Fresh Feeling

Let's see. We got spinach, ginger, carrots, lemon, pear, apple, radishes.
Not pictured here: the kale, which I had already thrown in the
machine before thinking to take a picture for y'all. 
 My passion for wellness. It's led me many different places and into all kinds of fads.

This fad is it though. The benchmark by which you test a truly awesome wellness practice is how good it makes you feel deep down inside. Yoga, prayer, cutting out meat, and meditation have so far been the leaders of this feeling contest for me.

For the last 2 days, I've been juicing in the mornings. I asked for the juicer for Christmas and have just now had the extra time to crack open the box and do this thing I've been wanting to do for a year.

Juicing that kale. Look at her go. 
The finished product looked like a watermelon sorbet. 
And I'm so mad at myself for just now starting! I feel like money. I feel like sunshine. I feel like I can fly.

But seriously...

Here's what juicing does:

When we cook vegetables, a lot of the essential nutrients are lost in the heat, and sometimes, depending on the method of cooking, it causes free radicals. Which are not good for you.

Enter the raw food diet. A revolutionary way of consuming produce (please not meat, unless it's sushi, and in that case, it's delicious and wonderful and I'm sorry I just can't quit that yet).

At any rate, juicing makes eating raw food a delectable experience. And for someone who can be good at cooking but just does not enjoy it as much as she has seen others enjoy it, and really has to be in the mood to cook, this is a great way to consume vegetables. Especially if vegetables lose some of the good stuff when they are cooked! I mean think about it, do I have a choice here?

Ladies and gentlemen, it's all about feeling good. By way of Newton's 3rd law of motion, when you feel good, good things come to you. Happiness begets happiness. What goes around comes around. So let's start feeling good. Maybe we can try to make others feel good too.

I confess to juicing. My skin looks better; my body feels better; I am being cleansed. I'm loving it and highly recommend it.

Hope you have a fresh week, full of energy and brightness.

Liza Jane 
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