Christmas Eve

Before I start talking about Christmas, I want to give you a true story:

W.T. (my husband) snores, I would say like no other, but I have had heard worse and have heard tales of worse. But at any rate, I am a bad sleeper. I can hear the cat walking on my car in the garage from our bedroom across the house with a fan blowing on me. Not really, but I am a very light sleeper. The fact that my husband is a major snorer makes things even more challenging.

The night before last was just plain funny. W.T. was doing his usual, and yesterday was my first day of working at a retail store in Greenwood, 45 minutes from our house. I had to do something about it.

I shook his shoulder a little bit and said, "Baby, why don't you roll over on to your side?"

W.T.: "I love you, Baby! Of course, I'm on your side! What do you mean?" as he rolled halfway to his side.

I couldn't help but laugh. Good. Glad he is on my side; he's a good man to have on your side. He continued to half-speak, half-grunt and use a language unbeknownst to me.

And then he said: "I just must have left it at Pawpaw's house."

So I said, as I touched his arm: "What did you leave at Pawpaw's?"

W.T.: "My coat. It must be on its way. Throw that ball!!!!" Now he must think he is playing with the dog? While trying to get his coat from his grandfather's?

Me: "Who is bringing your coat?"

W.T.: "The man---with the weird..." And his voice trails off, following by a big fat snore.

Oh no, I would much rather be entertained with eavesdropping on his dream than listening to that business.

Me: "What happened with the ball, baby?"

W.T.: "It's guurggllee brraammenn eessh nabbyy...ffiinnddyyy eearrlyhhaa." I can't directly quote here but you get the point, it doesn't make any sense.

Me: "What? You threw it into the lake?" Now I know this is wrong, trying to superimpose actions into his dream, but I felt I was losing him to the monstrous loud noises that keep me up.

W.T.: "I just don't know. You can never tell these days. Just take it to the highway...we will see about it."

Me: "What do you mean?"

W.T.: "Let me fix it!! Just let me handle it!!!"

I try not to read too hard into what he says in his sleep. It hasn't been helpful in the past.

Me: "Okay. It's all yours." I find it's best to just go with the flow when conversing with sleep-talkers, if you're lucky enough to get them out of the rubbish-talking stage.

W.T.: "They're on their way, okay? Don't worry."

At this, I just fell back onto my pillow and laughed really really hard. He's so adorable. The guy is just too cute (I hope he doesn't get too embarrassed when he finds out I've been gushing about him to the world via the Internet). This kind of thing happens I'd say every 6 nights. I love it. But the snoring continued because of course, he went into the next phase of sleep while I was in the first phase of wakefulness.

I wondered into the living room. And what I saw there was gorgeous:
Oh Christmas Tree. A good Christmas tree (to me) is symmetrical with a chubby bottom, slimming up to a perfectly pointed and centered, star branch that points to the ceiling. The perfect tree is fragrant, green and decorated as well as possible, with gifts underneath. This is our first tree, and I believe it's the best-looking tree I've ever seen. Wish you could see it in person.

I get the point of having a Christmas tree, why it brings joy. It's alive--breathing only good things into your house. Watch the way its branches reach upward like praising arms. I think there should be a Christmas tree or some kind of tree in your house year-round. Think about all that oxygen, all that wonderful scent. You just feel better being in the same room--calmer and slightly happier. Notice that the next time you stand close to a tree. "Tree-hugger?" you might be thinking. And the answer is yes, and a hugger and lover of everything else.

But anyway, our living room only has 3 pieces of furniture in it plus the tree and presents: a book case from W.T.'s grandfather, a card table from his grandmother and the comfy armchair that we recently got reupholstered in an elegant fabric (newlyweds). I sat in the chair, thinking about our tree, thinking about Christmas.

I stare at the gifts we came up with. The Christmas Spirit I'm sure everyone knows is about giving and loving. I'm stating the obvious when I say it's about family, and loving other people, and loving God and thanking God for Jesus and his birth into this world.

But I just wonder if people know why they feel the spirit when they do. I first felt it when one of my gifts to someone else came in the mail. I am most proud of this gift because I put a lot of time and effort into it. I felt it--the ever-elusive spirit of Christmas.

It might just happen whenever we do something loving. I think loving is our blood and air--the only thing that keeps us alive and awake. Giving is our water and food. Loving God and thinking about God is beautiful and also a quick way to get there. Mostly, I believe the action of giving is the major catalyst to the Xmas Spirit. Being present with family and friends is the third way. If you want to spread it a little bit, sing a Christmas carol.

So I am thinking about you on this Christmas Eve. May it be truly merry and bright for you, filled with love, happiness, God and giving. Here's to you and yours!

Merry Christmas! Cheers!

Liza Jane
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