How to Marry Mindfulness and Creative Laws

There always seem to be two different sides of spiritual teachings: creation laws and consciousness/mindfulness. They’ve always been for me like two different camps of spiritual seekers.

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But lately, I’ve been thinking that there’s no reason to keep separate the creation laws that focus on bringing something to fruition in the future and the other spiritual concepts of mindfulness and presence in this moment.

The problem is that I was thinking, “Okay, I need to be present and enjoy right now. The future doesn’t matter. Just be present with this moment and then the next.” But the truth is that the future does matter. It’s a waste of time to think it doesn’t.

I know that Now is the only real experience because both past and future are in the imagination, but there is such a thing as the future, even it’s in the imagination. And it’s a wonderful thing to be able to co-create your reality, to design your own future by choosing and seeing what you want for your future.

But then if you’re caught up in desire and daydreaming and thinking about the beautiful future too much, caught up in creation laws like the Law of Attraction and any other manifestation laws, then you miss the precious Now, right?.

So it seemed to me like a conundrum. Think the thoughts of what you want in the future but also pay attention to your breath, your body and your mind right now. Create Your Future vs. Enjoy Your Now. I had to come to some major realizations that cut down a few of my secret, core beliefs I didn’t know I had.

I felt guilty about wanting more, about even trying to use Creation Laws like Law of Attraction. It’s okay to have desires. It’s not greedy to want more than you have. That’s one thing I had to realize. It’s just your soul wanting more experiences that align with its energy. It’s just life expanding, consciousness evolving and moving into higher realms of experience, tasting the spectrum of all Life has to offer. That’s what desire is.

Another thing was that I thought living in the now would make me loose and flippant about life, too much flow and not enough action. Not enough direction, just rolling with the tides. I thought you couldn’t be in the Now and also make and implement a plan, right? That’s the future, we’re talking about. Presence is Now so they couldn’t mix.

But on the contrary, you need both. They need each other. They build off of each other. They partner together like yin and yang, surya and chandra to enrich our lives. Not only do you need both, you need them together.

Here’s how to get them together:

1. Quality focus:

The future is built on Now, actually. The quality of your right now determines the quality of your future. So now is important, but so is the now that’s going to happen later.

Your future Now will be nothing without your Now right now (ha). Yes, we all want beautiful futures, but we can put too much emphasis on “when this happens” or “once I do this.” The truth is that you must bring quality to right now before you can have quality in the future.

This is the quality of your attention. You won’t treasure your future gifts if you don’t treasure your Now. It’ll be like you never received them, and you won’t even be pleased when you get what you want. See what I mean? The Now is always a practice of mindfulness for the beautiful moments of the future.

Plus, being mindful now brings about this beautiful quality of attention, and this creates right action—which means that anything you do will be done with beautiful, present energy. You imbue any project or thing you want to manifest, anything you work on with this present, truthful quality of your energy. This is present creativity and anything that comes out of it will vibrate at higher levels.

This, of course, directly affects your future. The quality of your work has everything to do with the quality of your energy. Anything done out of negativity will most likely have a negative impact. Stressing out about something will always lessen the quality of it.

The quality of your attention, now and in future nows is everything. The quality of your attention is the quality of your life. The moments build off each other, and the attention you give and where you give it means everything for your conscious future.

So quality attention equals presence equals right action which equals quality outcome. Plus, you get to enjoy the future in fullness because you’ve been present, you’re a mindful person, in the habit of being present, so you get to enjoy the full range of the experience of success or any outcome.

All of it happens right now, though…

2. Imagination presence:

Except for imagination? Imagination isn’t happening right now, is it? That’s daydreaming, it’s not real.

Well, actually, it is real. Any images in your head are real images, and the more you think them, the more likely they are to be real images in your life. Perhaps we should use “inner” and “outer” images because everything on the outside is not exactly what it seems either, right?

So you have inner images and outer images, but they’re both happening in realtime. The things happening in your mind and the things happening outside of your mind—those two camps of experience both evoke emotions and feelings, right?

And perception of our outside world is just a weird thing our brain does to make everything make sense. Really, we’re just a bunch of atoms and molecules held together by some kind of powerful force, by magnetism of love. But we’re one quantum field of energy and light. So life all starts in the mind, anyway. See what I mean?

You can still be caught up in the details and emotions of the images in your head and be present. Presence means acceptance and attention to what’s at hand in this moment. If in this moment, you’re playing in the field of imagination, then you can be present there. You can slow down and look around in your imagination too. You can be fully alive, feeling everything right now, as you think your thoughts of the future, as you explore your imagination.

As long as you’re grounded in the witnessing of your experience, there should be no problem living inside your imagination for some time, especially during creative meditation, wherein you take some time to do some conscious daydreaming.

Try this free meditation course to get back into or start a habit of meditation (the last week is creative meditation):

Making plans is something you do right now. It’s just like any other moment you must be awake for. Hold all the experiences in your embrace of right now, including your thoughts and plans for your beautiful future.

3. Appreciation:

If we’re talking about creation laws and mindfulness, it seems obvious that we should include gratitude. Gratitude right now opens the portal for new things to be grateful about.

Gratitude is something you can’t help but feel right now. You can’t plan on being grateful. It happens right now. Even as you think, “I’ll be so grateful when…,” in your feeling body, you will feel that gratitude. You’ll feel that gratitude in advance. And through your grateful feelings, you will have started to move those future images, “inner” images to the “outer” images in the world. This concept is the foundation of many creation laws.

Gratitude is also a tool to keep you inside of right now, with love no less. Gratitude is an expression of love. Gratitude is a perfect tool for presence and opens the doors of the future. And you’ll always appreciate that future like you appreciate now.

So gratitude is a way to marry both concepts because you feel now, you think about later, and it opens up doors of abundance, bringing more of what you’re grateful for because of where you placed your attention of right now, which circles back to #1 above and the rule of quality focus.

You can’t plan to feel grateful, you just do. (Unless you take the free course below, and yes you’ll have a whole gratitude plan!):


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