What to Do When You Feel Stuck: 5 Profound Ways to Break Through

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This feeling? The feeling of being stuck? The feeling of being blocked? It has really been one of my biggest negativity feelings in the last couple of years. 

I have felt stuck. Blocked. Like I've been stuck in a maze, coming to the same damn corner that I think is going to magically open up the way out of the maze.

The dead-end corner never offers me anything, yet I keep pushing against it. I think it's because I'm afraid of going backward. I think I've come so far. The more I spend time in this little corner of the maze, the more the walls start growing around me. 

Okay I'm done with this metaphor, but you get my point. We all feel blocked and stuck from time to time. In all areas. In different areas. Sometimes, in all areas at once. That's really hard. 

The good news is that this is a human experience. No matter how rat- or mouse-like my prior analogy was, this is a human condition. You are not alone in feeling stuck. In feeling blocked. It happens. It happens to the best of us. 

Also, I'm here to tell you that it can't last. It might feel like you've been stuck forever, but this is going to pass. Nothing stays the same. That's the beauty of being in a bad spot or negative state. You know things have to change, especially if you intend it. 

But there are some ways, you can make it pass faster. And begin to realize your opportunities waiting for you on the other side of this block. 

5 Profound Ways to Break Through

1. Face the truth of what it is:

Listen, sister (or brother), it's fear. That's what this block is. So in truth, it's you. This is just tough love from someone who blocks herself all the damn time. You've made your own wall. 

Own your resistance. Change is scary. You, on some level, are scared of the change required to get unstuck. You are going to piss people off. You are going to reveal parts of yourself. You are going to alienate the certain people (goodbye people who only like you for what you can do for them). 

All of this is good. At the right time, you will see that the only thing holding you back is you. And the same goes for the rest of humanity because we are a scared lot. We had to be to survive thus far. Fear was a necessary thing that helped us to ace natural selection.

It was a good thing until it took over. But still, fear does still work for us. So we need not abandon the power of fear. 

Fear is okay. It can be a really good thing, actually. But if you have a strong desire, let's focus on dropping the fear. Your fear is creating this resistance. It's like gunning the gas when your tires are stuck in mud, the more scared you are, the deeper you are going to sink into the mud. 

But the feeling of being stuck means we are uncomfortable in our fear, that it is now restricting Life. It is holding us back from our rightful experiences. So it's time to cut the apron strings of fear (thank you for trying to protect me) and move forward. 

A way through your own blocks and resistance caused by fear is to create a mantra for yourself. Examples: "I am ready." "I am strong and brave." "I can do anything." "I am fierce." "I am standing in my power and it feels great." "I am a lion."

I don't know if you want to use the last one, but the vision of a lion really helps me to get bold for some reason. 

Walk taller. Step with intention and precision. Let all your words be chosen intentionally. Be regal in your decision-making. 

Say your brave mantra to yourself enough, and you will start to believe it. When you say it, feel the truth of it. You wouldn't have picked that mantra if it weren't true, trust me. 

2. Spend some damn time with yourself: 

If you have felt stuck, your inner world is begging for attention. It's doing smoke signals. There's something your spirit wants, craves even. And your ego (because it's fearful) is telling it to shut up (creating a block to action and/or opportunities). That's basically what's happening there. 

You have created these blocks because you are scared of change and what it will cost you (because it will cost you something), and now your soul is letting you know through the feeling of low-vibe stagnation that it needs some attention.

Your soul needs to talk to you. Spend a little time each day, just looking at your thoughts, and when those thoughts go poof, there will be spaciousness.  When that happens, get still and listen.

This is essentially meditation. And if you need some help getting into a practice, this has helped hundreds of people in this soulful community: 

It's hard for me to get away from everyone in my house long enough to do this. This week, it's really been impossible so I feel weird even giving this advice, but that does not change the fact that it's true.

But I can say that before I wrote this article, I sat myself down, closed my eyes and looked right into the darkness of the abyss of my crazy-ass mind for 10 minutes. Developing the muscle of my self-awareness a little bit, and now I feel like Wonder Woman. I have my hope back (and my eye isn't twitching anymore). 

Any kind of time-steal like that is invaluable, I tell you. Just a few minutes is all you need to really show some love and attention to your internal world. And your inner world will reward you for your attention...

3. Ask yourself some questions:

Now that you've got yourself alone, what are you going to do with you? Ask your soul the most important questions, of course. Because no serious, intentional question can go unanswered. It's just the law of the universe that it must answer every serious question.

You might not get the answers right away. But if you pay attention (please stay awake), you will hear or see the answers to your questions. Whether it be through someone close to you, or in a moment of intuition and insight or in a revealing happenstance. 

But be open to the answers coming right away, just don't forcefully expect the answers. Your only job here is to put those questions out there in the field of infinite potential. 

So we are facing obstacles. There's no doubt about that. We are co-creating these obstacles on some level through our fears, blocking ourselves which is followed by the feeling of being stuck, but how did we get here and what do we want?

Free Meditation Course:

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    2 Levels of Questions:

    • The first level: Probing the resistance we created. These are the kinds of questions that address where you are right now, right on the level where you are. You might not need this level of questioning, especially if you've gone through any type of psychoanalysis or mental-emotional therapy. But most of us do.

    These will be the types of questions you need to ask about your resistance: "Where am I blocking myself?", "What are the blocks that I've created in my life?", "What am I trying to keep out?", "Where is this resistance coming from?", "What am I afraid to lose?", "What am I scared of?", "What's the worst that could happen?"

    You might get answers about things that happened in childhood. You might realize there's a certain person you're afraid of disappointing. You might feel like you have been treating yourself unkindly, doubting and leaking your beautiful power. 

    • The second level of questioning has to do with what's beyond your self-made wall: When we get unstuck, what are we going to do?

    This is the most important thing to get clear on. Ask yourself, your Spirit, "What do I want to change?", "Where are my opportunities?", "Who or what wants to love me?", "Who or what wants to give me money?", "Where are my ideas?"

    Then even proclaiming strongly things like: "I am ready for all the wonderful opportunities that I can't yet see.", "Show me the way to the flow.", "I am ready for my rightful experiences." 

    Hint: Look closely at your blocks if you are looking for your opportunities. Within every obstacle is an equal or greater opportunity. I hate that that is a cliche thing to say, but it's just true. 

    4. Stop ignoring stuff:

    It's time to get real. Look at the habits that are holding you back. It could be that you're not drinking enough water or that you need to stop eating sugar or that you aren't getting enough sleep.

    This is basic stuff, but it's more powerful than you realize: One time I was in a bad mood. I thought the world was ending. I was snapping at people I love, frustrated with everything. And then I had a big glass of water and a little food, and it felt like there were rainbows all around me. 

    Look at all your behavioral patterns. Look at how your treat people. Lately, I took a long hard look at how I treat people in traffic, and I realized that I have road rage! So I'm working on that. I'm cleaning that stuff up. 

    How could you make life easier for you? What could you do in your day-to-day that would take a load off of you so that you can focus on what's important? What is that you need to clean up? Bring in? Take out? 

    Where do you need to draw a line? Where do you let yourself go too far? Where do you need to let yourself go free more? Where can you play? Dance? Sing? Where can you work harder?

    Get clear on what you need to change on a day-to-day level. Don't ignore you anymore. Don't ignore your life. Wake up to it. Look closely at it 

    We have to refuse to be our own enablers. Drop the denial. Face the truth of your day-today life.

    Or at least change that lightbulb that's been out for months. 

    5. Stop ignoring stuff: 

    Oh, I've already said that? Yes, I did. 

    Well, I mean it this time. But in another way: You are rich beyond your wildest dreams. Because every breath is the fullness of love. Life is all there is. Life is loving you all the time, every single nano-second of your life. 

    Otherwise, you would not be reading this. So look around you at all that you have. This is for those of us who feel really, really low. Negativity is easy to get lost in. 

    But guess what? So is positivity. Because there's a lot more positive energy in this world than negative, otherwise everything would cease to exist. All that you need to do is to tap into it. 

    The best way to do this? To connect with the love abundant around you, vibrating around you, embracing you always? Say thank you. Look up right now and look at the first thing you see. With emotion, say thank you for the thing.

    Are you on your phone? I recently lost my phone , and it was stolen, and it was a hard week. Say thank you for your phone. Or your laptop. Whatever you are looking at this on. 

    Literally look at the first you see (your legs, hips, torso, fingers, partner, home, work), imagine your life without it, and say thank you from and inside the center of your chest. Really mean it. Really feel it.

    Say thank you so clearly and emotionally (this can be done silently in your head) that Life will hear it. And Life, God, the Creator will say "You are welcome." And in fact, you will be more welcome to more wonderful feelings and experiences. Life abundant. 

    If you are not so great at being greatful, that's okay. I wasn't either. But a few hundred others and I found a way if you want to join the challenge for free and do it in your own time:

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    Warning: Your life and relationships will change so be ready and open for that.


    Given to you with nothing but love. For real.


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      Gratitude can lift you up out of any mire, get you out of the mud, pull you from quicksand with only a tiny bit of effort. If you want more, you have to see what you have. Honor and love everything. 

      Then you will be given more to love and honor. 

      Comment below if you have more to say about being stuck, dealing with blocks and accepting opportunities!

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