Joy to the World!

My cousin Eric is the most laid back human being on this planet. He's also the nicest. At times like this, when I am on the phone with every company that has anything to do with my life, hustling around the present side of Christmas, rearranging my house, packing and unpacking, yata yata yata, etcetera, I wish I were my cousin right now. He is probably somewhere with a big smile on his face thinking about how happy he is.

Part of that could be the fact that he's on his honeymoon right now. Part of that could be that he just married a great girl. But he is always that way...calm, happy, peaceful. Comfort and joy. It was a happy wedding, a tad bit emotional for me because Eric is like my brother. He IS my brother. It was also a lot of fun. Talk about being with the family during the holiday.

Enjoy the following pics of the groom and the bride. And family and friends.

And all the fun. 

The bride (in blue), Allie and one of her maids of honor, Ellie at the Bridesmaid's luncheon.  

The girl found an orange cream cupcake!

Family: Chi, Allie, Aunt Ogi and me. No I'm not pregnant. 

Ogi at rehearsal dinner.

Eric and Uncle Chip rehearsing. 

Little Charlie wondering what the heck is going on. 

What is going on?

Oh that's what's going on.

Some cute guy trying to talk to a girl that can't hear all that well apparently at the rehearsal dinner.

Cousin Jenny, Suey and me. 

Caught this moment before the ceremony. Too precious not to snap...

All these were taken on my iPhone so they are probably blurry and weird. The first dance...

Father daughter dancing. 

Cousin Jenny with Ella Grace. Obviously fighting back tears.

Sweet Eric

Mother son dancing...wimpering like a baby. I can be so embarrassing to me. 

Suey dancing with her children.

Dancing the night away

Pretty ladies!

Hi Jenny! She looks like Reese Witherspoon. Exactly . 

My beautiful fun. 

Nothing like seeing a beautiful bride having fun and dancing, radiating with JOY

Dana and Suey. Friends. 

Goodbye Eric and Allie! One last time, Hotty Toddy!
There you have it. It was a lovely weekend. I am very blessed. I had the honor of reading at the ceremony, and I didn't say something completely obscene in front of everybody. Or mess it up and run off the stage crying. Or pause for a really long awkward time while I try to find my spot again. Or laugh. I just did it, and as Will said, I nailed it. I did it for Eric and Allie.

Birmingham was beautiful. More on that later. We're off to Colorado! Time to take it to the slopes. And I really need to pack so I'm off to the next busybody thing on my list with the faith that everything will slow down.

Hopefully, I'll bring the people in my life comfort and joy the way Eric has. 

Liza Jane
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