To the Pawpaws

Good morning!

I wish everyone a happy week.

This past weekend, my husband's grandfather passed, affectionately known as Pawpaw to his grandchildren. I met him three and a half years ago. I had heard such wonderful things about him so I was as fidgety as a squirrel. But as soon as he smiled at me, I felt at ease and really happy to meet him. You just instantly felt better around him, more relaxed, calmer and a little happier.

Pawpaw with his son, grandson, and great grandson--Easter last year. Four generations. All these people share the same name.
"Cold hands, warm heart" was what he always told me when he took my hand. My unreasonably cold hands have been a real inconvenience for me, a source of discomfort. The only good thing about them is that they serve as an immediate ice pack for people who have been recently hurt in some way/gotten a hot flash or they can cool down hot liquids in no time/cool down a hot plate. But, of course, Pawpaw made me feel good about the cold, clammy banes of my existence. He just made you feel so good.

I only knew him for the last few years of his life, but what an honor to know a man like that. A truly good man in every way. I feel blessed that I married someone in his bloodline, someone who has those qualities I saw in Pawpaw for the short time that I knew him.

I had a Pawpaw too. He passed on many years ago when I was a little chicken. His life was also a celebration of kindness. I am constantly thinking of him these days.

What a blessing we have had in our generous and kind grandparents! We have been so blessed by the way they lived their lives with love and service: not only for the priceless values they passed on, but also for their example.

May we all honor and celebrate the lives of others by living lives of true compassion, kindness and authentic love.

Have a magnanimous Monday!

Liza Jane
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