and a Happy New Year!

I had some good stuff that I wrote on my smart phone during Christmas. But my phone won't let me publish that. So I guess it's for my eyes only. 

One of them had the following iPhone photos. We went to an awesome party in the town of Belzoni (beautiful house, flavored popcorn, boiled peanuts, catfish bread, homemade beer, fun people), and rode down the street to look at a very obvious Christmas lights competition. I had to see what you think.

Contestant #1 had blow-up Santas, lit up trees, and a lit nativity scene.
Contestant #2 had a snow globe Frosty, a blow-up Nativity scene and a dancing Santa it looks to be on the front porch. 
Here's another one of Contestant #1 at an angle so you can see the blow-up penguin. Wouldn't be the holidays without inflatable creatures in yards. I say this one is the winner. 
Hope you still have a little Xmas spirit in you to take in these pictures. I can't get enough of Christmas lights. I was worried about missing this holiday phenomenon since I don't have many houses around me. But I can tell you that I saw many thrilling displays! Thank goodness. 

It was an especially sweet Christmas for me. My mom came here to visit, and having here was sincerely a delight. That was the best Christmas present I could ask for. It's a long drive so I'm grateful she made it here to see me. I won't forget this one. It goes down in the books. 

Right after my mom left, I had a little day to myself. And yesterday, two of my closest friends Mary Brette and Stuart drove from Nashville to see me! We stayed up last night talking by the fire. I made some stir-fry dish out of what was in the fridge. This morning we had coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice. Oh, this is the life.

Today we all go down to New Orleans to see other friends. We have a wedding tomorrow night, and then will stick it out for New Year's Eve. Can't wait to be in the big easy.

I hope you have a very Happy New Year! I pray it will be prosperous, peaceful and joyful.

Love to you and yours!

Liza Jane

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