Baby Love

Bellies are getting bigger all around me. 

I've had some people radiantly confess some very special news to me lately. All around--in my work life, my friends, my clients, my family. 

But the last bit of news I heard had this girl pretty joyful. 

My brother is pregnant! 

Or, my sister-in-law is pregnant! They are pregnant together! Obviously.

A boy!

My prediction: He will be very intelligent but weird. He will love golf, Rod Stewart and music from the 80s. He will be athletic, social and sometimes say things to shock people in a funny way. He might be stubborn, but I bet he'll be the sweetest kid in Nashville. Green eyes for sure. 

I'm so excited! I'll be an aunt! And I'll make up little stories about ants. So he will remember that I'm his aunt. But then one day, he might get stung by an ant, and then that association would no longer serve me. I'll come up with something else. 

For now, I'm toasting to the smart, beautiful, charming couple above! Sending all the best feelings in the world your way!

Liza Jane
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