How to Spark Fresh Life: 3 Ways to Take Your Cues from Nature

This winter was interesting. Let’s just say I learned a lot and leave that there.

So I’m more than eager to welcome the sun and the birds and the flowers and the sneezing. Spring has never looked so good.

Thinking about this notion of new life and fresh starts, I always thought only about nature that way. Not myself. After all, I’m just same old me. I’m not laying eggs or pollinating or budding toward the sun.

how to spark fresh life_ 3 ways to take your cues from nature.png

But you know what? Maybe I am.

Well, I’m not laying actual eggs or actually, physically budding, but I believe I am, in some way, blooming. I am no different from nature, and I take my cues from nature during this time. Because she’s going crazy, and I like crazy.

There are a million ways to blossom during this time. Nature abundant can teach you in endless ways how to welcome fresh life, but these are the ones I’ve been thinking about lately:

1. You have to start exactly where and who you are:

All the stuff is blooming exactly where it bloomed last year. The flowers are giving to the insects around them, growing right where they are.

Sure, there might be a random flower here or there where a seed was transported, but all the trees and plants and even animals and birds are starting to bring new life right where they are.

This is important to think about if you’re pissed off about your surroundings at this point. You can’t go anywhere without using the soil you’ve got, without blooming where you are.

We’ve all heard the term, “Bloom where you are planted.” This is true on a metaphysical level. You can’t flower, rise up, and move forward without loving, receiving and giving to your surroundings, right where you are.

This is speaking to the One Day syndrome. One day, I’ll do this. One day, I’ll be that. Well, one day is a mirage unless you look around and enjoy where you are.

This is a realist’s conviction: be thankful for right now, exactly as your life looks. Especially if you’re struggling. Because if you’re struggling, you’re learning so much right now, and it’s all for you. Enrich the soil around you first, fragrant the air of you atmosphere with your spirit.

One other thing, you’re amazing. I’m just letting you know that. Because of just being alive and surviving the things you have, you’re a brilliant spark of star, and so it’s time to be proud of who you are. And in that respect, what you have and where you are.

So open up to any kind of sunshine you’ve got going on in your life. Drink from the scant raindrops that come to you. Celebrate every little thing in your surroundings, even the stuff that doesn’t look good to you. You’re learning, my friend. It’s all an education. Soon, you’ll fly and you’ll want to have the skills that right now is teaching you.

The best way to become conscious of your surroundings, to look around you with love and appreciation and grow from there is gratitude. There is nothing like it for the hurting soul, and we’re all hurting.

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    2. Stop thinking so much:

    So here is where I can tell you that I struggle. I think, oh man, do I think. I’m an over-thinker to the max.

    But here’s the problem with that: it’s same old stuff. Over and over again. With everything running on repeat, on a loop, I won’t be able to get any new fresh stuff working for me.

    It’s about making space between the thoughts. This requires way more effort than #1 up there because it requires discipline to stay mindful. The only way to create space in the mind is to look at it. How often do you pay attention to your thoughts?

    Let’s all be honest in answering that question. Most of us aren’t walking around asking, “What am I thinking about? What’s my next thought?”

    No. We’re letting the thoughts inhabit us like puppets.

    No more! Look at how thought-free nature is. The grass just grows. No effort, no thinking about it. The flower just blooms, it doesn’t have to talk about blooming, it just does. The bird sings. It doesn’t worry if it’s off-pitch, and so they always sing perfectly, calling to each other in love.

    This takes a lot of attention to wake up to your thoughts. But once you do, POOF. They are gone. They hide from you. Go ahead, and ask yourself, “What is my next thought?” Then look and listen for it.

    Nothing there, is there? Nothing but expansion for your mind. A space where there was no space. And nature abhors a vacuum. Nature, the Creator will put something magnificent there if you just keep making space. Like you would make space in your closet for new clothes.

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    Receive this free email course to join my email list for free yoga classes, weekly meditations, updates, mindfulness tips, holistic nutrtion information + ideas, offers, and discounts on SR products. No annoyances, just quality. We never want to be junk mail to you. We only want to uplift you every now and then. Unsubscribe at any time if it's no longer cool with you.


      3. Let it all fly:

      I’m not just talking about birds or bees or pollen. I’m talking about everything.

      Get out all that crap that you need to get out of you. Write in a journal. Sit down with a therapist or a loved one. Tell someone how you feel. Let the stuff fly.

      Express yourself, friend! Let it go! Creatively, emotionally, verbally. Have a good cry. Tell the truth. Start painting again. Start dancing again.

      This one is all about expression. Whatever’s inside you is there to be let out into the world. That’s why it’s there. I promise, it will be okay if you let it go. But if you don’t express it, it will eat you alive. And in whatever painful form it chooses: thyroid issues, heart issues, depression, chronic inflammation. and even cancer.

      Not trying to scare you there. I just don’t want you to be silenced. I want you to scream out in rage, tell the story and get it out of you and onto paper, even if no one ever sees it. I want you to tell the truth about what you want. I want you to do what you want to do, ask for the help you need.

      Go on and take up space. Get loud and be proud about it.

      This also pertains to love. Don’t hold in your gifts. Don’t hold back compliments and words of kindness. Don’t miss one opportunity to tell someone they are wonderful and mean the world to you. Don’t let a moment of service slip by.

      Don’t hold your energy in, and let it grow negative and stagnant. Let your energy flow in a positive motion forward. More and more will be given to you to give. It will become more and more plentiful.

      Send strangers, acquaintances, friends, loved ones, even random people in a restaurant or on a highway your love, just shooting positive energy to them, wishing them well. Don’t hold this back.

      You won’t run out of this positive, loving energy if you’re also giving it to you, taking good care of yourself with self-love.

      You have an abundance of loving energy to give (even when you’re tired). Believe in your own limitlessness and just let it fly. Give it to everyone, even the people you think don’t deserve it. Especially the people you think don’t deserve it.

      Give whatever you can. Give the truth. Give your energy. Give your time. Give your gifts. Give kind words. Create something beautiful or useful. Express your emotions.

      No one likes to stand in stagnant water. And you’re 60% H2O, darling.

      Nature holds nothing back, Neither should we. Show your colors, let your scent out, let your truth and all your little creations and love go.

      Comment below to add more to this! Would love to hear from you!

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