Invoke Your Creativity: 7 Steps to a Creative Life

When I talk about invoking creativity, I'm not just talking to artists. Well, actually, I am. Because we are all artists. Every single one of us is creating a life. We can do anything that we do with artistry and creativity, whether we are dancers, moms, dads, painters, lawyers, accountants, writers, waiters, or managers. 

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You're not the creative type? I've got news for you: by the very fact that you're alive means that you are creative because you were made by a creative force, a Creator, which means you are a piece of that Creator which means you are creative.

This is what the Bible refers to when it says, "made in the image and likeness of God." We are in the imagination of the universal force and we are just like that force. We are vibrating and loving and creating as God does. One with God because of love. 

I could go down a rabbit hole with this, but I won't. We're talking about creativity today. 

You are constantly co-creating your world with your vibe, with your thoughts and feelings, whether you know it or not. Whether you believe it or not. 

So we might as well be a little bit more direct about it. We might as well direct our energies toward what we exactly want. We might as well create a beautiful life, full of love.

Some of us are actively creating things: works or art, houses, businesses, projects, families. Some of us are actively trying to invoke concrete creativity, looking for inspiration, asking for guidance, pleading with the muses. This post is for you too. This post is for all of us. 

Some of us need creativity as a way of survival, as a way to emerge out of something dark, sad and debilitating. When bad depression seeps into our lives, something is out of whack. Something is not right. 

I'll speak to this for a moment: the direction in which you press your Spirit has everything to do with how freely you live. Oppression: when someone else presses your Spirit down. Depression: when you, yourself, press your own Spirit down for whatever reason. Expression: when you let your energy and Spirit out, when you let it flow outward (this is the way it's supposed to go).

Energy has to move and flow. And you are in charge of pressing it where it needs to go. If you press it down, it will mess a lot of things up for you. We have to allow it to come out. It must move. That is the nature of energy. 

Spirit must release out into the world. Stagnant energy is what creates all kinds of issues in the mind and body. Stuck, stagnant, imprisoned Spirit energy can get so rotten that it messes with your chemicals, imbalances your hormones, messes up your digestion, and can even lead to disease. 

There are bound to be lots of reasons for lack of expression: we don't want to rock the boat, we have major self-doubt, we don't think we deserve to speak our truths, we are private and don't want people to know what's inside of us, we aren't 'the creative type.'

Or it could be as simple as someone once told us, a long time ago, not to talk so much. Maybe someone said that we should keep quiet, not talk about every little thing. Maybe we were silenced. This is a subtle form of oppression. 

If any kind of oppression happened to you, I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry it happened to you. I think it's happened at varying degrees to all of us. "Don't cry. Stop talking." Or someone told you that you couldn't do this or do that, so you didn't even try. 

We have to work on forgiving people for any kind of oppression we received, whether from individuals or society, whether implied and explicit.

Because resentment can only hold you back. It's too much energy that we're wasting when we resent someone for oppressing us. We could be releasing that energy instead of holding on to it. Not forgiving only leads to more depression. It hurts us even more.

Releasing any kind of resentment for past silencing is itself expression. Pressing out the energy, letting it flow. Just let that go. Those who hurt you were dysfunctional. Live right now. 

And then there's the worst kind of oppression. Maybe you are someone who is being oppressed by a government. Perhaps, you or your ancestors were systematically oppressed by a government or society or a culture. I'm so sorry for your silence, for your people's imposed silence. 

But you are so important. We need your voice, whoever you are. We need your Spirit energy, your soul expression. We need your creativity, whether you lead an expressive and actively creative life, or you have been pressing your energy down and feel depressed, or whether you have oppressed in some way. 

If you're alive and breathing and reading this, it's time to create. It's time to express. But how to do this? It sounds beautiful so let's take some real steps toward living a creative life, no matter what you do or who you are.

7 Steps to a Creative Life:

1. Get still and quiet:

Whenever you have a thought, you are having a mental contraction. The spaces between your thoughts are pure openness. It's like a muscle you contract and then release. Only this muscle is one that seems to never stop.

Our mind muscles are very strong now, and we can't stop the contractions it seems, just like the heart. 

Contractions are good. We need strong minds and hearts. BUT during the space between the contractions, we receive a hell of a lot of light and love and inspiration. Step 3 talks about this more in depth, but right now, it's about being still first.

What will it takes for us to just sit still and watch? Meditation. Being still and quiet and just watching your thoughts. When you watch your thoughts, they pop like bubbles into nothingness. And then it's space, pure and free and open.

This is called the field of pure potentiality. When you have reached this spaciousness in meditation, any kind of inspiration is possible. 

Thoughts might come, but we notice the thoughts and let them go. Spaciousness and light again. Keeping that watchful third eye on everything that happens in your mind. Enjoying and lengthening the spaces between your mental contractions. 

That's when intuition and insight happen. You'll know the different between a thought and inspiration because inspiration happens like a lightning bolt, and there is a higher vibration that fills you up. 

Maybe you have asked a question, consciously or subconsciously and now you know the answer. Maybe there is an undertaking meant for you that only you can do and BOOM, in the space and clarity of your mind, made possible by meditation, you have received your quest, God-given, soul-inspired. 

You know it's not just another thought. Because it came while you were completely awake, in meditation, while you were watching out for thoughts. It laid itself out in that bright, spacious field of pure potentiality. 

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    2. Try to observe and let the resistance go:

    There's something that is going to confront you when you try to do anything worthwhile. ANYTHING. Whether it be your job, your family, even making friends or washing the damn dishes. 

    It's called resistance. My thinking is that it's a function of your ego. Because your ego (and other people's egos) fear Spirited action, or right action. Your ego fears action from the Spirit because your Spirit gains more loving control this way. Your Spirit grows when you take on challenges, projects, dreams or goals, or even when it's time to clean up a little bit (because when you're done cleaning up, you move on to the next thing).

    The ego resists any form of creativity because it knows you will grow in consciousness, and it will be seen eventually. And then it will no longer run the show. 

    It's the emotion of fear in many forms that causes resistance. You are afraid of the greatness of your Spirit, or at least your little you is afraid. 

    It does this through a number of ways, depending on what needs to be done, expressed:

    • Procrastination: "You can do this later." OR "I'll take care of this less important thing first and I'll get to that eventually."

    • Distraction: "I'll look at my phone for 20 minutes instead." OR "I should write but I'll just watch TV."

    • Negativity in any form: "Why is it raining? I hate this rain." OR in a blaming sort of way: "He ruined my life. I'm ruined." "You've ruined my day. I won't get anything done."

    • Straight-up self-sabotage or self-doubt: "You aren't talented." "You don't have a right to do this." "You don't have the credentials or experience to take this on."

    Watch this little voice in your head. Later, we'll actively deal with it. But for now, you need to watch this little demon and stare him down. He doesn't want you to grow. He's not bad, even though I called him a demon. He just wants to protect you and himself. He has his necessary role for our perception and identity in this world, but when it comes to creating your life, he should not have a say. 

    So don't listen to the resistance anymore. Keep mindfulness going strong. Keep a watchful eye on what your little voice says to you and look right at it and know that it's just fear. 

    Mindfulness will be key for this. Being watchful and present and awake as much as possible. This will be key to hearing the voice of resistance. 

    Shine your light on this darkness. Bring all these resisting tendencies to the light, and you're on your way. It's time to stop listening and obeying the ego. It's time to start hearing it and letting it go. 

    Not every thought you think is true. Most of them might not be true, actually. You don't have to believe and obey every single thought, in other words. 

    3. Soften and open: 

    This is a general instruction. This is meant for all of you: your body, mind, heart and soul. Soften and open your body. Soften and open your heart to everything around you.

    Defy resistance by saying yes to everything. EVERYTHING. Traffic, hard conversations, pain, fear (but you don't have to say yes to the voice of resistance or ego). We say yes and accept life in whatever form it makes for us in the present moment. 

    We do this because when we resist life, we have to harden and contract. Resistance is a pushing away of life. And there is an obscene amount of inspiration and information out there, meant for your good, even in so-called unwanted situations. 

    When we harden and contract, we are closed off from Spirit. Nothing can flow in or out. No giving or receiving, which is what life is all about. We can't receive what's ours to take in.

    This lierally means hardening and contraction: tense shoulders, neck and jaw (my jaw is tight all the damn time), tense stomach, chest and hands. This means a lot of thinking and judging (hard, contracted mind and heart energy). This means we are closed off from Life, from God.

    When we resist the present moment, we also spend a lot of energy pushing it away. This is exhausting. We could be using this energy to create our lives. We are wasting our energy swimming upstream. Just let the water take you, let the current move you. 

    This is the definition of negativity: pushing energy inward, swimming upstream against the current, resisting what is.

    When we accept life and even try to love it unconditionally, we soften and open. We give and receive. We receive information and inspiration from Spirit. We receive a lot more than that in the exterior world. 

    In the end, it transforms your vibe and the messages you send out into the world.

    A good way to soften and open, to let go of resistance and negativity is to focus on all the good in your life and even have radical gratitude for the things that don't or haven't looked so good to you. 

    Gratitude refines your vibration, takes you to new heights for new insights. It softens the heart, the mind and by the positive nature of it, even your body. 

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    Given to you with nothing but love. For real.


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      4. Get active and move it out:

      Sometimes, it's hard to move past the junk that holds us back. There's a lot of pain, fear in the form of resistance and we just feel stuck.

      You might even feel buried inside yourself. Underneath all the stuff. And you can't really express yourself creatively because you feel heavy, like all your good gifts for the world are stuck underneath everything you've been holding back for years. 

      Whatever the stuff is, there's a way to move it out. 

      Sometimes that stuff is actually physical. Pain turns into a physical energy in your body. OR sometimes there's just too much STUFF on you, physically. I'm not talking about being overweight, which needs to be addressed in its own right. I'm talking about weight and heavy energy that holds you back (and it might in the form of too much fat).

      Physically, we need to move. We need to get that stuff off. We need to get that stuff out. Walk, run, yoga, aerobics, move it out.

      I love to sprint and walk. That's what I've discovered is my preferred form of exercise. Maybe you like to swim or play tennis. Find your physical activity and do more of it. 

      THEN it's time to get that stuff mentally out. Write it down. Start writing. I don't mean that you need to become a writer. I mean get a journal out, or open a blank document on your computer, and stream-of-consciousness write. Write out your resistance thoughts. Work through them with yourself. Let the hot and cold talk it out. 

      Get your thoughts out. It doesn't have to be pretty. It just has to be free. Delete the document, tear up the page if you want to when it's over. 

      Write it out. Work out your hurt and your fear. Confront them on the page. Bring them into the light of the glow of your computer or lamplight over your journal. Get that stuff out of your mind and heart and onto the page. 

      Then you are free to burn it.

      When it comes to releasing deep beliefs, taking the burden off your spirit, you should really consider professional therapy. I believe in professional help. To talk to someone and express yourself in a safe place.

      Everyone who is living in this world should have a therapist of some sort. This is my belief. I know that right now it's a luxury, a privilege. But everyone needs it. It is one of my dreams that everyone get access to mental care. 

      5. Pay attention to the top 4 chakras:

      Give special attention to the top 4 chakras: the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown chakra. 

      Chakras are energy centers in our subtle, energetic body. They spinning wheels of energy that can get blocked or overstimulated. 

      The energy channel along the spine is actually the spectrum of Spirit color and sound from deep red to indigo like a rainbow so each chakra has a color and sound. Use these to meditate and bring attention to these 4 chakras. 

      The Anahata chakra is located in the center of your chest. You visualize your attention here in green, saying the work LAM. Lam is the universal mantra for the heart chakra and green is its color.

      Love and compassion are the functions of this energy center, and love is needed to power up any creative endeavor. You can't do anything worthwhile without love being the reason. Love and compassion will give your work and life a truth, a depth. Do it for love. Open the heart chakra. 

      The Visshuda chakra or throat chakra's color is blue, and its universal mantra is HAM. So meditate on this, touching your throat, bringing your attention there, visualizing the energy at your throat chakra in blue, saying the mantra. 

      Truth and expression are the functions of the throat chakra. This is the chakra that powers up the release of your creativity and makes it authentic. 

      The Ajna chakra or third eye is ultra important. Its color is indigo and its mantra is OM. As with the others, bring your attention to the space between our eyes and visualize an indigo glow, saying the mantra of OM. 

      This is the seat of imagination, insight and intuition. All the Is for come through your third eye. We need imagination to help us to see what's in the field of pure potentiality. Whatever we make for the world and ourselves, has to be made in the mind first. Imagination is upmost for that. 

      Then, lastly but most importantly, is the last and seventh chakra: the Sahasrara chakra or the crown chakra. It has no sound and its color is white light (so no color). Meditate on this chakra by bring your energy here, seeing and feeling the light emerging from the crown and connecting to Source Spirit and all that is. 

      This is the seat of enlightenment and connection to Source. When we are truly creative, we know that we are simply channels for the creativity of Spirit. The openness of the crown, connecting us to the All is necessary to be a true vessel of creativity. 

      6. Develop a mantra: 

      I just need to let you know something right here. I have a very simple, childlike mantra when self-doubt comes rolling into my mind. 

      "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." Ha! My boys' favorite bedtime story about the little engine that could. I've read it so much, and gratefully, it has seeped into my heart and mind. 

      And I have a sh++load of self-doubt and negative self-talk. As most of us do. We've already been working on seeing that resistance and negativty in real time with meditation and mindfulness of it (Steps 1 and 2). 

      Be ready for that imposter syndrome nonsense. Imposter syndrome is a made-up mental syndrome that is actually real. It's when your mind, your ego tells you that you're not worthy, good enough, talented enough to do anything. It's another form of resistance (see Step 2 above).

      Imposter syndrome even creep up and bite you even after you have succeeded and are receiving accolades for your work. It functions even after you've made it, sometimes stronger than ever. It wants to ensure this kind of growth of Spirit never happens again. 

      Be ready for it with a handy mantra. Something simple, but full of heart and purpose. Powerful words that rev you up, that help you to ignite your fire, fight back and stare that resistance in the eye. 

      Here are a few examples: 

      • "I am creating my life, and it feels so good."

      • "I am worthy. I am more than enough."

      • "I am backed by the power and creativity of God."

      • "I am doing it."

      • "I know I can do this."

      • "I have infinite power, light, love and inspiration."

      • "I can do this. I can do anything."

      • "I think I can."

      Make your own mantra. Write some mantra ideas down and pick one that is right for you. Let it be full of powerful words that invoke emotion for you. Then stare down that resistance and say your mantra right into the void created by your powerful light that melted the resistance. 

      The more you say the mantra, the more you believe it, the more powerful it becomes.

      7. Believe and know you are always being guided and loved, no matter what things look like:

      All this takes is looking at past, present and future and knowing that anything that has happened, is happening and will happen is for us. Because we are so loved.

      This belief, if you can really make it stick to your being, will help you to do the most powerful thing you can do in terms of creativity if you haven't already guessed what it is: release resistance and negativity. 

      This is the thing that's so important, and we can't do this without trust. Trust entails knowing that you are loved and that everything happens for the blossoming of your Spirit, for the growth and evolution of your soul. For the expansion of you love. As fuel for your creativity.

      Everything is material. Accept and use everything that comes into your life. As the saying goes, make lemonade. 

      Imagine you have little guides and angels around you wherever you go. They orchestrate things to happen for your best interest. And they are always whispering to you. To listen to them, you have to soften and open. You have to let the resisting thoughts go so you can hear what the guides all around you communicate to you. Subconsciously, through messages in the world, or literally through the voice of someone you're talking to.

      You are always being guided, helped. You are always being spoken to. You are always being loved and supported. Because you're so important, and the world needs your light, your work, your life, you love and your creativity. 

      You've got it all inside you, everything you need. I promise. It's just a matter of letting it out and keeping the flow strong by letting inspiration in too. In and out. Give and receive. Like breath.

      And at first there might be more to let go of. Let it out. You've got this. The whole universe supports you. 


      Comment below if you have more to add! Would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this!

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