Lady in Red

Ladybug bonanza...

I literally mean that ladybug season is fully on here at Bonanza (the name of the place that I live in). Every time I walk outside, they pounce on my hair, crawling into the hole in the bun on my head or somehow getting inside my shirt? I am not certain how they get up in there, but they do...the sly little beetles.

The side waist is their favorite destination. You can't feel them, but all of sudden you'll know that one is down there, discovering "what it is this ivory warm thing that goes on forever?" Of course, I really don't know if ladybugs think anything at all. Well, they certainly don't know about the color of ivory. 

What are you thinking, you cute little polka-dotted thing?

Then I'm wondering, why in the world did they come here? And then I think to myself, well, it's probably the same reason I came here. We won't go into details, but I will relay my theory: they hang out every November, do their thing, lay their eggs in the ground, die (and dead ladybugs are not the happiest thing to look at everywhere you go but it is what it is), and then those little babies come on out the next November. So what we see every fall are millions of generations of ladybugs showing up in the Delta to live it up for a short time. Get big, get some spots in the sun, and then boom. It's over.
I might say that time flies for myself, but for ladybugs, they fly and the time flies faster.

There's also the blackbirds that flock from tree to tree, screaming and screeching in your ears, excreting all over the place. The cool thing about them is that they fly in unison. That's about it. We'll focus on the positive. 

I have some huge goals I would tell you about. But instead, I'll tease you and say that I'm looking for a red dress to wear to some weddings in December...Ladybugs got me all inspired...

Oh yes. I like this color red. More like hot pink sunrise...but isn't she lovely?

Liza Jane
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