Bee Lake Shenanigans

There is so much to love. All I really have to do is look around. There are a lot of people less fortunate than I so I have to remember that I am, in a way, doing a great injustice to those people when I am not grateful. Although I am so happy to be here and have quickly fallen in love with where I live, I sometimes play the role of victim about having transplanted my life. There are those days.

But then there are the days that I have no problem whatsoever staying above water, feeling very joyful with the way my life is. Lately, these moods have been coming and going from day to day. I have to keep reminding myself that being strong is being happy no matter what. If something terrible is going on, and it's impossible to be truly joyous, it's best to just accept peacefully whatever is going on. Surrender. God works in mysterious ways, and I won't ever be able to understand it.

Sunday, though, was a gorgeous day. I'll share....
Nothing like a cinnamon milkshake on a hot day. Note: Beautiful McCarty Gin and Tonic. 

And then building a chicken coop.

Love my back porch

We were invited to a neighbor's fish fry on the other side of Bee Lake Sunday night.

This is W's old roommate's aunt and uncle's place.

Loved the old, cozy feeling of their home. 

Good for them--garden seems to be going well. 

A bamboo garden.

Kathy showing me her lettuce sprouting up. 

Jackson got to see his old friend Gus.

Just like old times. 

Cozy kitchen filled with food. 

I like their sunny sitting room.

Frying down there. 

View of the lake from the balcony. 

Party going on around here.

Getting in the canoe. We need a canoe. 

Some woods off to the right. 

Jackson's having a good time. 




Sun's starting to come down. 

Canoeing back in. 

Old bell on the pier. 

Dogs in the knees. 


And eating.

Out to the pier. 

Fun company. 

Sun going down. 

Sunset in the cypress. 

Saying hey to his friend Whitney.

Getting plenty of attention. 

There it goes. 

I thought this was a neat-looking tree.
There are ups and downs, but always, love is everywhere. I love love. 

Liza Jane

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