How to Remember Unity: Loving Ourselves Back into One

We are one. But right now, the Us vs. Them part of human nature is stronger than ever, causing all kinds of dysfunctions in our world.

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The illusion of separation has served us well. Otherwise, our experience in this world would be very confusing. There would be no way to tell you apart from me, and so my experience would not be mine, and there would be no personal emotions or education for my soul (which is the same stuff as your soul, a drop of the same ocean).

The veil of separation (made by our brains) is what causes our individual experiences. And experience and education are what we are here for, as souls on earth. So I’m thankful for the veil. I’m thankful for that part of perception.

But it has caused a lot of fear. We don’t realize how vast we are or that we are all the same thing. We’ve forgotten this, and so we think we are small little things in the middle of this huge universe. How can such a small, little thing survive in such a large universe? All alone?

Life gets lonely this way, based on this illusion of being separate. We feel sad in our supposed disconnect.

And because we seem separate, this causes us to fear the other. They are surely different because they seem so different. Others seem like strangers though they are you—though they are the same exact Spirit energy.

We know we need others, but we’re also aware of how scared the others are too. Since fear begets pain, we know that they can hurt us. And they can. They surely can—and they often do.

The veil, the illusion of separation leads to fear and pain. Perhaps, though, that is what we are here to experience so that we may find and enjoy the contrast.

The contrast experience to fear and pain—is love and joy. Love and joy are the cause and effect of unity. Love brings us into unity again, and joy is the aftermath of this unity. I think our collective mission is to love ourselves back into unity.

On a Personal Level:

You have so many different parts of you. You’ve got all your personality parts. You’ve got your 5 energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental, wisdom and bliss). You’ve got your mind and your body and your emotions. You’ve got your chakras. You’ve got your creative Spirit. And the clear, calm center of consciousness at the middle of it all.

Loving yourself into unity is bringing all the parts of you together. Paying attention to and caring for all of these parts and fostering equality among them. Listening and feeling all of you, all the parts of you and accepting everything.

That’s so important. If you’re a person like me who thinks a lot, your inner wisdom from your body probably doesn’t get heard a whole lot. There’s an imbalance there, and we have to try make sure all of you is loved.

Bring your light to all of you. In every moment. Start to unify yourself so there is no conflict within. Talk to all the fear. Hold and comfort it. Then be sure to let it go. Give objective attention to your pain and all the crazy things it says too. Accept and comfort your pain too, but be sure to free the pain like you freed the fear.

Love the parts of you that you’ve been pushing away or even hating. The lazy part, the angry part, the ignorant part, the selfish part, whatever it is you have not been integrating into your consciousness.

Try not to judge yourself for being human. Pain and fear and doing things out of pain and fear is just being human. And we’re all the same. We’re all perceiving ourselves as separate, even though it’s one quantum field.

The only way to strive for peace within is to forgive and love yourself. You’re doing the best you can with what you’ve been given to handle. You are just here experiencing this world, and in thinking you’re separate, you have operated out of these two negative experiences of fear and pain.

It was natural. And it’s okay.

BUT the good news is that now we know better. We can collect all the parts of us in a loving embrace. Even the parts of us that we think we hate, that we think are ugly, that we wish would go away or cooperate. Mental parts, bodily parts, emotional parts, parts with bad habits, etc.

Unify and integrate yourself. Work with your shadow. Shine light into your darkness. Meditation is a great way to call a meeting with all of you, to allow an opportunity to shine light on any dark and forgotten parts.

It’s a perfect way to rest in your Spirit and love everything that shows itself in your experience while you’re sitting. Let the ugly thoughts come. Let the good thoughts come. Let the whole spectrum of emotions rise up.

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    Hint: If you’re judging anything in your outer world, that means you have inner work to do. The way your world looks right now is a direct result of what’s going on inside you.

    So that’s the first place we should look. How am I contributing to this? What do I need to do on the inside? What is it that this event or circumstance represents that’s going on within?

    What can I heal within that will hasten the healing in the outside world?

    On a Universal Level:

    Life is crazy right now. Politics are crazy. People are crazy.

    Since when do you need to be either blue or red? People are so rigid about their beliefs. As if what they mentally believe is somehow a part of who they are, and if they change their minds, then they will surely die because so much of their personality is based on this long-held belief.

    Because we all feel so alone in our illusion of separation, we want to join tribes. Then, when we do join a tribe out of fear of being alone, it’s Us vs. Them.

    Hate comes in (as a result of fear and a way to strengthen identity) and we’re off to the races. We hate y’all, y’all hate us. The ego is winning. Separation is winning, and we have no idea we are becoming more isolated from our own selves. We have no idea we’re ripping our own beings apart.

    The more entrenched we get in our ideas and beliefs, in believing we’re 100% right, and the other side is wrong, the more limited our lives. We have torn off the other arm. Life is so limited. Our ability together as a whole is more limited.

    We build walls and parties, and we have no idea that we need each other. It’s like your lungs trying to block off your heart. We are one body, and if you block one group of people, you ruin the rest.

    Because, in truth, and in actual science, we are one. We complete each other and complement each other. In trying to reaffirm our identities and tribes, we have essentially blocked wisdom, understanding and love.

    There can be no joy in that. Without love, there is no joy.

    When you condemn one, you condemn all.

    Everything is so contentious right now. People are not trying to understand each other at all. And worse, no one is letting themselves think more freely or clearly. If no one’s thinking independently, then everyone will be ruled by one tribe or the other, and there’s no freedom in that.

    There’s no room for Spirit in that. When we open our minds, Spirit is allowed to flow in.

    When we resist judgment and try to understand differences, we are opening our hearts, and that’s another door for Spirit to come in.

    And Spirit feels so good! Love and joy abundant. More energy, more clarity, and we are not imprisoned by old ideas and beliefs. We are not as hard or as cold.

    The secret to opening your mind and heart is being willing to be wrong, which is bringing a slight death to the ego, which is good. Be willing to be wrong. Give up your righteousness and watch yourself expand.

    This is where we make the other person feel seen and heard. This is where other people matter. This is where judgment drops and love rushes in. We look for what they can teach us, how we can bless them and lift them up a little bit (even if they voted for a different candidate)—no matter who it is.

    If you can trust and believe that we are all one thing (the quantum field, which is not spirituality but science), that we are all children of God, then mentally you are ready to drop judgment and start loving people very different from you.

    Put yourselves in other people’s lives for a moment. Think of how they were raised, what they might have been through. Then send them love instead of hate or judgment. It’s that simple.

    And I need this advice right now too. Judging someone for judging is the same thing. That’s just ego reacting to ego. Ego is judgment. Spirit is love. Let’s be Spirit.

    When someone acts like an ass to me, sometimes I have the strength and discipline to imagine that something very sad, scary and painful has happened to them. And I know logically that it probably has, and it doesn’t matter if it happened a few seconds ago or years ago. They are also under the illusion of separation, like a scared, hurting child.

    For example, when we are judging someone for their political stance which is probably very different from ours, we have to look at the fact that they have been brainwashed by this tribal mentality in an effort to find unity once again, such as they felt before they were born.

    On top of this, we have to look at any ways we ourselves are brainwashed. We have to look honestly and truly because it can be humiliating and shameful to realize when we’ve been brain-trained, trained to think a certain way. No one wants to think their mind is that weak that they can be brainwashed. We’re human, and our brains are that weak…and are that selfish.

    But the truth is that all of us are brainwashed a bit, in one way or another (sometimes a lot). As humans, we’re here to learn. So brainwashing is a natural occurrence in a mind that takes things in like a sponge.

    When you realize that both you and the other person are brainwashed, you can bring compassion to both of you. It’s a sad thing to have been trained to think like a tribe. It’s easy to feel for someone who’s fallen in with a tribe in order to escape loneliness, sadness, fear and increase chances of survival.

    That’s why I think the two-party political system is doomed. It’s so restrictive to free thinking. Why does everyone have to be one or the other? There can be no conversation, no understanding or wisdom if we are labeling like that, dividing ourselves into teams without thinking, if we are just blindly adopting ideals because we have put on a blue or red name tag.

    It helps to know where this tribal mentality comes from—because we’re all arriving from that fearful place, recognizing that we need each other. It can feel really awful to know that you’ve played a part in the further separation in all of our souls.

    All we need to do, though, is look at our shared humanity. We all love, we all fear, we all feel pain, we all feel joy. We’re sharing this experience here on earth. So let’s talk about it. Let’s drop our judgments about each other and our convictions about our beliefs.

    Let’s inspect ourselves and why we think what we think. Let’s feel more instead of thinking so much. Let’s recognize we’re made of the same stuff, the same Spirit. If we feel more of the Spirit, we will feel more of each other.

    Get into the body. Feel the one coursing Soul that animates all things including the person who frustrates you the most.

    We will know we are not alone, that we don’t need these battling tribes to assert our identities. Because our identity will be love, which is alive in everyone.

    Love everyone you see. Look at them, recognize the love in them, the light that enlivens their bodies. Listen to them if it’s appropriate. Don’t judge them, especially if they are brainwashed. Just send them your loving energy as best as you can. You will get better and better with more practice.

    Compassion is key if they are imprisoned by their beliefs. Feel for their fear. You know it doesn’t feel good.

    Do the same for your own Self. Forgive your mind for its righteousness and smile at the world. Let’s do our parts to re-unify the world with love.

    Send them what you’ve got. Give it away and more will be returned to you. If you don’t understand someone, you’ve got to do this. Let the energy flow from you. Re-connect yourself. Love is the invisible force we use to connect us all back into unity.

    Let this energy flow from your heart. Make them feel better when they leave your presence. Even if it’s a silent blessing, or an imagined energy shooting from your center to theirs. Especially if they are different from you, especially if they are in a different supposed tribe.


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