Journey Through Your Bodies: The Vijnanamaya Kosha

Welcome to the Wisdom Sheath or the Awareness Body or Vijnanamaya Kosha in sanskrit.

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Where the mental sheath is responsible for thoughts, putting the world together through interpretations, core beliefs and assumptions, the wisdom sheath or awareness body is responsible for insight, inspiration and intuition. This is the seat of conscience.

This layer of you allows you to know what is wrong and what is right without ever even reading a sacred scripture or having a guide to teach you. We know right from wrong naturally. This is revealed to us by this even deeper sheath which nudges you and gives you emotional nods toward your true north.

This body communicates to us constantly. We are only able to hear its communications through awareness. It requires a presence of mind and body. So basically this kosha is the ability to be aware of the three prior bodies.

Not all of us are always open and present for this communication, but sometimes, during a random moment of spaciousness, insight/wisdom seeps in, and we get the great gift of intuition.

Quick story: I have a painting that has been awkward in its place. One day I was walking by it, and it hit me that it needs to switch with a different work of art in a different room. This information did not come from my mind. It came from a deeper, more subtle place. It was a moment of inspiration, communication that did not come from my mind for sure. I wasn't thinking about the painting--it was an insight that came out of nowhere, hit me like a lightning bolt. 

This is small-scale example. Of course, there are more important instances wherein gifts from the wisdom sheath are more essential, like when deciding what you want out of life, whether or not to make a big life change, or what to do in a difficult situation.

So you can see how important this body is - within it, we have the ability to be awake to our lives, and to the communication that comes directly from your soul.

It's comforting to know that at some level of you, within one of your layers, you already know what to do. You already have the answers. All that you need to do is get still, present and silent enough to get out of the way so that your wisdom body can enlighten you. 

Beyond being the point of intuition and insight, it is also the place of observation and awareness. We reside in this body when we can truly look, feel and observe all the other sheaths. We can even become aware of the awareness body itself. Consciousness conscious of consciousness itself. 

This body is completely objective and calm - the observer, the witness of it all. It links and webs with all the other bodies, as they all do. 

Anyone with a weak compass (whether ethically, morally, logically, or spiritually) has a weak wisdom sheath or Vijnanamaya Kosha.

Meditation is so important for this sheath (and all the others).

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