Long December

This month started on a wild note and will end on a wild note.

We've got a big month ahead, with four weddings and a ski trip. Not to mention Christmas and New Year's. And duck hunting season of course.

Friday, Will and I drove to Greenwood to have supper with friends. Lusco's was great..broiled shrimp with crabmeat in their special sauce. One of those meals that tastes so good, you black out for a little bit while you're eating it, come to, and then scold your husband for eating your supper. And everyone around you wonders whether you have food in your house. Which, of course, you don't because you detest going to the grocery store. 

Thank goodness, I was surrounded by good people--they weren't too offended by my natural sloppiness. It was a wonderful, fun group, and we had an awesome time. There was a mini food fight followed by an embarrassing toast made by yours truly. The wine flowed, onion rings devoured, secrets spilled. That's a good supper. 

The Group after supper

Good stuff. Anyway, back to the drive to Greenwood. Long December by Counting Crows came on the radio. This was followed by a passionate scene in which we turned up the volume all the way and sang as loud as we could. I like to sing an octave higher than is called for. 

One of my favorite things about Will is that he doesn't care if I sing so high that I would have to be Mariah Carey to hit some notes that I so blatantly do not hit. I get a little red in the face, but he doesn't say anything. And that, my friends, is a happy comfy friendship. We can sing oldies together and admit that we like a new top 40 hit even if we know it's not really that good of a song. 

Then wedding #1 was Saturday night in Greenwood. Celebrating Nancy and Ben was an incredibly good time. So gorgeous. And the music was spectacular. Jimbo Mathus played and blew everybody away. Talk about wedding music. Oh my goodness, it was just so much fun. And wonderful people all over the place.

I love fun. Fun and love are reasons we were created. It'll be a fun month so 
Merry Christmas!

Liza Jane
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