How To Say I Trust You and Take It

Life has gotten dicey as of this week. I don't know what this means for me and my life and the super blue blood big bad moon eclipse, but let's just hope it doesn't mean anything.

Ready for my list of complaints? Cue the violins:

I'm sick and so is my baby. My oldest one is home from school today because the other didn't go. My husband has meetings and business stuff to tend to. I feel weak and achey with two children to care for. 

Our dog is not doing well. He's old and can't get up by himself.

My husband and I are both in beginning stages of running our own businesses, and you can imagine what that's like. Financial risks, financial uncertainties, hard work with not much help. 

BUT I found some peace today. While both children are safely slumbering in their beds, I am writing to you to say that sometimes life has to squeeze you through a scratchy, jagged hole to get to the other side, out into the fresh air and sunlight. Sometimes you have to be sanded down to get into a beautiful shape. Maybe what your coal needs is some fire. 

So now that I'm done complaining about my life to you, my mom, my friends and my husband, let me just say to life: I trust you, and I take it. 

I look back on some hard times from my past (like we all have), and I can tell you that my life today benefits from every single heartbreaking, scary, painful, jaw-dropping experience.

I can think of one experience in particular in which I almost lost someone I love very much. Our relationship changed in drastic ways, in wonderful ways after that experience. And today, I count it among my most blessed blessings. But I also remember the sleepless nights, the hard work, the tears and worry, the extreme fear. 

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Without that experience, my life right now would be completely different because that relationship would be completely different. It would not be as rich or fun or happy. And I do have a happy life, when I'm not on a bad roll. I feel thankful for that relationship and everything else that has made my life the beauty that it is. 

For instance, I gave natural childbirth to a 9 pounds, 11 ounces baby. It was so intense, I was hyperventilating. I was so scared. My husband was scared, they put an oxygen mask on my face, flipped me on my side, and then BOOM: the most beauitful, precious boy in the world is in our world, and he's one of the two best things to ever happen to us. But it wasn't pretty, the whole thing from pregnancy to way after birth was not pretty. A good two years of up-and-down hormones and sickness and hard-ass work. 

But there he is, laughing and clapping his chubby, little, marshmallow hands. 

Everything I've been through has made life better, either in the very long run or in the short run or even the damn medium run. 

All of these events and experiences required me to take it. It was only more painful if I resisted the taking of it. The older I get, the better I get at taking it from life, from the universe, from God. Because, and though it's hard to grasp in the throws of woes, I know that it's a good thing. Some way, somehow, it's for a good reason. Even if I never figure out what that good reason is. 

There's something that helps you to take it: trust. Even in the midst of your tears, even if you have to say it in your mind for the rest of your life: I trust you. I trust you, Creator. I trust you, God. I trust you, Life. I trust you, All. I trust you, Mother. I trust you, Love. I trust you, My Sweet Lord. 

Trust. Even on the hardest, saddest days. Trust on the worst days. Those are the days you need trust more than ever. And once you have said it through your fury or fatigue or sadness or whatever, and you really mean it, then you suddenly feel better. You drop your illusion of control. With trust, the burden is a little lighter. Just stay present in the eye of the storm, let it pass and wait for the gifts. 

Trust is not super easy to come by, especially when you feel like you're in hell. What's needed for it to happen is a connection to Spirit, a direct line between you and the Divine. Two simple ways to create connection: gratitude and meditation/prayer. 

Gratitude, the more you use it, drastically improves your relationship with the Spirit. Imagine what happens when you show appreciation and praise to a loved one: that connection gets tighter, the light gets brighter between the two of you. Everyone wants to be seen and appreciated, especially the One who is in everyone. 

Plus, the more you use gratitude in your daily life, the more communication, and everybody knows that communication improves relationships. 

Then there's the meditation and prayer. I always say that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. This is the kind of daily communicating that was powerful in some of the hardest, most challenging lives I've studied or personally known. 

Meditation, I believe, is especially powerful in the same way that listening is, most of the time, more powerful than talking in a conversation. And it's a much harder feat, just as listening is much harder than talking sometimes. So it's good to have some practice to actually create the practice. I had a hard time making a habit of it so I created a little plan, and you can use it too:

It's important not to resist challenges and pain. Resistance creates negativity and more pain. The important thing is that everything works out for the best. Life is happening in your favor. What's happening now is beautifying your soul, making you stronger, making you smarter, you know this. 

It's hard to know it when you're going through it, but trust helps you to know that, and makes the weight more bearable. And gratitude + meditation/prayer makes the connection strong, which makes the trust at its utmost.

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Comment below about your worst days and how you pulled through, how it ended up blessing you in some way. OR shout out if you're going through a hard time right now and then let me know if this helps you at all!

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