Journey Through Your Bodies: The Manomaya Kosha

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The Manomaya Kosha or the mental sheath is in charge of the mind and all the automatic activities of the body - especially sensory input and automatic motor activities. It’s comprised of your thoughts, perceptions, images, interpretations, beliefs. It’s the seat of your imagination and the way you make sense of the world. 

It corresponds physically with your nervous system. But your mind is an entity that extends beyond that.

A person in a coma is active in the other bodies, but the manomaya kosha is inactive - to give you an idea of the responsibilities of this body. Manomaya means “body comprised of thoughts.” So this is the mind and all of its reflexive action. It’s all about the ability to perceive through the nervous system, and act from what you interpret.

Whereas the pranamaya kosha is always active from your first breath to your last, this sheath can be turned off. In a coma, the pranamaya kosha is breathing the lungs, and vibrating the energy field strongly from its swirling centers (maybe even more strongly because manomaya has been turned off).

Perhaps the most important thing to realize is that this is where we can find the ego. The little voice in the head that talks to you all the time. This ego is built by the fears, identifications, beliefs, assumptions and messages you received from your time being alive so far. 

Over-identification with this sheath is what a lot of people are dealing with today. Many people are reacting to their world, as opposed to co-creating in Spirit. Animals are also living from this perceptive-reflexive territory. We seem to be lost in our minds, overly stimulated.

We all think way too much. We are trying so hard.

The ego has a lot of momentum. And it has a lot of core beliefs, identifications and opinions from your upbringing and beyond--it thinks these core beliefs are saving you, protecting you from bad things happening.

It's not all bad. Some of those precautions and monkey mind thoughts might be right, but that should be up to the calm center, the soul to decide--with input from the ego. (Which leads us to our next sheath). But still, for the most part, the ego can keep one stuck and fearful.

Example: The ego thinks negative self-talk and self-doubt keep you out of trouble and failure. But this inside talk also keeps you from life, and you neglect to try new things or create the experiences your soul craves.

In this way, using mantra is especially beneficial for this sheath. This layer of you needs to be focused. And an affirmative mantra is very clearing and uplifting for the mind body.

Withdrawing from sensory experiences for the practice of meditation (also called pratyahara) is also wonderful for this layer of you.

Careful what you feed your manomaya kosha: everything, every sound, every spoken word, every other person’s words, every piece of music, and place you surround yourself with—this is all food for the mental sheath. Watch your surroundings and the words of the people around you. All of this is delivered into the mental sheath and cycles through your system in its energetic vibrations.

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