Blue Sky

"You're my blue sky,
You're my sunny day,
 Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way,
Turn your love my way..."

Everything's back--the sparkles on the water, the stupid blackbirds (they never left), the blue sky, the green grass. 

I'm blissed out by the sunshine right now. 

So here are some recent blue sky moments in my life:

On top of an ancient Mayan temple. Man we look like tourists. 

This is us at a Mayan ruin site call Xunantunich in West Belize, really close to Guatemala.  Ancient archeology

This looks like I photoshopped this one. Except for the guy in the background

The day before, Will went scuba diving while I snorkeled. I got seasick, and he got certified. Yay!
Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers of life! I hope it's beautiful for you too. Come back and see me...I'm cutting back on the cheese and the chocolate (not going to be cheesy or too dramatic).

But I do plan on uplifting you. 

Liza Jane
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