How to Make the Best of a Fresh Start: 5 Most Important Tips

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Whether you’re starting over in a new place, leaving a toxic relationship, starting a new project or job, or just getting ready for the new year, there are certain ways to ensure that this change, that this new beginning elevates you to the new heights where you’re meant to be.

Here’s a little something in case you’re fearful of change: it’s going to happen anyway. It’s the only constant. Besides for the great intelligence or energy that creates and sustains this cycle of movement, flow and change. Besides for God, change is the only thing that is real.

So you might as well accept it, right? You might as well welcome it with open arms because the trees that refuse to bend with the wind, the ones that stand in the way are always the ones taken down by the winds. The trees with limbs that move and sway with the wind make it.

So that leads to my first thing I want to say:

1. Stay flexible:

I mean this physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually. It makes sense that physically we are better off when we are flexible and strong, but do we really get that? Do we know how good it is to do yoga and how much self-love is available in that? Filling our love bank accounts with ourselves so that when hard times come, our bodies are ready. We can stay uninjured and well during the demands made on us.

Mentally, we can arrest ourselves to the fact that we might not get our way exactly, but it’s always way more fantastic when we surrender. It’ll be better than what you’ve got planned. Keep dreaming your dreams to detail, yes. But be open to adjustments made lovingly for you.

Emotions are the definition of change. Feelings and moods are constantly fluctuating. So to be able to accept them as they come is to be flexible emotionally. Just to be accepting of what comes and goes into your energy field and to fully live and feel it is what it means to be emotionally flexible.

In terms of the Spirit, your soul needs to adapt a curious energy. A playfulness, if you will. (Yoga is good for this, too.) Develop a childlike sense of wonder and actually that is the true nature of your soul—to be playful, curious, and completely open to the unknown. It’s why your soul is incarnate on this earth—to learn and discover and feel and experience. It’s your true nature.

2. Think of where you want this new start to take you:

Fill in the blank of what’s going on. I want to be _______ at the end of this ________. What is the goal, the intention? Or maybe you have more than one. Whether it’s a new year or a moving into a new house, make one or a few intentions.

The best way to do that is to envision the best-case scenario. Close your eyes and imagine: What do you look like? How do you feel? What do you feel proud of accomplishing at the end of whatever this is the start of? What do you have? Who are you with?

This is a visualization meditation, and it’s so powerful. The image that you come up with is vital. It’s so important. Keep using your imagination to conjure up that image.

Meditation in general is wonderful for getting clear on your intentions, on where you want to go. What do you want to manifest? Where are the good ideas? Let me tell you something: they’re all in your meditation practice.

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    From there, once you have the vision of what you want or need from this experience that is starting, you can get clear on your intentions. When you get clear on your intentions, you can write them as affirmations that become your mantras during whatever is starting for you.


    I want to have more self-confidence about my abilities after this project is over. Turns into this affirmation: I am confident and talented and have already done a great job on this project. When you say this mantra, you might see yourself smiling and walking with excellent posture, having achieved completing the project so well. Maybe people are congratulating you.

    3. Write it ALL down:

    After this meditation, write down your intentions. Be as clear and as concise as possible. Choose adjectives that invoke an emotional response in your energy field, adjectives that can stand the test of repetition.

    Write your intentions in present tense. I’m doing this. I’m being that. I easily make money. I am healthier every day. That type of thing.

    Don’t just write down your intention/affirmation. Write down how you feel about it. If it’s been a longtime goal, why haven’t you been able to achieve it before now? If it’s something you’re not sure you deserve, write down why you feel like you don’t deserve it (by the way, you do, you do, you do, you do—you deserve all good things, I promise).

    Get it all out. Get all those doubts out of your head and onto the paper. Reason with your doubts. Write down why you think you can’t. Talk to your fears and negative comments. Lovingly tell them that you don’t need protection like this anymore and that anything is possible. Tell your resistance everything’s going to be okay. It’s just an experiment.

    Look at what your doubts say about other people. Are you afraid of what other people think? Dig deep. At teh end of it, try to circle around to what you want. In the end, whether you go for your intention or not, you’ll be the same age, only with a less exciting life, less growth.

    Be playful about it but really test those doubts. Write a couple of pages of stream of consciousness every day if you can. Check in with your progress. Hold yourself accountable.

    4. Say thank you:

    Being grateful just helps you to walk around with a different energy. You just feel better.

    And it brings more abundance. It just does. You give your energy, your attention to the gifts in your life and BOOM, you have more gifts—more gifts to treasure and love.

    I have experienced firsthand the wonder of gratitude; it’s compelling. Look at what you have. Be grateful for that. Look at what’s coming (your vision, your affirmations, your mantras) and be grateful for that. Loving and being grateful for what you have and what’s coming is ultimately the most powerful thing in this whole list.

    But you have to FEEL the gratitude. That’s so important. I know you know what it feels like when someone says thank you without meaning it. I know you know what it feels like when someone says thank you with feeling behind it.

    The universe can feel true gratitude too. And just as you want to give more the person who truly appreciates your gift, so too does God want to give more to the person who is open and receptive and feels love. This is a feeling universe. It’s in your best interest to open up to feeling.

    Don’t just go through the motions. Get inspired by your own gratitude.

    Be grateful especially for this change, this fresh start you’ve received.

    Gratitude is another wonderful habit that’s absolutely necessary for a beautiful life. I always say that your gratitude is a measure of the beauty and love of a life. If you need a little help developing a habit of thankfulness, this free 30-day course is my favorite and has helped hundreds of people:

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    Warning: Your life and relationships will change so be ready and open for that.


    Given to you with nothing but love. For real.


    Receive this free email course to join my email list for free yoga classes, weekly meditations, updates, mindfulness tips, holistic nutrtion information + ideas, offers, and discounts on SR products. No annoyances, just quality. We never want to be junk mail to you. We only want to uplift you every now and then. Unsubscribe at any time if it's no longer cool with you.

      5. Get rid of stuff you can’t say thank you for:

      It’s all about being authentic.

      Make room for new experiences and things and places and people.

      When we start saying thank you for the many gifts of our life, we start to try to say thank you for everything. We walk around looking and hearing and smelling our experience and saying thank you constantly. This is the beauty of gratitude habit. But some things are hard to say thank you about.

      For example, if you look inside your kitchen cabinets, and you’re saying thank you for this and this and this and then you look at a set of bowls you haven’t used in two years, you might say thank you but not really mean it. There is no feeling behind it. Because they don’t add value to your life. They are not beautiful, you don’t love them, and you don’t even use them.

      If you can’t feel any absolutely love and gratitude for something, it’s time to give it to someone who will love it or use it. Let it go. If you feel that way about a person, you’re too far gone—your thinking is too distorted and you need to let that person go, let he or she move on if you can’t find gratitude or love. If it’s someone you can avoid, then be up front and avoid that person. But everyone has something we can be grateful for. People are usually indispensable in a life.

      If you can’t be grateful for a place, don’t go there anymore. Cut out the stuff that doesn’t work for you. Energetically, this will open up a vacuum, and something else will come in. And since you are consciously elevating yourself, things you love will stroll right into your experience. Then you will feel even more gratitude and then your life is fantastic! Voila!

      Make it happen. Love your life. This new start is a gift of love from Spirit, from God, from a higher power that loves you and wants you to experience joy and freedom. It’s all for you, for your personal good, for your growth through experience. Here’s to the expansion of your soul!


      Comment below with your thoughts and I’d love to see your intentions for your fresh start! you have our support and the support of the universe!

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