How I Changed My Life: 7 Beautiful Ways Gratitude Impacts Life

My life is beautiful. I really love it. It's not perfect. By absolutely no means. But I love it very much, and that is worth a billion dollars right there. It's worth all the money in the world.

Gratitude is the number one way to turn life around when things aren't going so well. It makes sense: Looking at what you do have instead of what you don't is definitely going to be more up-lifting. Being thankful is a way better mindset than complaining about how your life stinks.

It seems obvious, but it's easier said than done. And we might be a bit desensitized to the whole "attitude of gratitude" campaign. "Yeah, yeah, gratitude is awesome, sure."

But here's the thing: it really and truly is. I've tested this myself because my negativity was really unparalleled. You've never met anyone who can get so down so fast. It cannot be compared. I'd go from bouncing optimist to broiling brat. In a very quick time. And the up and down of it was sapping my energy. Zapping my energy actually. 

Guess what? I was tired of being a brat. Tired of complaining about life circumstances. I just really really wanted to be a better person for real. More than anything, I wanted to lift other people up. I wanted to be kind and loving. Fun to be around too. Those sorts of things. It occurred to me that I had to lift myself to lift others.

Now music was working. Eating healthy foods works too. Yoga and meditation OF COURSE. But those would only last for about an hour-4 hours each. I needed an all-day feel good. Like something I could do every second, something I could make a habit out of.

And while I would love to be like the kid in that movie, Baby Driver with earbuds constantly playing in my ears, multiple iPods to choose from, just listening to music everywhere I go, driving fast cars and robbing banks (just kidding, not the last one), my kids would be frustrated that I could never hear what they are saying. Music is an answer, but not THE answer. 

Gratitude, it turns out, is the easiest and fastest route. Because of what it leads to: consciousness, love and creativity. Gratitude is THE answer. 

7 Beautiful Ways Gratitude Impacts Your Life:

1. Presence: 

This is the most important way gratitude and thankfulness impact life: gratitude forces you into the moment. Keeping your senses open for things around you to be grateful for is an instant portal into the now. Which, as we know, is all there ever is. 

Consciousness allows us to truly live life instead of walking around hypnotized in some untellable future or imagined past. This is why people mourn the years past: they weren't there for it. This is why people get overly nostalgic: they were not conscious of what they had.

Hell, I've even been nostalgic for times that I thought were horrible while I was in them.

I know you've experienced this: nostalgia for childhood or teen years or college or early adulthood. Nostalgia and mourning for times passed: when the kids were young, when we were starting out, when we traveled a lot. It happens. It does not make you an ingrate that you were not present during those times. You were doing your best.

Consciousness is not super easy. Fear and overthinking have got mad momentum. Thousands and thousands of years of survival of the fittest. 

But now you know. And now you don't have to miss out on what's right in front of you. Because gratitude makes consciousness/mindfulness easier. 

2. Love:

Gratitude also is the fastest way to loving the world. Why? 

Because when you exercise gratitude, you feel loved. You feel like you've been given so much, and when you've been given something, whether it's time (check), things (check), energy (check), attention (check), you feel loved and supported. 

When you feel loved, it is so much easier to give love. It is easier to serve when you see what service looks like. It is easy to be a nourisher when you have been nourished.

In other words, when you know in your heart and mind that love is everywhere (because you have looked for it, because you have thanked for it), it is simple to be a channel for it. You know it's all around so you can easily be a part of it, become an expression for it.

And you have an abundance of love to give. Because you will know how constantly and unconditionally you are loved. 

3. Creativity:

Out of the first two is born creativity. Papa presence and mama love have a baby, and her name is creativity. I'm kidding but I'm serious. To authentically love requires presence. To authentically create requires love. That's that. When you have the first two, creativity just happens. In the most beautiful ways. 

This moment-to-moment flow of presence and love will most certainly inspire and enlighten you. It can't not (huh? but it does make sense). Consciousness-love never fails. Because presence and love IS God, or whatever you call God. God is Creator. These are the three modalities of God: consciousness, love and creativity.

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Creativity is an energy of God, along with the other two. It is a heightened vibration of God, of Source, of the Creator. And it's everywhere. There is no end to creativity. It actually is NOT hard to be creative. It's just hard to get of your own way. And gratitude is the way to do it...

Speaking of the Creator...

4. Connection to Creator:

Have you ever had a really, really hard time? Have you ever screamed out to what you believed to be God? Well, I have. And always the thought is, "I haven't really been nourishing my relationship with the Creator at all." 

So I was raised Catholic, and prayer was huge. The nuns at our school were always like: "Pray about it." They said it so much, I started to roll my eyes. I was desensitized to prayer early on. 

And now, during these challenging times of my life, with responsibility and stress galore--sagging my shoulders like trolls along for a piggy back ride (random), I feel nostalgic for prayer. But here's the deal: prayer is always here. 

So what's the best kind of prayer? Gratitude prayers. And that's basically what we do all day long with this thankfulness. You are praying all the livelong day with your bits of gratitude. So your relationship with Source is strengthened. You and the Creator of heaven and earth are tight. You talk every day. 

Since the Creator lives inside you, is the greatest part of you, is there really anything to fear? 

The nuns were right. Only I don't want to pray only when things get bad. It's like calling your mom only when you need something. I want to pray all day. I want my relationship with Life to be spectacular. That's the main relationship anyway. The relationship with the Creator. That is a power that can help you through anything. IT is the power through which everything comes:

5. Abundance:

When you start to notice all the good things to be grateful for, you feel abundant. You feel really good, you might even feel abundance within you. You feel RICH, I dare say. Because there is no end of gifts to be thankful for. Truly. Anyone in the world actually. Even people who struggle and have absolutely no property, have nothing in the way of material stuff. Or basic necessities (and we learn to help them with #2 above). Even they have an unlimited amount of gifts to thank for. 

The breath never stops. Until it does. 

Because the human body and living on earth are the two greatest miracles in the entire world. And that is something we all have in common. There is no end to the gifts. When you truly get that into your mind, life is an abundant free-for-all. Just beauty and love all around. 

And because you feel that abundance within, it comes. More abundance comes in whatever form you need it to come in. That may seem like a miracle, but it is simply the law that like attracts like. The miracle is your body, this world, everything you have. 

There is so much. Gratitude helps you feel that abundance. It is there, we just need to feel it.

6. Relationships:

Translated into relationships, gratitude is a freaking miracle worker. I tried to be silently and sometimes loudly thankful for things my husband did. Things got so wonderful between us. He really does make my life easier, more beautiful, happier.

I had to step outside of my super negative mindset to see that. The quickest route out of the negativity was to see all that he brings to the table. Fighting makes everyone miserable. Everyone was airing their grievances like it was Festivus (see: Seinfeld episode 166), complete with a feats of strength. 

But relationships blossom when you are not only thankful for the people in your life, but also what they bring to your life. Constantly listing what your people (and as many people as you can) do for you is insanely nurturing for them and for you, but most importantly, for the relationship. 

7. Your vibration: 

When your vibration is elevated, we're talking beautiful things happening in your life. You meet new people, you get ideas, your bank account grows, your job takes off. 

When I say you lift your vibration, I simply mean you feel good. You make others feel good when they are around you. You are elevated, you slip by the bad experiences because they are simply not attracted to you. Those bad things are on a lower vibration, and you are flying high. Bad stuff doesn't go all the way up to where you are. 

Because like attracts like, you attract things and experiences that vibrate on your frequency, that your energy jives with. 

There are a lot of things (like the stuff I mentioned earlier) that can raise you up, but nothing as fast or as easy as gratitude. It's simple. Even if it's just your breath moving in and out of your body, giving you life. Gratitude is simple, and it can turn into a habit. Then you just live an incredible life.

That's all I want. Freedom, beauty and life. Isn't that all anyone wants?

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What do you want? How can gratitude get you there? Have you ever actively practiced gratitude? What was it like? 

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