What is True Power? + The 3 Levels of Power

Power has a lot of connotations: control, force, energy, influence. In physics, the definition is the rate at which work is performed, according to Wikipedia. The rate at which energy is converted. 

That just doesn't seem to cut it. Its definitions alter according to subtext and context. Real power seems to be something we can't quite get our heads around; even Wikipedia can't nail it. 

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So what is it? Is it control? Is it force? Is it energy? Is it influence? I'm going to go ahead and say it's all of these things: It is the controlled force of your energy in order to influence your inner or outer world. It is the way you use these different meanings that taps you into your power. 

One thing is certain: the days are over wherein we think power is outside of ourselves. Power to the people takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that even the captive are powerful. That every single individual is just as powerful as the persons who run the world. 

Power begins from within, within the mind, within the heart, within the body, within the soul. Yes, it is control. It is controlling your mind: what you believe, think, say and do.

Yes, it is force. To control the mind will force its energy upon the heart, creating the feelings of your choice. 

Yes, it is influence. This energy influences the richness and beauty of both your inner and your outer worlds. Your body and soul, plus your heart and mind over again. 

This energy, your power, touches your outer world just as it touches your inner world. It's obvious that good thoughts and feelings help your own body, heart and mind. But it goes much farther than that. Good, grateful, loving, and positive feelings will influence your energy that is, at all times, vibrating out into the world. 

You directly influence and create your own experience in this way. 

People, places and things - everything is always receiving your energy and reacting to it and merging with it. What you put out there in terms of energy is your power. And this, obviously, is available for you at any moment. All you have to do is control your mind, what you think about and how you think about it. Forcing beautiful feelings, creating an energy that influences EVERYTHING. 

This is true power. It is moment-to-moment. You have to flow with your experience, realizing the force that you have. Real force, in every second. 

But people don't seem to know this. Or we forget it, time and time again. What opportunities abound in every second! 

3 Ways to Use Your Power

1. Awareness and constant acceptance.

You might be saying to yourself: yes, but my life is so busy. I can't sit around choosing thoughts and daydreaming wonderful things to sparkle up my energy. 

Here's the thing: you're already thinking. You're already spending your energy - you already do this every second of the day. The real power is watching and noticing. And then, in a split second, choosing a different or better thought, coinciding feeling and subsequent energy. 

Deepen your consciousness of your thoughts. It takes one second to change them. Say to yourself, "Delete" or "Cancel" when you notice a thought that makes you feel bad. You'd be surprised at how fast it goes away. 

If you currently cannot change your thoughts (and subsequent energy and outer situation) then the answer is to surrender. Yes, surrender is true power. 

Surrender is acceptance of your mind, heart, body, and outer world exactly as they are (because you cannot separate any of these things). Acceptance is the type of power that leads to feelings of peace

This is real peace, the world peace that starts inside your world. If you want world peace, make your world a peaceful one. If no change can be made, accept it and make peace for yourself and your direct outer world. 

Swimming upstream will always sap you of your energy and power. It is a misuse of your energy. If you can't change your thoughts feelings, situations -  accept them. Not in a way that eggs them on, but in a way that keeps a clear look on what is being said in your head. 

Acceptance awareness if the first modality of true power. 

2. Love and gratitude. 

These two go hand in hand because they are the same thing. Gratitude is love for what you are thankful for, it is love for Life that gave you such a thing. It is a positive light and outpouring from the soul so it can't be separated from love. 

I created a really wonderful challenge that transformed the way I live, just in creating the program:

Love is a moment-to-moment decision, made over and over again in the flow of the present moment until it is habit. 

It is an outpouring of your energy into your own soul or someone else or something else or some place else. The result of this modality of true power is joy. 

You will have gone from the level of acceptance to the level of enjoyment through your present energy being given freely away to whatever this moment holds within you or outside of you.

You will have gone from peace to joy. They are both wonderful feelings, it's just that joy is a higher vibration. 

Just as love is a higher vibration than acceptance. 

3. Creativity and imagination. 

This level of using your power builds off the other two. You must have acceptance and love before you can consciously create something for yourself or the world. 

Enthusiasm is the necessary and direct result of creativity. To live in a state of enthusiasm is to not only enjoy your own creativity and imagination, but also to live on one of the highest vibrations possible. Peace is there. Joy is there. This is an all-encompassing feeling so high you literally might feel yourself vibrating. 

This is a highly charged way to use your power. It is not really possible as it is with the other modalities of true power to live this way all the time. Some people may be able to use their power to live this way a lot, but I don't think it's always sustainable to try to stay on this frequency all the time. You have to respect the ebb and flow of life. 

How do we get to this? It's actually very childlike: creativity depends on the imagination. Play like a child in the fantasy world of your dreams, sit down and do a meditation or make a meditation out of it. Let your imagination run free - imagining what you would like to create. 

If you'd like to refine your meditation skills, I have a lovely, free way for you to do that:

So use your imagination and then make a plan. Keep imagining, dreaming, communicating. Then go forth with inspired action. This is creativity. Creating something within you. Producing something outside of you. Its energy touches everything. 

A heightened form of power. No person in societal power has not used this modality. 

If you have love and peace, it will immediately give rise to the super-high vibration of enthusiasm. 

To have creativity, acceptance and love must come first. These modalities are like levels of a building - you have to go through the first floors first. 

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