Sunday Kind of Love

I have been home for the these past two weekends, and it was glorious! And I was traveling for the two weekends before that, and that was glorious too!

We went to New York for a beautiful wedding a few weeks back. The weekend after I went to Nashville for a fabulous wedding with some old friends from high school (sweet little reunion). I love to travel. It's a hobby. Albeit, an expensive one. But that's okay. The fact of the matter is that travel is wonderful for someone like me for two reasons: being there and coming home. Experiencing a range of different sense perceptions in a place other than my home is very healthy for my sense of adventure. More than that, the feeling of walking into my house after travel is splendid. The best.

Street mural in New York

Sunday street market on 8th Avenue--people people everywhere


Tourists on Broadway

Will looks just like this guy to me. I guess posing on Broadway in New York was not what this farmer thought he would be doing one day. 

I travel so I can come home.

So this Sunday, I am home. It's cold outside. I am in my fluffy pink robe. I'll probably finish giving my blog some attention (yes it's been a month but I'm about to figure out how to blog from my phone so this will no longer be an issue hopefully), do an Elena Brower yoga session on YogaGlo, get out a jacket and take a walk, read some new books, write 'til my heart's content, and cook a little something something tonight. I'm not ashamed to admit that it is 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and I am just now thinking about getting dressed.

While the sound of football energizes my TV room. This time of year is so fun.

First fire of the year
Anyway, I hope you get some quality time with yourself after all the rushing around. I know I'm loving it. It's a Sunday kind of Love.

Liza Jane
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