What is Intent Attention? 5 Easy Ways to Let It Enhance Your Life

What does every person need? Attention. But maybe you've reached a point where regular old attention won't cut it. Enter: Intent Attention. 

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I've always been someone who craved attention. I screamed as a baby. I showed off as a child. I made drama as a teenager. I craved love, misbehaved, and got in trouble as a young adult. 

I remember, with a healthy dose of utter embarrassment, seeing myself in my brother's wedding video. I guess I was extremely hungry for attention at that point (and pretty drunk), but every time the camera was near me, you could see I would jump in front of it to smile and say something or show off a dance move or just to get in front of it. 

I could not get away from the camera. I was mortified to watch that. The camera woman or man was probably not entertained at all or way too entertained. 

But I love that girl. I love all those little pieces of me begging for attention, all of my life. It's natural to want attention! It's okay to want it from wherever you want it. I understand and have compassion for the fact that I didn't know some very important things about Life. I was doing the best I could with my hungers and ego-needs. 

At some point, it's important to realize that you don't have to get that attention (which is directed energy) elsewhere, from outside you. That the quality of energy coming from outside you is not even that powerful and can only light up and grow the outside you, your ego (which does not need to be grown past a certain point).

The light of attention that comes from outside you can only prosper the outer you--your shell, your ego. This is the face, personality and role you show the world. It stands that the ego, oftentimes, needs reduction, while the Spirit needs more representation.

This is true for everyone. The ego has its role and place for us in the world, but it should not be the driving force, as it is right now for most humans. 

But when you're figuring things out, when you have not yet grown past a point, you don't realize that all the light of attention that you seek is inside you, that the Source of all light and energy is right there at your center. 

So I've been focusing for a few months on Intent Attention, which is like laser-beam attention in exactly the right places, where you need it. It comes from the right place, and it is not squandered or wasted or given to what you don't want to increase. 

Intent Attention: It is getting clear on where you are going to source and send your light-energy, your attention. You are sourcing and spending your attention from and on the most wonderful places. It is an exercise of free will, choice and personal freedom. 

Contrasting regular attention and intent attention:

A few words about regular, general attention:

  • You are always putting your attention somewhere. It is likely, due to the prevalence of technology, that attention is diffuse, all over the place, for the majority of people these days.

  • Bad behavior is a call for attention (other people's bad behavior and your own).

  • Everyone wants and needs it, especially the people that you think don't want it or need it.

  • Much of the activity of the ego (your little personality based on identification with what's around you, what you own, what you look like, etc.) is directed at getting this spotlight of attention, of being fed by the energy of receiving some kind of recognition. As you'll see, there's a big, fat reason why.

  • Attention is energy. It's mental energy that you exchange, that you give or take.

Now that we know the basics of regular attention, we can talk a little bit about Intent Attention:

  • It is a focused, powerful energy--a higher vibration of attention, which is directed energy.

  • It is a heightened form of consciousness or awareness. Because of this, the ego lives in light and does not need to get attention--bad behavior is at a minimum (unless you forget to pay attention).

  • You can simultaneously give it to yourself and to what is around you that needs it. In fact, that is the only way to give true attention, is to let it pour forth from within.

  • It's the most powerful tool to live from your Spirit. You will not need recognition when your light shines from this clear center of Soul. You won't need the outside light of attention because you already have a light shining strongly within.

  • What you give your bright attention to will grow, as if your attention were the sun.

Intent Attention is exactly what it sounds like: It is a determined, purposeful focus of energy. 

How to Use Intent Attention to Enhance Your Life:

1. Find the Source of your abundant light and energy within:

Ever notice that you don't have to be plugged into an outlet while you sleep like your phone? That's because you are a hell of a lot cooler than your phone. You have been impeccably designed with love. Apple/Samsung is no match for God.

Every night, this Source cleans and recharges you as you sleep. It lives at the center of you and animates your whole body and mind, day and night, all the time.

This force of energy keeps your heart beating, digests your food, moves your blood and lymph around, works the immune system, pumps oxygen into your lungs and moves carbon dioxide out through your lungs. 

These are just a few of the millions and millions of activities that this Energy does every single nano-second. This energy is powerful and abundant and limitless. It is everywhere. And the best part? It's completely positive. Its main goal and purpose is love. It loves you, supports you in loving and experiencing the world. It loves and experiences the world through you, actually. 

But WHERE does it come from? WHAT is it? These are the questions of life. We've gotten pretty deep here, pretty quickly (as usual). But I just want to say that you have a portal at the center of you. It's called your soul. You've heard of it. Some people call it a spirit. 

Your soul is an extension of God, the Creator, the Universe, a spark of Life with a capital L. All this luminous energy and consciousness that animates your body flows right in through this profound center, lights you up from within until you die. 

And so your soul is the place from where all energy flows to animate your body, and from this place, you can animate the world. This place is a fountain of light. Light and energy are one and the same. 

Your soul, your spark of Light is the source of all attention. The best way to find the soul, the source of true attention is to practice awareness (wakefulness), and do mindful practices like meditation and yoga

Anything that takes you into your center like mindful breathing, mindful walking, daily meditation, mindful eating, is going to bring you to the starting place of Intent Attention.

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    2. Monitor closely where you send your own powerful energy and light:

    Ask yourself what you want. Get clear about it. I suggest dividing your life into different segments because we all want different things in different areas of our lives. Divide your desires into You (how do you want to be--these are going to be deeper, core desires), Relationships (how do you want to be with other people), and Career (what do you want to do to impact in the world). 

    In any moment during the day, we are thinking about anything but these goals and desires. We are worried about being judged, we are judging (ourselves, other people, this moment, the world at large), we are making plans, we are having memories. We are thinking about stuff that doesn't matter. At all. 

    I don't know why we do this. I think we are fearful to be wonderful. It scares us that we might be important, that we are needed. That we are called. 

    So thinking and worrying and judging and remembering about other things is safer ground. We are comfortable here in our shallow thoughts. We procrastinate and distract ourselves from greatness. 

    This is a part of being human. But after a while, the pain of all this shallow thinking, the pain of not using your potential, will come. Different people feel it at different times, but it will come for all of us. 

    So let's not waste time anymore. The pain is coming so we might as well go through the pain of trying to do what we want. This kind of pain is way more rewarding. I have had both, so I promise this is true.

    Direct your thoughts and attention on what you want to see. Visualize what you want for each area of your life. Try to use your imagination. Send your powerful attention-energy there. Attention given constantly to your intentions. This is Intent Attention. It's disciplined thought. It's laser-beam focus. This kind of attention, practiced over and over, seeps into your belief system until your powerful thoughts become automatic. 

    Keep directing your attention toward all your goals. Don't think or worry about what you don't want anymore! That is a waste of time. Think about what you want to see. Be mindful of where your mind and energy are. Because whatever they shine on, they grow. 

    3. Actively give your powerful attention to what you love: 

    Just do it. Look at what you have. Look at all the good around you. What can you count as a blessing right in front of you?

    Thank you are the two most powerful words in the world. Gratitude is heightened Intent Attention. 

    Even those things that seem bad or negative? They are blessing you right now. They are happening for you, in some way. I promise. That's hard to hear. And you might not know how it is helping you for a long time. Most of the time, you won't know how it's happening for you and not to you. 

    And that's okay. 

    I know that everything that has given me a lot of pain has ended up as fertilizer for my flowering. I choose to focus on that. I INTEND to see the good of it. That's another side of Intent Attention. Be determined to see the love inside, even at the core of negativity. 

    In the meantime, we look around at all that we have. And we have damn beautiful lives. It's not perfect, but we are grateful AF.

    It's about intentionally giving attention to your abundance and beauty. Intentionally giving attention to how you have been loved, are constantly being loved and supported. From the food you eat to the money in your bank account. 

    It's one of the most powerful things you can do. If you need a little help with gratitude, this free gratitude challenge has helped lots of soulful people:

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    • The first day, you'll get an awesome calendar to guide you. It's not a whole lot to do every day, but the results are definitely a lot. The consequences are grand.


    Warning: Your life and relationships will change so be ready and open for that.


    Given to you with nothing but love. For real.


    Receive this free email course to join my email list for free yoga classes, weekly meditations, updates, mindfulness tips, holistic nutrtion information + ideas, offers, and discounts on SR products. No annoyances, just quality. We never want to be junk mail to you. We only want to uplift you every now and then. Unsubscribe at any time if it's no longer cool with you.

      4. Give your ego some:

      Actually, this one is not so easy. But at least, it's simple. 

      Your ego is your identification with what you can see on the outside: your body, your intellect, your religion, your country, your job, your family, your kids, your role in the world, your culture, your personality, etc. All these things come together to make the little you, the little mental you that needs certain things to keep going.

      So your ego is motivated by two things: power and attention. Power, to the ego, is being in charge of your life. It uses the little voice in your head, the monkey mind, to do this. This ensures its survival. It seeks power from outside events and people because it has cut itself off from the soul, which is the source of all power. 

      In the same way that it needs power from the outside, it also needs attention from the outside. Again, because it has cut itself off the source of all attention, which is your soul. Why did the ego cut itself off from the power and attention-energy of your soul?

      Because ego's motivating emotion is fear.

      Our egos, most of the time, are afraid of the bright light and love that we are. The ego is afraid of this because every time the light of your soul takes the wheel, the ego has to take a backseat. This, by the very nature of the ego, means diminishment for the ego, which must operate in darkness and unconsciousness to get bigger, to be in charge. 

      Ego is identification with other stuff. In any moment when you know you are the light and power of your soul, the ego loses strength because you are no longer identified with the voice in the head or any other stuff. 

      Light will always put the ego into its rightful place. The ego does have a rightful place. A sense of identity is good and healthy to a point. We need identity to operate and move about in this world. Fear, the force behind the ego, also had its place in survival. 

      So because it is cut off from the power and attention of your light, it constantly seeks anything it can get in the outside world. The great lie. The ego thinks there is only scarcity, but your soul is aware of the eternal abundance within. 

      Let's not blame the ego. It's not the ego's fault. It's just a lack of light. Let's give the ego some attention anyway. The attention it's so afraid of. Not the kind of dissipated, unconscious energy we used to give it. Intent Attention. Attention grounded in the soul.

      Shine your light on the things your ego says. Observe your identifications. This is just listening with loving intent to your own thoughts, and if you can go deeper, your own beliefs. Give your Intent Attention to your own ego. It's actually hungry for it.

      Whenever I hear my ego saying crazy stuff (which is all the time), I say to it, "Hey girl. I hear you and I know you're scared. But I've got this. Everything is all right, because we have abundant love and light." 

      When you look at and observe the ego, when you give it Intent Attention, notice how it calms down. It just stops crying like a child who wanted attention. That's all it needed. Constantly shine this Intent Attention on the ego. Don't make it act out for that attention. Remember. 

      Give that ego the light, but let it move back to its rightful place. Keep most of your attention on your own powerful center. 

      5. Mind the children:

      No matter how wonderful, not wonderful or completely absent your parents were, your first real, emotional pain was probably that of not getting the attention that you needed (not getting that attention right away because your parents weren't perfect and with you at all times, not getting a lot, or not getting it at all). This is painful. But not bad. Pain has its purpose. 

      Pain is there to grow on itself to become an energy that becomes a catalyst for awakening us, to bring us more deeply into who we are. This deeper sense of wakefulness would not be possible without pain.

      Pain also creates contrast. Contrast is when you know how beautiful joy is because you've experienced pain. (Like knowing love more fully after experiencing fear, which is the starting point of hate.) You can't have one without the other. 

      You are a feeling creature, and you are here to experience both joy and pain. You are here to experience life. You are a piece of the Creator here to experience your own creation. 

      Pain starts when we are children, when we are babies even. And this, as I said, is purposeful, is loving. Your parents were only human. They weren't perfect. Work on forgiving them. Even if you didn't know them. They had their own pains and fears.

      One more thing about pain: The more pain in someone's life, the braver and stronger the soul. 

      This lack of attention, for a lot of children, came in many forms, but for most children, it was more likely to be the general lack of attention to the soul. My heart cries for the children who were never seen at all. 

      And as a parent, as a human, paying attention to the soul of your child is not something that is easy to do all the time--just standing up for all the flawed parents out there. You'd be a saint if you were completely attuned to the inner life of your child 100% of the time, but that is something we can at least reach for. 

      What's really heartbreaking? Children all over this world are not receiving enough attention, are  experiencing neglect. Even if you don't know you feel this, you are feeling this pain. It's part of the pain of human experience. We must all share this.

      So what can you do? Besides for getting involved with organizations that help hurting children and learning to do this if you have a kid, you could give Intent Attention to each person you meet. Because we are all scared, hurt children. That first pain is most likely still living within us. The pain of not being seen.

      Give people that soul-attention they crave, that a lot of people are seeking in unhealthy ways (ego ways). That's outward Intent Attention, loving attention to the light of others. When you are with someone, say to them within your mind (or out loud if you like), "I see your light. I see your soul." 

      See their souls with the light of your soul. 

      And when you are alone, get in touch with your own inner child. Lovingly wrap your attention around that hurting baby or child. Close your eyes and see/feel your own soul. Give yourself, your inner child, that powerful soul-attention that you wanted. 

      Do this as much as you can. And then you will be grounded and loving enough to see others for what they truly are, because you will know what you truly are.

      You are the soul: ever-abundant energy and light, from which powerful attention flows.

      Comment below! This was a doozy. Interested to see what you think...

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