Happy Birthday to Ya

Best red velvet cake I ever had.
It was my husband's birthday on Wednesday. We had a little fete on Tuesday night to celebrate the old man. I'm just kidding, he's young. Well, young at heart. Definitely young at heart. More like a kid. Let's just say he fits right in with his little nephews in their playroom, with some legos and blocks. I'm glad he doesn't read this.
Real nice day--pretty sunset. Think I caught a cold walking out to look at this with my hair wet before everyone arrived. Or is that an old wives' tale? And where did the phrase come from? I'm pretty sure I learned in high school, but in one ear and out the other, right?
Pretty fancy dinner party. I'm sure you've seen this--all the guys end up in one room, and no boys allowed in the other. But everyone's definitely enjoying the meal. Thanks to my dear friend Elinor.
That looks pretty. I like the colors. I made the salad.

One lonely stuffed mushroom. Sad. So they were obviously delicious, but why won't anyone eat the last thing on a tray? Another little dinner party quirk.

The burning of Atlanta. The juicer is over there like,  Hey, what the? What about me? I thought you were trying to be healthy and now you're proudly parading sweets around. (Oh me).

Oh yeah and this is the cake halfway lit in case you want to see that. You don't? Well here it is. I think it's lovely. I want to see more cursive in the world. Me? No. The last time I did that was on a chalkboard in second grade. I like seeing it in my grandmother's letters though. And plus I'm busy trying to make my handwriting look as close to chicken scratch as humanly possible. 

Good. Act surprised, my sweet fella. 

Gearing up, getting ready. Man, people (I don't care who it is) get so happy when blowing out candles, birthday or reg.
He huffed and he puffed!

And blew the candles out! Right into my face!  Sheesh he got close. Lit him up. (Thanks to Will's sister Jessie who photographed all the live moment-to-moment action).
I said no cheese, and no cheese I did say. However, I have to note that my heart is happy and grateful for the life of this man. 

Another trip around the sun for Willy.
Liza Jane

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