Oh Christmas Tree

Today is the winter solstice. Goodbye Fall, hello Winter. 

Also, apparently it's the end of the world. 

So why not show you some beautiful pictures? A couple of weeks back when we were Birmingham for my cousin's wedding, we stayed with a friend who has a gorgeous home. Because I'm in love with landscapes, gardens, trees and the like, I naturally took a trillion pictures.

I love this gate, I love this rust. 

Beautiful home..you should see the inside.

A nice little sitting area to enjoy the end of fall.

Mossy stone steps and statues. 

Little fish pond area.

Damn this tree is lit up.

Saint Francis bird bath

I had to go stand under that tree.

Then we took a little trail up the hill...

Petals all over the ground...

I liked this oddly shaped tree. 

So long Fall, see you next year! (if it's not the end of the world) 

So then we decided to get a tree on the way back to Mississippi in Alabama.

Which beautifully shaped Christmas tree will be ours?  

Here comes the Christmas tree farmer!

Shot by shot of the action so you know exactly what happened when we bought our tree. 

I just really like taking pictures of this Christmas tree family. Might get you in the spirit. 

And that's the one we want! 
And so we found this guy, went to his tree farm, picked the one above, cut it down, strapped it to my 4-runner, and brought it back to live with us or die with us. It is decorated and lit up right now. It happily gives us oxygen and makes us merry.

I think this might be the birthday of my blog. SO thanks for reading! Hope it just gets better and better!

Liza Jane

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