Sunday Wake In The Lake

I wanted to start this blog on a smiley go lucky note.

I'm so happy my husband refuses to work on Sundays. So we get to sit around and stare at our dog, make him do funny things like a cartoon, and take pictures of him. I am definitely going to be a paparazzi parent. This is our favorite hobby: seeing what other thing funny thing we can make our docile dog do. 

Yesterday in particular Jackson was appeasing us--Sundays on the porch. 

Then we met up with friends to get on one's pontoon on Wolf Lake. I liked this house a lot. 

Then I caught some horses drinking lake water a little too late. 

Boys in the Back of the Boat.

Yes you are my sunshine. 

Dog friends forever.

LJ and EJ.

Cypress trees are so lovely. 

Good-looking little bridge. 

I'm told this place is a bar. 

Another shot of the bridge while we are parked at this so called bar. 

Two white boys on the bridge. I am committed for life to the one in the front, and I realize what's going on here.  Stop! What are you doing! Do you have to meet a crazy water trick quota every weekend?! Last weekend you're swimming in the Mississippi River and now you're jumping off a bridge?

JP goes first! He makes it!

Oh my goodness

Just come get back in the boat fishies

Heading back and now it's time for the sunset. 

JP and EJ.


Head's tired. 

Looks like the painted ceiling of a fancy cathedral.

Carp were literally jumping into the boat. 

There's another one. This place has a serious carp issue. 

I'm so happy the farmers around here insist on taking a day of rest. I now truly understand the importance of Sunday. On the seventh day, He rested. And went to the lake with friends. 

Liza Jane

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