Why Are We Here? 3 Points about Life

Most people, at some in their lives, wonder what the hell we’re doing here on this planet and who we are.

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The question was a quest for me. And believe it or not, I have an inkling of what we’re here to do and why we’re here to do it. It might resonate with you that we’re here to experience ourselves: We’re here to experience being, love and creation.

It’s all about experience. What we’re called to experience in this lifetime, whether that be pain, travel, parenthood, multiple careers, unflinching love, life, death, joy, fear, strength…all of it. Everything that comes to you. It’s yours to experience.

Rejecting or resisting that experience creates suffering and stagnancy, which is where a lot of people get stuck, feel stuck. We’ve forgotten that we created the experiences, that we are much bigger than the experience that we resist out of fear of pain. We forget that we’re much bigger than the pain and the fear of it.

Why did we forget? Well, on this plane, living here in 3-D, our brains need to sort things out and perceive things as separate. This is how we are able to have subjective experiences of the world—our senses depend on the brain to do this for us. And our senses make experience possible.

We call this the veil. If we saw ourselves as we are, we would would not be able to interact with the world because we are all one thing: one conscious, loving, creative power. One quantum field in physics terms. Everything is you, and you are everything.

We’re the creative love that leads to joy. We created fear so that we might know love more intensely, pain so that we may know joy more intensely.

It’s been said that love is the point of life. I think that’s definitely true because love is one of the highest things we are called to experience. Also, part of the experience we’re here to have is to reconnect into one, and love is the way to do this.

But if you strip this down, it again comes down to experience. Experiencing love, experiencing the other side of love, which is fear. Experiencing the result of joy which is love, experiencing the result of fear which is pain.

Accepting everything that comes into our experience is love. Loving everything that comes into our present-moment experience is the ultimate form of unconditional love. The more we can live in that state, the more higher our vibration and the better our vantage point and experience.

So I agree that it’s all about love - the experience of love in all of its forms and the acceptance of all of it which is love.

In this vein, here are 3 points about life and why we’re here:

1. The plane of experiential learning:

There are 2 types of learning: conceptual and experiential. In all of my wellness and spiritual studying, I came to a point where I wanted to move past the taking in of information, to move past concepts and practice what I preach.

A lot of people get stuck here in the conceptual stage like I did. I’ve been moving in and out of this space for years, longing to move away from concepts to experience but held back by whatever fear sometimes. I think it’s a fluid, back-and-forth movement.

But the conceptual stage is just as important as experience. Many people want the information, need the truths. They’re not ready to test-drive what they’ve been told. The concepts and truths are just as crucial.

Experience, though, is the test, is the point. It’s when you say, “Okay, I’ve been taught some stuff, and now I’m going to try to live this way to see if it’s even true or right.”

Don’t take anything you learn as truth until you turn it into experience, when it comes to spiritual or life instruction. Test everything with your experience. Let your experience test you.

This is also called the two different types of dharma. The dharma of concepts is just a preparation for the real dharma, which is that of experience. Live the dharma, live the truths. See if they are true for yourself, which is a wonderful Buddhist principle.

That’s what this earth is for: the actual experience of all of our learning.

2. Denying experience:

Life is not about being happy. This is popular opinion, whether we recognize it or not, conscious of it or not.

Determined to be happy, we reject experiences that don’t feel good. But all experiences are supposed to ultimately bring us higher, into our highest vibrations, if we let them, if we bring full acceptance to all experiences.

Not accepting and engaging in experiences as they come is to disconnect from yourself, yes, but from each other too. Since we’re all connected through the heart, through emotion and compassion, denying the heart in all its emotional complexity is to deny access to others, to refuse connection.

And connection is a part of why we’re here too: to reconnect back into a whole despite perceived separation. We are here to experience being separate only to find the way back to love and integration.

It’s best to practice accepting life experiences by using any number of meditations, which can literally be used as practice for life.

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    Another aspect of not denying experience is to let others have their experiences. This is providing space for others and is the most loving thing that you can do. If someone needs to hit rock bottom, let them. We need not to stop enabling people to escape experiences that are theirs to experience.

    This means letting joy and pain, fear and love do what they need to do for the soul of someone you love. Of course, helping and warning and guiding, when asked for or when necessary, is a beautiful thing to do for someone you care about.

    But everyone is responsible for their own acceptance of experience - it’s just important not to get in the way. This can be especially important when someone is going through a hard time. Sometimes distraction is good and necessary, but for the most part, holding space is important for allowing someone else’s experience.

    Listening is huge here. It can help someone explore and accept a previous experience that they denied themselves. Listening is love. Big love.

    Don’t get in the way of your own experiences or anyone else’s. There’s are gifts on the other side of everything that’s presented to us in the present moment.

    3. It’s a flow:

    It’s not a string of separate, multiple things: this experience and then that experience. Your experience is a flow. Your experience is happening right now as you read this. It flows from one present moment to the next.

    Now is a flow and is your experience. We have to say yes over and over again until it becomes a yes flow. Acceptance as a mode of being.

    Experience love right now. Experience the variations of fear right now. Experience pain right now. Experience all the degrees of joy right now. Whatever comes up, moment-to-moment, flowing.

    Be, love and create in this flowing moment of now. Watch everything that happens with utter awareness and honesty, trying earnestly to love it all, if possible. To be in unconditional acceptance of the flow - that is real love.

    That is the point of it all. The more you stand witness to your experience as if it were a movie, the more it will show you. Your life will enlighten your soul with all the experiences that you’re here for, enriching and educating your soul, which is the point.

    Move in the direction of being, loving and creating, but accept everything that comes. Let the experience educate your soul. The picture is so much bigger than we can understand. But at least we can understand this much.


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