Son of a Preacher Man

Looking through all my blog posts, I feel like I might have a personality disorder.

Some are funny, some are trying to be funny, some are sad, some are happy and extremely optimistic, some are just plain weird, some are....well, preachy. 

If you think I'm preachy, then you got another thing coming missy/mister! Another thing is that you might be right. 

Righteousness is something I had from the very beginning. I came out of the womb with soapbox included, pumping my newborn fist, orating a speech about the use of natural herbs for medicinal purposes.

The thing about it that you have to realize: I'm really just preaching to myself. And if it helps you in some tiny way then my good intentions were worth it. I figure we all need all the help we can get. None of us heavenly cherubs, perhaps some deep thought into how to affect things in a better way wouldn't be so bad. Not bad at all.

These are the things I love to think about, talk about and share. No perfection or even excellence at any of this stuff, whatsoever, exists in this household. But every day, (well, the good ones at least) I'm trying to practice what I preach. 

Liza Jane
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