What are Your Personal Chakra Mantras? A Journal Exercise

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You’ve probably heard about the chakras, the seven spinning wheels of energy along your spine, and how balancing them can bring a whole new power to your life. That sounds awesome, but how are we going to do that? Yoga poses and meditation, yes. But I think we can go deeper than just that.

We need a personalized approach to it. 

Each person is different, obviously. It takes some self-knowledge and introspection to really harness the power of this energy system. The real power of the chakras lies in our ability to personalize what they mean for us, to look deeply at our life experiences and design our own chakra mantras accordingly.

The best way to look deeply is to ask these journaling questions with the highest sensitivity and the utmost openness to any and all answers. We are going for 100% honesty here so be open to hear truths about yourself. 

And actually, on whatever conscious level, you already know these truths. So we are only taking down a veil to see more clearly, to better our relationships and the experiences of this life. 

The best way to do this exercise, to ask yourself these questions, is to get still and quiet and completely aware. So actually this is deep, explorative meditation. Self-discovery meditation.This is a questions meditation. 

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So grab a pen and your journal or a paper, and follow along, journaling your answers to these 7 chakra prompts:

1. Root or Muladhara chakra:

  • What are some issues I have around security, money and safety?

  • Do I feel stable and grounded in my life?

  • Do I worry about money a lot?

  • Am I often fearful and anxious in any way?

  • When do I feel jittery and nervous?

Write down your experiences regarding this chakra. What is a mantra that could help you to feel safe and secure? Examples:  I am receiving the money that I need. I live in a safe place. I am letting go of fear. I am thriving. I am grounded. I am connected to the earth. I am supported and safe.

2. Sacral or Svadhisthana chakra:

  • What are some issues I have with emotions, sexuality, creativity and primal relationships?

  • Are there any trust issues?

  • Do I feel emotionally stable?

  • Am I clingy in any way with my partner?

  • Or am I closed off from romantic relationships?

  • Do I ever feel sensual?

  • What is my sex life like?

  • Am I having any issues with creativity, fertility or passion?

Write down your experiences regarding this chakra. What is a mantra would balance this chakra for you? Examples: I am emotionally stable. I am attracting the right partner for me. I am learning and growing in my relationship with my partner. I enjoy and love healthy sex. I am fertile. I am a great mother. I am abundantly creative. I am passionate. I am a sensual being. I have a healthy and happy family.

3. Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra:

  • What are some issues that I have around personal empowerment?

  • Do I have issues with motivation or will?

  • Do I lack confidence or energy to pursue my goals?

  • Do I lack self-control?

  • Do I doubt myself often?

  • Am I angry too much?

  • Am I too disciplined?

  • Am I overbearing and too controlling?

  • What does my self-esteem look like right now?

  • In what area of my life do I need to calm or kindle this energy center?

Write down your experiences regarding this chakra. What is a mantra that would balance this energy center for you? Examples: I am powerful. I can do anything. I am in control of my destiny. I let others control their own destinies. I am receiving the motivation and confidence I need to ___. I am calm and powerful in a peaceful way. My anger is under control. I channel my powerful energy into the right places.

4. Heart or Anahata chakra:

  • Do I ever feel peace?

  • Do I have jealous fears?

  • Do I feel compassion for those less fortunate?

  • Do I feel like I give or serve others in my life?

  • Have I been hurt emotionally?

  • What are those past heartbreaks I need to heal?

  • Who do I need to forgive?

  • Where do I need to feel more and where am I numb?

  • Do I gossip about or judge others?

  • Am I hypersensitive to the feelings of others?

  • Do I take things personally?

  • Do I take on other people’s energies and pain?

Write down your experiences regarding this chakra. What is a mantra that would balance this chakra for you? Examples: I am love. I love to serve others. I have healthy boundaries. I am compassionate. I am open to others. I feel my emotions and let go. I honor the hearts and minds of others. I feel healthy compassion. I do not take things personally.

5. Throat or Vishudda chakra:

  • What truths am I not telling?

  • What are my communication issues?

  • Where and when do I need to stop talking?

  • Where are the lies in my life?

  • Where am I being overly open?

  • Where am I saying too much?

  • What is it inside me that needs to be expressed?

  • To whom do I need to say it?

  • What are the truths I keep from myself?

Write down your experience regarding this chakra. What is a mantra that could help to balance this chakra? Examples: I am truth. I am in control of my words. I express openly and healthily. I am not afraid to be authentically me.

6. Third Eye or Ajna chakra:

  • Do I have trouble sleeping?

  • Do I ever use my imagination?

  • Am I in touch with my senses of intuition and instinct?

  • Do I get ideas?

  • How are my visualization skills?

  • Am I able to focus and concentrate?

  • Am I able to see clearly what I want to create?

  • Do I have a unified vision for my life?

Write down your experiences and circumstances regarding this chakra. What is a mantra that could balance this energy center? Examples: I have a strong imagination. I can see clearly the answers to my problems. I am intuitive. I sleep well. I receive clear ideas all the time.

7. Crown or Sahasrara chakra:

  • Am I connected to the Source, God or the Universe?

  • Am I conscious of my emotions or thoughts?

  • Do I ever feel bliss and connection to all of life?

  • Do I ever live in the present moment?

  • Am I open to being spiritually guided?

Write down any experience with this chakra. What is a mantra that could help to balance you in this energy center? Examples: I am connected to the Universe at all times. I am awake. I am present. I am enlightened.

A good mantra provokes a strong, warm and positive emotion that we aim to feel inside that chakra.

Remember that you’re human. No one is allowed to be perfect (talk about boring). Be kind to yourself because we are all dealing with chakra issues in one way or another.

At the same time, being completely honest with yourself when asking yourself these questions will help you to come up with the best, most supportive mantras for you.

And once you learn your own chakra mantras, you can use these to meditate while placing your hands over and focusing on each chakra, one at a time. You can also use them during chakra-related yoga poses.

Don’t be afraid to come back and do this exercise again because things change quickly when we do the work. Your mantras are guaranteed to change. Just don’t forget to reinvestigate. I’d say every month there needs to be a fresh chakra search.

Happy chakra journey to you!


Comment below and share your mantras!! You don't have to share personal details if you don't want to but let's support each other.

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