Rainy Days with Jackson

These days it will rain hard and storm, and then all of a sudden, the rain stops and the sun shines for an hour, sparkles on the water. And then an hour later, rain. Jackson starts to freak out at the sight of rain, knowing it's about to storm. Sure enough, before he has a chance to get up under one of us--thunder and lightening. 

He never leaves our sides. I wanted to document a little bit of this

Before supper. He's thinking, "I know it's about to storm. Why are y'all so laid back?" Always watching us.
While we eat 
As we clean the kitchen after supper--tennis ball a constant companion. 
As we sit on the sofa after we eat. I know this is probably nothing new for a dog to follow you around at every turn. But it's new for me, ever since I moved in. I love my happy, sweet shadow.

Look at those ominous clouds. No wonder Jackson was crying this morning.
I thought this was cool how the sun was coming up along that cloud line right there. Just a line of light shining on the lake under some nasty, but neat-looking clouds. Tornado watch.
I got a letter from one of my favorite friends from Ole Miss yesterday. It was so much fun to receive a letter that's not a thank you or a birthday card. I know she follows me so I hope you don't mind me mentioning this, J. We are now pen pals, and we are starting a movement to bring handwritten letters back. Although I have the handwriting of a left-handed baby goat, I am excited to write back and tell her what's been on my mind lately. 
Guess who wasn't far away from my office. 
So funny how storms come and go so quickly, like they were never here. Unless, you have branches all over your yard, and the wind knocked your trash can over, it's crazy how they just go away. And sometimes your life coincides with the weather, and you have personal storms, and there are some apologies to be said, and then it's sunny again. It all passes. Thank goodness.

I hope you have good weather today and enjoy this happy season of new beginning. I am getting on with my day. Full day ahead.

Liza Jane
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