My Father's Eyes

Every other Friday, my dad and I have lunch together at the High Noon Cafe next to the Rainbow inside the co-op in Jackson. 

Daddy and I outside the co-op and Rainbow after lunch one Friday.  As you might be able to see, I've got my father's eyes. And more.
This Friday, I'm home trying to fight against procrastination and scatter brain, but come around noon, I'll be thinking about my Daddy-o. Sometimes I need a pep talk, sometimes we just talk about our recent travels, but these Fridays are very important to us. We're important to each other. And we don't let that go unnoticed. Every other Friday, we get to talk about what's been on our minds. 

The best part? Complete honesty. And being together.

My dad and grandfather and brother and uncle are all dentists of different kinds. This sign -- isn't it ironic? Don't you think? Saw it in Greenwood and had to get it on my phone. 
Of course I thought about my dentist chaps when I saw this sign. If you think about it, it's devious business sense. 

Sunrise-- aaahhh. 
 The sun always rises. Even if I acted like a neurotic baby yesterday. 

If someone is important to you, carve out some time. Show up every time. And love with all your heart. No doubt, you'll be receiving a lot too. 

Headed to Oxford this weekend to cheer for the Rebels as they play Vanderbilt. I know I'll be hanging out with my dentist loved ones too.  

Hotty Toddy! I will always be an Ole Miss girl.

Liza Jane
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