Journey Through Your Bodies: The Annamaya Kosha

Yes, you have 5 bodies! Well, they are more like layers. They’re also called sheaths or koshas.

In truth, these layers interpenetrate each other in order to encase your Soul or Consciousness, whatever you call the Power that animates your body, mind, and heart. I call it the spark of God within (and sometimes Spirit). It’s the One Thing at the core of all of us, right? The clear, calm spaciousness of who we really are on a vibrational level.

It’s worth it to take the time to practice getting acquainted with each of the 5 bodies in an effort to finally touch your own soul, which is so necessary to live a wholehearted, authentic, and soulful life.

In fact, to become aware of any of your bodies is an extremely beautiful and life-changing process. To pay attention to all 5 (even if at different times) is a compelling thing to do for your Spirit, and as a consequence, for your life.

Everyone is completely unique when it comes to their bodies. And it’s worth it to become aware of your own unique energetic signature. The bodies are what make your special energetic signature.

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That’s why reading about the bodies can’t be the end of it. There must be the actual practice of paying attention, brining consciousness and healing to the specific body in question.

And that’s why this post series will have live components (join us on the Facebook group at 8 pm, CST on July 30, 2019 (Tuesday evening) for discussion of the food body and the actual, physical practice of becoming grounded in an unattached way to the Annamaya Kosha). Hint here: evening yoga.

It’s important to note that a lot of dysfunction in our lives comes from an overabundance of attachment or identity with one or more of the bodies. So while it’s important to become aware of the bodies, it’s also important to stay aware of our identifications and attachments to any one of the bodies. We’ll discuss more of that in the Facebook Live on Tuesday, July 30 at 8 pm, CST. (LIVE Food Body Practice at end of post).

1. The Physical Sheath:

Also called the food body because it's made of the food we eat. This is literally your body and every physical thing within it and happening in it. It’s the first body because we have to get through this one to get to the others. (They all interweave, but because of the skin, this is the first one to nourish, love and pay attention to).

This sheath is also called the Annamaya Kosha because “Anna” means food. If you are prone to injuries and accidents, you might not have enough consciousness of your food body. If you have any physical conditions (who doesn’t?) then your food body is in need of healing.

It’s not hard to guess that what you’re eating has a lot to do with the health and wholeness of the physical sheath. You are literally what you eat. What you eat becomes you - your skin, your organs, your brain, your heart. All of your systems depend on your relationship to your food body.

Getting to know this sheath means knowing what you need to eat, when you need to eat, when you need to drink water, when you need to rest, when you need activity. It means knowing and feeling your own physical energy, being able to feel yourself from within - all of which take time to do. 

We build an awareness of this sheath specifically through the practice of nutrition and yoga. Meditation can also be used to grow awareness in this body. 

Consciousness of the physical sheath means safety, less fear, feeling grounded, healthy systems, and being more easeful in your movements. It means a better immune system, a strong digestive system, and a calm and ready nervous system.

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