see and hear every single one. And you can always choose to exhale the ugly thoughts or thoughts that feel bad.

    Choose beautiful thoughts instead. If a thought feels bad, choose the opposite of that thought. Think the opposite thought, believe in it and feel the positive emotion of it. Let that positive, good-feeling emotion fill up your electromagnetic field.

    To keep your aura bright and charged every day, try to do meditation every day.

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      5. Stretch it out:

      Have you ever felt slightly euphoric when you’ve stretched out after a night of sleep? Or after a yoga class, or especially after a specific pose in yoga class? There’s something about it, something about releasing the fascia. It’s like the muscles and ligaments and fascia are celebrating.

      It feels like a special kind of positive feeling when you stretch. Add breathing to this, and in five minutes, you can change your whole outlook on life. That’s how positive the experience of stretching is.

      So yes, I’m talking about yoga. But really, yoga is a lot more than stretching. It involves a lot of core and other aspects of the body and energy field. It’s obviously a direct way to refine your aura.

      But I’m just talking about stretching. In the moment, when you feel closed, when you feel contracted, when your aura has darkened - you can’t always just stop and do yoga or go find a yoga class. Sure, you can do some poses if you like.

      That’s not always possible. When it’s not possible, just stretch. Lift your arms over your head and take them back past your ears a little bit, and then give a big sigh or exhale. This tells your mind that you’re relaxing, that you’re softening and letting it go.

      Stretching is the epitome of a relaxed state. When you do it, the communication within the body signals that you’re not stressed or contracted, that you’re loosening and releasing.

      That’s exactly what you’ll do: anything that’s darkening your aura in the moment will release as soon as you stretch in the way that feels right to you in the moment. Add a strong exhale, yawn or sigh, and it’s even more powerful.

      You’ll notice that everyone around you relaxes and brightens too. Then there’s the habit of stretching and breathing and releasing the fascia, and that’s called having a practice, doing yoga every day. Of course, I recommend that for consistent brightening of your aura.

      You will feel it when your aura is bright. You will shine. You will feel at ease, and so will everyone around you. Truth and love will be your motive for everything, and you will feel free. Here’s to your brightness.

      Comment below! Would love to hear your ideas too!

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