The Start

I thought to myself, "I don't even tweet or write posts on Facebook. How would I ever keep up with a blog? I don't even answer the phone or text people back sometimes. I hardly check my email. I don't even know how to work the printer at our house. A blog?"

I was thinking this as I was surrounded by a wonderful group of girls telling me to start a blog. One of them already has a blog, and I think it's great. It is fun to read what other people thinking. Lord knows I have a lot of thoughts though. And I'm pretty hesitant to lay everything out there that my brain happens to come up with, but I promise to be honest but at the same time, respectful--real but at the same time, kind. I promise not to take you to the dark side; I will most certainly keep it positive because there is always so much more going right than going wrong. Maybe both of us will realize how exciting life really is--every day. Most of all, I just want to see if there's any way I can help out.

You see, these thoughtful girls had just heard me go on one of my spills about life in general. I love thinking about it. I get deep but at the same time, life is so funny. It's important to keep it free and light. Perhaps that's the paradox: everything is important, but at the same time, only one thing matters. I'll let you think about that.

These girls I was talking to form a fabulous group. One among them in this group (the closest to me-- figuratively and literally sitting next to me) introduced me to the Pioneer Woman a couple of years back. I almost think that the pioneer woman is responsible for my marriage. She too was a city girl turned country, having fallen in love with a charming, but tough man who spent most of his time outdoors. That is my life. Love in the country. Leaving the city, starting a new life in a place where nature is king and rules all aspects of life. I am a 25-year-old farmer's wife. Yep, it's a country girl blog.

But I'd like to think it's not just that. It's an outlet for me, and an inlet for you. Something to create for me and something to inspire you. Maybe just to make you smile or laugh or cry or think about something for a second. Whatever it might be, (and I promise it will vary from day-to-day, month-to-month because my thoughts and feelings are about as shifting and messy and all-over-the-place as a tornado) I hope it will make your day a little better, and mine too. I don't want to get too personal, but I hope it will do something.

This lovely group I was talking to was asking me about marriage. I just got married almost 5 months ago. My response was apparently truthful but moving. I'm not one to sugarcoat, but I would like to think I get to the comprehensive gist of it all. I include the beauty and the beast, and for that reason, I think I can give a rebellious view of what it's all about. My friends picked up on that, and gave the push that pulled me here. So first off--I want to thank my friends, you know who you are, for the push. Here I am--happy to tell you what I think about love, marriage, change, growth, youth, and life in general.

And it probably makes it pretty interesting that I live in the Mississippi Delta. Let me tell you something, brother/sister, this place will deceive you. It may not look at first sight like the most exciting place in the world, but there is way more here than meets the eye. You wouldn't believe.
This was my sunrise view yesterday morning when I was rubbing my eyes in bed. I want to share. Just because I am so thankful.

So.. let the conversation begin. Happy holidays!

Liza Jane
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