Speaking Engagements:

If you would like me to speak to your organization about the lifestyle medicines and healing tools I discuss on this site, please email liza@soulrises.com. We can tailor the talk to what your people need specifically. My words come from a place of truth and love, with the intention to uplift your organization. I can share plenty of testimonials with you as well. 



Workshops are all 2.5 hours, blending asana, pranayama, meditation of all kinds, nutrition discussion and more. Depending on the workshop, there might be plenty of ayurveda discussion as well. Some of these workshops correlate to a certain chakra and how to nourish that energy center when it needs healing, powering, cooling, or simple up-lifting and alignment.  I have gotten such great feedback about these workshops and would be glad to pass on these references. Please contact me at liza@soulrises.com if you are interested in these carefully crafted workshops, designed from the heart and with the loving intention of raising the vibrations of your people. 


more joy workshop

Perfect for the holiday season, which are supposed to be a time of joy, but oftentimes end up being a time of stress and anxiety. Obviously. But this year, we're going to do something about it and nip it in the bud. This 2.5-hour workshop yokes yoga with nutrition and features calming, deeply peaceful meditation techniques, uplifting asana practice, and a discussion of nutritional therapies to help nourish the adrenals, reduce anxiety and feel really good. All aimed at bringing the student in line with the deep joy within, the trademark of the holiday season. 

Note: This workshop works year-round to create a sense of peace for your students suffering from anxiety and depression.

inside out workshop

 True beauty starts from within. But what does this mean? It’s true holistically on 3 different levels: body, mind and spirit. Outer reflects inner--how we feel on the inside is how look on the outside. And it all comes down to radiance in the form of health and happiness. In meditation, we will explore the images and sounds of thoughts, and also explore making space, allowing for positive emotion and radiance. Pranayama helps to cleanse the energy field and spirit to radiate the light within. Through asana, the physical practice of yoga, we will address the muscular makeup of legs, glutes, abs, back and arms, tending to the physical.  This part of the practice will also attend to all 3 levels of inner beauty. Also addressing all 3 levels of inner beauty, we will discuss the major foods that attribute internally to better skin, hair, eyes and body, while also addressing overall foods for a clean and beautiful body, mind and spirit. Visualization of service, compassion, acceptance and gratitude help to raise the frequency of the spirit and elevate what is considered true inner beauty. 

lift your spirit workshop



whole heart workshop





VOice workshop






immunity workshop




Lift your spirit in this energizing workshop designed to kindle your inner fire and uplift your whole mood: deep meditation, pranayama, fast and fun vinyasa followed by a bit of restorative yoga. Then to keep the joy and light moving, we will discuss ways to alleviate stress and enhance energy through holistic nutrition. You can not only uplift your own spirit, but also the people around you, even on the most depressing day of the year (very popular in January and February).


This workshop delves deeply into heart-centered meditation, quick-paced vinyasa flow, and heart opening back-bends, followed by a discussion of heart healthy advice for prevention of and supportive therapy for heart disease. This includes nutrient information and drug-nutrient interactions. This workshop is especially important for those with preexisting conditions and family histories. Cardiovascular Disease is the number one cause of death for females, more deadly than any cancer. Knowledge and stress-reduction are powerful for CVD. 


We will spend this 2.5-hour workshop together opening up the channel of your own creativity. Whether you consider yourself creative or not artistic at all, the truth is that we are all constantly co-creating our lives. Strengthening your truth and voice whether for work, art or home life is important. The thyroid and voice live in relationship (will be discussed). Through yoga (poses designed to bring health and balance to the thyroid which regulates hormones and metabolism), meditation (creative visualization), and nutrition discussion (for the thyroid and creative energy), we will explore how to raise the metabolism, balance hormones, and have the most abundantly truthful and creative life possible. 


Cold weather, stress, hangovers, and travel. These things can really take a toll on your immune system. But not if you're ready and waiting with some powerful tools to prevent, relieve, and bounce back from sickness. In this workshop, we'll focus on yoga poses specifically designed to benefit the immune system, walk peacefully through a powerful meditation, and engage in a light and fun nutrition discussion. Come with an open mind, ready to learn and have fun!

more to come:                   

Life Within workshop (Pre-Natal), Sweet spot workshop (blood sugar control), flame workshop (inflammation control), house cleaning workshop (detoxification).