This Personality Trait May Be Your Greatest Power + How to Strengthen It

All my life, I looked down on this quality of my personality, due to the culture around me. I felt exposed, like it was a weakness. People would comment on this trait in a negative way. Because I’m so sensitive, I could read their tones and feel their vibration about sensitivity.

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That’s why for so long, I rejected and suppressed and hated how sensitive I was. Too much pain, too much fear. But I started to miss out on the other side of those qualities—abundant joy and abundant love.

Things are different now. Now I think it’s a superpower: sensitivity. This is my tribute to the super-sensitives. May more people be more sensitive!

Recently at a family gathering, relatives were talking about how sensitive and emotional I was as a child. I spoke up proudly: “I’m still very sensitive and emotional, and I love it.”

Because I know what being sensitive means for a human. You have more access to the universe, in the form of yourself, all other people, nature and the world at large. Not in an obtrusive way, but I have clear access to much more as a sensitive person.

You may have heard of the highly sensitive person. Highly sensitive people truly have to deal with life differently. It’s a real thing. You can read all about HSP.

And a percentage of these people have really special gifts and really, really have to handle life differently. These even more highly sensitive people are often called empaths. I’m not one of those, but some of these people are what we call mediums. They are so sensitive, they can hear and see energies that many can’t.

But the majority of sensitive people are just highly sensitive.

If sensitivity is appreciated, honored, even honed, and not rejected, this could mean so many wonderful things for your life. Be proud of your high sensitivity, even if it means that it manifests in physical form too. High sensitivity could mean sensitive skin, teeth, eyes, sense of smell, etc. Most likely, if you’re a highly sensitive person, you will be sensitive in some physical way as well.

You may be an exposed nerve. You may not be able to handle places like Las Vegas. You may have to have long periods of rest and taking it easy, but trust me, your high sensitivity is a gift. You’re sort of like a super hero.

You’re a super-sensitive.

And if you’re not born way, if you’re not naturally super-sensitive, there are plenty of ways to get there. Everyone is sensitive. All it takes is exercising and strengthening your sensitivity. It’s possible to get there without having been born highly sensitive.

What are the ways that sensitivity can open doors for us? How can we use this superpower for our greatest good and in the best, most loving ways for the world? How can we strengthen it?

Here are some key acknowledgments and tips about being a super-sensitive:

1. You can hear minds and thoughts:

Whoa. Got off to a weird start there. But I’d like to suggest something even weirder here: Everyone knows what everyone else is thinking. Yes, I said it.

Everyone can hear your thoughts. People around me can hear what I’m thinking, or can at least see it by the subtle ways that I act, even if I’m the best actress in the world. People are aware of more than you know.

(Maybe it’s time to clean up our minds and make them a little more beautiful if people can see what’s going on in there).

But super-sensitives? We know exactly what you’re thinking, and we don’t need to watch your behavior. The mind is way more open to receive the thought of another through the ether. So everyone knows other people’s thoughts, but sensitives have a clear dictation.

Be careful what you think around a super-sensitive. There might be a slight time delay. But subconscious and even conscious thoughts are revealed always to the super-sensitive, even if those thoughts have to follow the super-sensitive home.

One time I realized someone’s thoughts after I got home from a party. The delay happened, I think, because I had been drinking.

So alcohol does not hone sensitivity. I’ve tested it.

They also have clearer access to their own minds and thoughts too. Again, it’s worth it to clean up what’s going on in there. The imagination in a super-sensitive is strong, and this is one of the most fantastic things about being one.

It’s worth it to spend time inside your mind, to get still, to get to know yourself. Meditation is huge for super-sensitives, not only because of the quiet and major moments of inspiration and connection, but because it’s the best workout for sensitive people.

Sensitive people can get really stirred up. They need meditation to calm, de-stress, and come back down to earth.

Here’s my big-ass tip for honing sensitivity: meditate. Or at least do yoga which is moving meditation. Or just get quiet and be without doing anything (ha, that’s meditation).

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    And the imagination leads to feeling and emotions…

    2. Feel more and become a braver person:

    Being a sensitive person has its challenges. It certainly means feeling more, of course. Your access to the range of emotions in the universe is unlimited. And that means more pain and fear. Most super-sensitives don’t have an easy way of holding that in. But some might be able to conceal more easily than others.

    I think this is why a lot of people hate their sensitivity. They cry a lot. If they know what’s good for them. Emotion is e-motion, energy in motion. It’s feeling that has to move. People who feel a lot have to let those feelings go to keep the system clear—crying is a natural way to move the energy out. Screaming is also a great way.

    Moving the emotion out makes room for more. When you move pain out, then you have room to feel the highest vibrations of joy. When you tremble and talk and walk your fear out, then you have room for the highest vibrations of love.

    That’s why the best artists are super-sensitives. They feel such depths and such heights, and they can inject that into their work. Their works of art become, well, sensational.

    It’s a brave act to be a super-sensitive in this world. Being super connected to everyone and everything as a super-sensitive means you have to watch out for your own energy field. Boundaries are so important for a sensitive person.

    When you feel at all like you have absorbed someone else’s mood like a sponge or that you have taken on someone’s pain—do some breath work or yoga or, if you can and want to, leave the situation.

    It’s not uncommon for a sensitive person to take on someone else’s stuff. So work on those boundaries, and learn to be most sensitive to yourself. Your own energy field is of the utmost important, so keep on tasting and feeling yourself.

    3. Energy is all around and is yours for the taking and giving:

    I’ve had so many moments of insight and intuition and inspiration because my mind is exposed. I leave it open. Especially during moments of stillness and meditation. That’s when the good stuff comes. I see it because my imagination is strong. I love it because my feeling capacity is real. Ideas flow in and out (they’re not all good).

    It’s easier for the universe to communicate with super-sensitives. Whether you believe in energies you can’t see or hear or touch or taste or smell is none of my business. I’m not here to debate anything with you like that. But I’ll just say that it might be naive to think that the only things that are really here are what we can sense with our limited human bodies.

    I’m just saying there’s a lot of wonderful, cool things in the ether. As a super-sensitive, you can take whatever you want. Many times, whatever is meant for you to have, is sent directly to you.

    As mentioned before, meditation is wonderful for this. Also putting information out there like goals or intentions is easier if you’re a meditating super-sensitive. A rock doesn’t make ripples in turbulent water. Same goes for a still, sensitive mind and energy field.

    Outside of meditation, I leave my mind open. I send people messages. I receive their messages, whether they sent them consciously or not. I can wrap someone in gratitude. I can send loved ones who live far away a message, and I know they’ll think of me. I can feel when they’re thinking of me.

    I know who likes me, who loves me and who doesn’t. I know who is confused about me, who thinks I’m lovely, who thinks I’m weird, who might be projecting their judgments on me. I hear all of it (if you know me in person and you’re reading this, it’s okay, no worries).

    But I also know my own judgments and thoughts, and because I have a limited amount of insulation, even non-sensitive people can hear what I think. So it goes both ways. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings or make them feel fearful. I’d like to leave them uplifted and feeling good.

    My energy, my vibrations are easily detected by others because of being so sensitive and exposed. Super-sensitives are a little more connected than the average person to the world around them so it’s in their best interests to clean up their energy fields.

    So I have to tune up my song. I need to try to vibrate a little higher. For my sake and for the sake of the world around me, in terms of the easy giving and receiving that is one of the best qualities of a super-sensitive.

    This takes cleaning up thoughts and emotions, keeping a clear system, brightening it up. Clean out the hateful and judgmental thoughts—anything that lowers your vibe or could be harmful to someone else’s mind. Amp up, light up your mind and emotional body and energy field with bright light and positivity.

    And the first step to doing that is gratitude. Gratitude is a form love so it bolsters a person’s vibration tremendously. To do that in realtime, directing it toward whatever is with you in the present moment is an instant clean-up for your energy field. You’ll change what you’re giving AND what you’re receiving energetically in any moment.

    Gratitude can happen anytime, anywhere. Even in the worst circumstances.

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      Love in the sense of positive vibration and outward flowing energy is the next step. It’s literally just a pure, positive flow outward, loving everything and everyone that you can. THIS tip connects you even more, makes you even more sensitive to the world because you’ll be so solidly connected through love.

      Speaking of love, as a sensitive person, it’s easy to become a pleaser and do everything you know someone is going to love (because you instantly know that). If you want to be a super-sensitive giver, then you might think this is the answer.

      Please try never to please people if it betrays your own energy and who you are. Keep firm to your own energy first, and then you can decide from there if it’s loving to please someone.

      You’ll know intuitively how to love someone. It doesn’t always mean giving them whatever they want. Sometimes it’s silence. Sometimes it’s truth. It’s important to love the soul of someone, not her mind or ego.

      So don’t get lost in others and just feel good inside yourself. Emanate those joyful, loving vibes, even pointing this energy to the hearts and minds of others. If they feel it, great. If they don’t, great. If they can hear your loving thoughts, great. If they can’t, great.

      Enjoy your sensitivity. Enjoy being you. You’re very special, indeed.


      Comment below with anything at all you want to say!

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