Journey Through Your Bodies: The Anandamaya Kosha

Or the Bliss Body. This is the closest sheath to the divine space within you, your pure Consciousness, which is just joy and pure light, which is Divine Spark--your soul, your Spirit Self.  

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Entrance into this body is a bit rare in this day and age for an adult. I’m not saying it’s impossible because it’s not. I’ve been into this body for goodness’ sake. If I can gain access to this layer, then I believe anyone can.

And I do believe everyone has been there…

The last time you might have been in touch with this sheath was when you were a child. At least, this is the case for many people. Unbridled joy, this sheath is your joy body, which has, since you were small, probably been obscured by the pain body.

The bliss body is worth finding again. Don't lose hope. If you request it, you will find it. Ask for the experience again. The childhood experience of it has most likely been forgotten, but I believe spontaneous contact with this sheath is a gift of love from Spirit, and Spirit loves you so - it’s willing and ready to give it.

You know you have found your bliss body when you feel abundant love and exhilarated. Many people have reached the bliss body again through meditation or prayer. It is deep connection and love with the Divine. It’s said to be the place where energy and space meet, where humanity and divinity embrace, where spirit and material marry.

It is the happy feeling that all is well, that life is abundant, that we are truly and deeply loved. You just know instinctively, or rather feel that all is love, and love is all there is. 

I've had the fortune of hitting the bliss body a number of times. It takes much practice, a development in your meditation and growing up to it, but it also takes a lot of letting go of trying to force yourself into the bliss body. And that's hard to do once you've experienced it. Because you'll try hard to get it again and again if you can't let go of expectations in your meditation (that's been my issue...over-trying).

You can't force an activation of the bliss body. You can't force contact. All you can do is ask for it, open to it, stay ready for it and work your way through the other sheaths.

It is necessary to access the other 4 before you can feel the bliss body. Feeling the bliss body is a gift, a grace. 

And below that, at your core, is the light of who you are - your soul, the Spirit within, vibrating, animating and loving you always.

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