Say You Want a Revolution

I need to change some things, some very vital ways I am showing up in my life. 

I need a revolution. 

What makes a revolution happen? An internal one. 

Pain. When there has been enough pain, you will finally change the way things are done. You will finally feel the pressure drop. You know the time has come to turn inward, to revolt. 

And I feel the pull. The pull inward, the turnaround. 

A personal revolution is a looking inward, a turning around. The problem is not out there. The problem is in here. We can project problems, we can judge, we can blame, we can act like victims...but there is no power in that. 

I need to reclaim my personal power. And it's as literal as touching my own energy field at the center of me--my power. Actually feeling, internally touching my power. It is inside me, and I can hold it. Physically. 

Keep it with me at all times.

It's internal attention. What are you feeling? What are you thinking? What are you saying? What are you doing?

Moment by moment. Hold the power. Keep watch on your soul. Take action from there. Do what feels powerful to you. Over and over again. Until the change is habitual. 

So you say you want a revolution? 

The power is in the hands of the people. The power is in you. Stay with it. Don't react--respond with the intention of your revolution. Turn your attention around, turn inward, and make the change happen from there. 

This could be so big. My revolution. Your revolution. For everyone. 

Liza JonesComment