Wade in the Water

This morning, we got up at five, put on our layers, made some coffee, and went out on the thingy with the loud engine (can't think of the name of it at the moment--I got up at 5), tripped around in tall weeds, waded in cold water up to our knees and looked up at the sky for 3 hours.

 I went duck hunting. 

It's my husband's favorite thing in the world. Besides me, I hope.

It's a good thing we live on the land, and he can go out and do his favorite hobby right beside his front yard. Then again, I can do 3 of my favorite hobbies in the front living room.

I am so frustrated. This week I have been bullied by technology. I couldn't get pictures from my camera on here yesterday, and now my phone, which I used to take hunting pictures is misbehaving. So maybe some day you'll be able to see the pictures I have taken of life lately, namely blackbirds yesterday and Jackson and Will hunting in the watery woods this morning. My apologies for the google found images, and this one is attributed to onlinemusicsheets.com. Thank you for your patience. I love this gospel song. Just beautiful. 
It wasn't the most perfect hunt. We needed more sun. The ducks could see me apparently. Will said my face was like a flashlight to them when they're in the clouds. I said, "I know I'm pale but come on now, a flashlight?"

We are so different, men and women. Just remember that. It spices life. If you're not getting along, just know that we are different, and we are different for a reason. Thank goodness for Venus and Mars, otherwise how boring and unproductive life would be.

Liza Jane
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